What is education meaning, definition and types?

What is education meaning definition and types?

What is education? Education is not limited to the four walls of a school. You could be educated in and out of a school. The first form of education starts from the home.

What is education?

The Latin word ducti, which means “a breeding, a bringing up, a rearing,” comes from duc, which means “I educate, I train,” and is linked to the homonym dc, which means “I lead forth, I take out; I raise up, I erect,” coming from – (“from, out of” and dc) (“I lead, I conduct”).

Education is a gradual process that improves people’s lives and behaviors. Education is also “a process of learning knowledge through study or conveying the knowledge through instructions or some other practical approach”.

It results in a natural and long lasting shift in a person’s logic and capacity to accomplish the desired outcome. Because we can’t do what we need to do or reach our goals without education. Education is the primary factor that pushes us to discriminate between good and wrong. We can put it simply by saying that “education is the gateway to progress.” It is also the path that leads to our destiny because people can only attain success when they have the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary.

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Types/forms of Education

The term “education” refers to the process of learning and thinking development. It extends outside the confines of the classroom. It’s all about accumulating experience, hence there are three basic categories of education:

  • Formal Education
  • Informal Education
  • Non formal Education
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Formal Education

This is often referred to as formal learning, and it typically occurs on a school’s grounds. It alludes to the fundamental academic information that kids get in a formal setting. From an elementary school through a secondary school and then on to colleges, this continues. Well trained educators who are adept at the art of instruction deliver this type of education.

Both the student and the teacher are informed of the facts and actively participate in the educational process. Classroom instruction, Institution grading or certification, or planned education of several disciplines with an appropriate curriculum acquired by attending an institution are some forms of formal education.

what is education


  • Involves school/learning institution
  • Hierarchical structure available
  • Certification after learning
  • Uniformed, programmed activities.
  • Planned curriculum

Informal Education

This kind of education involves parents teaching children life skills like cooking or bicycling in addition to academic subjects. Books and instructional websites are additional sources of informal education for people. This education was not acquired in schools using a suitable teaching strategy. It is neither preplanned nor intentional.

It is experience that a person gains via consistent practice and peer observation. Examples include teaching a youngster who possesses specific fundamental personality traits, learning one’s mother tongue, participating in particular extracurricular activities, etc.


  • Learning from Real life experience
  • Flexible schedule
  • No curriculum
  • No certification/grading
  • Acquired life sustaining skills

Non formal Education

It alludes to skill development, adult basic education, or adult literacy education. Instruction can come in a variety of ways, as long as it is consistently and methodically delivered in order to help someone acquire a certain aptitude or skill.

This style of instruction is very adaptable and offers a variety of activities. Exercise regimens, community based adult education programs, free courses offered on many platforms, etc. are a few examples.

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  • Learning from environment and experience
  • Fun way of learning
  • Very long process
  • Learning from work/home

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Types of formal education?

Formal education has different types/forms of it. They include;

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education/high school
  • University/college Education

What is the best definition of education?

Education is not in limitation to the four walls of a school. You could get an education in and out of a school. The first form of education starts from the home. Education is a gradual process that improves people’s lives and behaviors.

4 types of education?

There are 3 types of education widely known and they’re formal, informal and non formal Education.

Types of education?

Types of education are formal, informal and non formal Education

Importance of education?

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