What Are The Best Car Loan Rates For Used Cars?

Car Loan Rates For Used Cars

Best Car Loan Rates For Used Cars. A lack of money can make it seem impossible to own a car, but an auto loan can provide you access to safe transportation. Instead of paying in full up front, an auto loan allows you to make predetermined monthly payments that are secured by the vehicle.

By charging you less interest throughout the course of your loan, the best auto loan rates enable you to save money. Additionally, these loans ought to include financing alternatives for both new and used cars, flexible payback terms, and simple application procedures.

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What are car loans and how do they work?

You can borrow the funds required to buy a car through auto loans. Because car loans are sometimes “secured,” you must use the vehicle you are purchasing as collateral for the loan. Typically, you will be required to make fixed monthly payments for 24 to 84 months before your automobile is paid off. In addition to the financing options provided by many dealerships, major banks, neighborhood credit unions, and online lenders also offer vehicle loans.

Compare APRs from various lenders while looking for a vehicle loan to ensure you are obtaining a reasonable rate. Look for lenders who charge the least amount of costs and provide payback terms that suit your requirements.

The information on loans provided here is valid as of March 13, 2023. For more recent information, see the lenders’ websites. APR, loan amounts, fees, credit conditions, and other criteria were taken into consideration while choosing the auto loan providers listed here.

The following average APRs are as of April 5, 2023, per a Bankrate analysis:

36-month term 48-month term 60-month term
New car 6.42% 6.46% 6.50%
Used car 6.81% 7.10% 8.07%

Best Car Loan Rates of 2023



  • APR range: Not advertised
  • Minimum loan amount: None
  • Repayment terms: 36 to 72 months

Best Car Loan Rates For Used Cars

Why We Chose It

With Carvana, borrowers with fair credit who are looking to buy a used car may search online for both financing and a car at the same time. It does not have a minimum credit score requirement, making financing available to people with bad credit.

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Cons & Pros

  • No minimal credit threshold
  • Dealer and lender only available online
  • No bargaining


  • A yearly minimum income threshold of $4,000
  • only for pre-owned cars


The only entirely online used automobile dealer, Carvana, also offers direct financing. Without leaving your home, you may obtain financing, look for a car, and have a used car delivered. With Carvana, you may look for a car on your phone or computer while getting individualized financing.

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Like most lenders, Carvana offers its most affordable rates to applicants with the finest credit. Although Carvana does not publicize its prices or provide a table, you can use an online calculator to determine your monthly cost. However, even the calculator conceals the rate it employs. To find out what your interest rate will be, you must prequalify.


The financing program offered by Carvana has no minimum credit score requirement, making it a desirable choice for individuals with fair credit. You must, however, be a legal adult with a yearly income of at least $4,000 and no open bankruptcies.


PenFed Credit Union 

  • APR range: As low as 5.19%
  • Minimum loan amount: $500
  • Repayment terms: 36 to 84 months

Why We Chose It

The rates offered by PenFed Credit Union are some of the best. Additionally, it offers members a variety of auto loan options as well as variable loan amounts. Despite the fact that membership is necessary, which is a drawback for some, PenFed makes the requirements to join quite simple.


  • Offers loans for new, used, and refinancing
  • from $500 to $100,000 in loans
  • offers rate reductions to customers who use its car-buying service
  • On both new and used cars, you can borrow up to 125%.


  • maximum loan amount and length of loan
  • For the lowest rates, a strong credit history is necessary.
  • It is necessary to join the credit union.

Since its founding in 1935, when it was first named as Pentagon Federal Credit Union, PenFed has been a provider of financial services, initially catering only to government and military personnel. With 2.8 million members globally, it’s currently the second-largest credit union in America, and anyone is welcome to join.


The rates provided by PenFed Credit Union are some of the lowest. Rates for 36-month refinance loans from PenFed start at only 5.19%. Members who use the credit union’s car-buying service can receive substantial discounts, with rates starting as low as 5.19% annual percentage rate (APR) for a new car and 6.04% APR for a used car.

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You must join the credit union, but the conditions are not too difficult to fulfill. PenFed offers car loans that vary from $500 up to $150,000, which is a far wider range than many of the lenders we compared.

