10 ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria

ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria

ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria, There are 10 ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria. Another word that could easily replace the word celebrity is famous. Being a celebrity means you stand out to the people, you could easily be picked out from a crowd. In Nigeria, being a celebrity has its peaks and a lot of us want to be well known and looked up to.

Naturally, nobody looks up to anyone for nothing, You must have something you offer/ bring to the table. Whether you know it or not, you’re either a wonderful sportsman, a great comedian, movie actor news presenter, content creator, skit maker etc. In other words, you offer value repeatedly in a particular niche and you’re exceptional at it and people notice you over time. Notice, I said over time which means it’s not overnight especially if you’re building from scratch. Unless, you’re from a family that has being in the spotlight then all these may not apply to you. Anyways, continue to reading this article to find out more on 10 ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria.

ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria

10 ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria

In a country with over 213 million people in it, you definitely need to stand out to be seen. Here are some tips as you journey to become a celebrity.

Have your goal in front of you

This is a very important step in becoming a celebrity. There will be days you will want to give up and just throw in the trowel .I believe at this point of reading this article, you have already decided and you’re fueled with zeal but it wouldn’t always be so. So you need to write your goal out on a paper and place it at the most visible place where it will continually be in your face.

Find a niche

The good things about this generation is you can literally be a celebrity by being anything . All you need is to be very good at it. Pick a particular field and be the very best there, you would want people to think of you whenever they think of that particular niche. In picking a niche, go with what you enjoy doing and you’re very very good at.

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Be active on social media

Everyone is on social media. Well, not everyone but most people especially those you want to impress. You need an online presence. When people are curious about a person, the next thing they do is search them out on social media. You can get active on Twitter, Instagram, tic tok, Facebook etc. These are great platforms to start building on.

Study celebrities in your niche

I once read a book that said “steal from people you admire”. Now, this book is not necessarily saying I should steal their works but nobody is doing anything new. Study what people in your niche ahead of you are doing and mimick them in your own way. Don’t sound like them or look like them but notice a pattern on how they post, what they interact with etc. And steal their pattern and create your own ideas. Don’t steal their ideas but the pattern and deliver your own ideas.

Create content

As you have decided on a niche you want to be associated with. You need to become very valuable in that niche. Let’s say you’re a photographer, nobody will know you’re a photographer unless you tell them. Not just telling them but repeatedly telling them, be in their faces. If you’re a good actor but you haven’t had a major movie break, you could make short videos of yourself mimicking characters. Make sure the world doesn’t forget who you’re, be in their faces but make sure to bring value.

Interact with your fans

It doesn’t matter if they are two or three. People remember how you made them feel, so ensure to keep up with the ones that show you love. Nobody likes a snub and definitely not an unknown snub. So, you have to reply every comment and acknowledge every likes. Notice consistent ones and give them shout outs once in awhile.

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Hangout with celebrities

It’s quite a popular saying and it goes “if you hangout with 5 wise people, you will become the 6th one”. Your network has a great impact on your life more than you know. I know you’re already wondering how to become endeared to celebrities. Remember you’re already creating contents and building an online presence, you can reach out to celebrities to be featured for free. At this point we are not about the money but the exposure. Once we get the exposure, money will come. Offer your services for free to celebrities, tag them to your posts and honor their invites.

 Use your status positively

Now that your image is gaining momentum, you would want to use that image for a good cause. Become a human right activist, sincerely speak up for the people especially the voiceless.  Don’t just sit still and claim that none of the things happening is your business. The people at this point want to know you have their backs and not for a gain out of it.

Go for events

Be at events that matter. Movie premiers, celebrity Hangouts, television shows etc. Ensure you’re not seen as an anti social people but otherwise. While at it try to have fun but don’t loose guard.

Keep being innovative and creative

This is not the right time to ease off the brakes. If anything add more pressure to stay relevant or you will gradually fade into the background. Keep hustling like you haven’t attained your goals. Keep up with the circle.

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