The disadvantage of PenFed is that only the shortest loan durations are available for the most flexible loan amounts. For instance, new car loans with terms between 61 and 72 months require a minimum loan of $15,000, while loans with terms between 73 and 84 months require a minimum loan of $20,000. To receive the best rates, just like with the majority of lenders, you’ll need great credit.

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LOAN LightStream 

  • APR range: 8.99% to 16.94%* with Auto Pay & Excellent Credit
  • Minimum loan amount: $5,000
  • Repayment terms: 24 to 84 months*

Why We Chose It

For its large selection of auto loan alternatives, Light Stream provides a completely online application process. It has few limitations on the kind of cars it will finance and is quite open about its rates and terms. However, it received below-average ratings for personal loans in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Consumer Lending Satisfaction Study.


  • The process is entirely online.
  • Discount of 0.5% for AutoPay
  • No limitations on the mileage, manufacture, or model
  • offers clients with outstanding credit unsecured loans


  • Only accepts online applications
  • favors debtors with a good credit score

Overview LightStream is a part of Truist Bank, which was founded in 1891 in Atlanta, Georgia, as Commercial Travelers’ Savings Bank and eventually changed its name to Sun Trust. You may get a huge selection of consumer loans at Lightstream for anything from homes to horses.


LightStream distinguishes itself with its web-based lending system. Online applications, e-signatures on loan documents, and same-day direct deposit funding are all available to borrowers.

Additionally, LightStream provides a remarkable array of possibilities for auto loans, including lease buyouts, new and used dealer purchases, refinancing, and antique cars. Even unsecured loans are available for those with excellent credit.

The lender’s rates begin at 8.99% and include a 0.5%-point autopay discount. A LightStream auto loan’s maximum APR is 16.94%.


The drawback is that only consumers with excellent credit are eligible for LightStream’s lowest rates. That is not unusual, but it indicates that this lender is not the greatest for those with a poor credit history. Although LightStream doesn’t disclose its exact credit requirements, it generally construes excellent credit as having a history of credit spanning several years with a variety of account types, excellent payment history, a demonstrated capacity for saving, and a steady and sufficient source of income.

Should You Get an Auto Loan From a Bank or Dealership?

For an auto loan, it is worthwhile to look both at banks and dealerships. Like banks, new car dealers and manufacturers can offer enticing credit products. The interest rate provided by a vehicle dealer may be as low as 0% or less than the going rates provided by banks, depending on the borrower’s credit score and market-driven circumstances.

While it’s crucial to consider dealership finance as a possibility, look into auto financing first before determining where to purchase a vehicle. Find bank and other lender rates online and be aware of your credit score. This should help you decide whether seller financing is a better option for you by giving you an idea of what to expect on the open market.

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Are Auto Loan Rates Dropping?

Rates on auto loans increased by 264 basis points to 6.79 percent in January 2023. Despite the fact that rates have risen, J.P. Morgan anticipates a 2.5% to 5% decline in vehicle prices in 2023, which could help to offset some of the interest expenses associated with buying a new car.

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Frequently asked question

Which bank gives lowest interest rate for used car loan?

According to statistics from Paisabazaar.com, Canara Bank offers used auto loans at 7.3%-9.9%, Bank of India grants loans at 7.35%-8.55%, and Union Bank offers them at 8.9%-10.5%.

What is the difference between buy rate and sell rate?

The lowest rate that a bank or credit union would take is known as the “purchase rate” that dealers have with each lender. This rate may be marked up by the dealership by an agreed-upon percentage, but often not more than 2.5 percentage points. The dealer might show you what’s known as the “sale rate”

What Is the Best Interest Rate for Auto Loans Right Now?

In the fourth quarter of 2022, the average interest rate for new car loans was 6.55% for 60-month loans and 6.64% for 72-month loans. If your credit is good or exceptional, you can be eligible for reduced financing rates; in the fourth quarter of 2022, the average rate for new car buyers with credit scores between 781 and 850 was 4.75%.


The PenFed Credit Union offers the best auto loan rates, so we suggest them. The credit union offers some of the lowest rates we found, as well as flexible lending limits and repayment durations, even though membership is essential. We also provide update on best car loan rates today, bank of america auto loan rates, capital one auto loan rates, car loan calculator, wells fargo auto loan rates, average car loan interest rate by credit score, credit union auto loan rates, used car loan in nigeria

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