Top most valuable companies in the UK (2023)

most valuable companies in the UK

Top most valuable companies in the UK .Our criteria for defining most valuable companies is by the popular metric, “The market value of outstanding shares of a publicly listed corpon is determined by multiplying the number of outstanding shares by the share price of the company”. This value gives traders knowledge on the public assessment of a company. It is imperative for all traders, especially those situated in the UK, to have a fundamental understanding of the most valuable companies  based here. These companies have significant effects both inside and outside of the UK. Having an understanding of their  operations can help traders better comprehend the markets and seize opportunities.

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Top most valuable companies in the UK (2023)

In no particular order, we will be listing and discussing the top most valuable companies in the UK

  • AstraZeneca (Market Cap: $217.81 Billion)
  • Shell (Market Cap: $196.71 Billion)
  • Linde (Market Cap: $156.93 Billion)
  • HSBC (Market Cap: $130.24 Billion)
  • Unilever Cap (Market: $127.41 Billion)
  •  Rio Tinto (Market Cap: $114.85 Billion)
  • BP plc ( Market Cap : $107.29 Billion)
  • Diageo plc (Market Cap: $100.32 Billion)
  • British American Tobacco plc (Market Cap : $90.56 Billion)
  • GlaxoSmithKline plc (Market Cap : $89.03 Billion)
  • Aon Plc (Market Cap : $61.94 Billion)
  • RELX plc (Market Cap : $54.56 Billion)
  • Anglo American plc (Market Cap: $52.44 Billion)
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group plc (Market Cap : $49.67 Billion)
  •  London Stock Exchange Group plc
    (Market Cap: $48.72 Billion)
  • National Grid plc (Market Cap: $45.31 Billion)
  • Compass Group plc (Market Cap: $41.88 Billion)
  • General accident (Market Cap : $41.16 Billion)
  • Prudential plc (Market Cap : $41.01 Billion)
  •  Lloyds Banking Group plc (Market Cap: $38.19 Billion)

most valuable companies in the UK


With a market value of £36.51, Shell is the most valuable company in the United Kingdom. It continues to be the most valuable brand in the UK and tops the list by a large margin. One of the biggest mineral oil and natural gas corporations in the world is Royal Dutch Shell. More than 140 nations are where the organisation operates. Around 83,000 individuals work for Shell worldwide.

Shell has given its energy transition plan a lot of attention, and it looks that this is helping to boost its brand. It is likely that Shell’s efforts to develop new clean energy technologies, such as electric vehicle charging, will strengthen its brand in the future.

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Ernst & Young

A international professional services partnership with its main office in London, England, is called Ernst & Young Global Ltd, or EY. One of the world’s largest networks for professional services, it. Like many of the largest accounting firms, EY has expanded into non-accounting sectors recently, including strategy, operations, HR, technology, and financial services consulting. After Shell in terms of market value, EY is the second most valuable firm in the UK with a market valuation of £17 billion.


Vodafone is the third most valuable corporation in the UK, with a market worth of $14.27 billion. One of the two companies from the telecommunications industry represented on the top 10 list is Vodafone.The headquarters of the British telecommunications firm Vodafone Group Plc are in England. The business has about 48 countries they partner with other networks while present in 22 countries.


One of the two banking industry representatives to appear in the top 10 list of the most valuable firms in the UK is HSBC. HSBC has a market value of £13.17 billion, ranking it as the fifth most valuable firm in the UK as of July 2022.

HSBC Holdings plc is a British holding company and universal bank with a global reach. It is the biggest bank in Europe as of December 2021, with assets worth US$2.953 trillion. In 64 branches scattered over Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America, HSBC services its 40 million customers. It was the sixth-largest bank in the world as of 2020 based on total assets and market value.


Tesco is believed to have a market cap of £9.49 billion. The corporate headquarters of the international British retailer of groceries and other goods are in England. In 2011, it was ranked as the third-largest retailer in the world. Tesco Currently operates stores in five different European nations and dominates the grocery business in the UK (where it holds a market share of about 28.4%).

Tesco’s company has grown to now cover, among other things, the sale of items including books, clothes, electronics, furniture, toys, petroleum, software, financial services, telecommunications, and internet services.

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Land Rover

The British company Land Rover specializes in four-wheel drive vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover, a global automobile company, owns it (JLR). Nowadays, JLR produces Land Rovers in Slovakia, the UK, Brazil, China, and India. Land Rover is ranked in our ranking of the top 10 most valuable companies in the UK as of 2023 with a market value of £7.24 billion.


Asda, which has a market value of £5.39 billion, rounds up in our ranking of the top 10 most valuable corporations in the United Kingdom. A British supermarket chain with its main office in Leeds, England, is called Asda. In addition to its primary businesses, the company also acts as a mobile phone provider and provides aid with insurance and payment services.

BP (British petroleum)

BP has a market value of about £13.9 billion, making it the fourth most valuable company in the UK.Originally known as British Petroleum, BP is a global petroleum company with its headquarters in London. 17.0 billion barrels of oil equivalent are proved reserves held by the firm worldwide. The corporation employs 13 million people and operates over 20,700 gas stations.


With 12.7 million subscribers as of the end of 2019, Sky is the largest pay-TV provider in the UK. It is a subsidiary of Sky Group and became a part of Comcast starting in 2018. Sky Q and the web-based Sky Glass are its main products, and Sky Showcase, Sky Sports, and Sky Atlantic are its flagship channels.

As of July 2022, Sky ranks as the 7th most valuable company in the UK with a market value of £9.49 billion. Among the top 10 most valuable firms in the UK for 2023, it is one of two corporations from the telecommunications industry.


A international universal bank with its main office in London, England is called Barclays. Barclays International and Barclays UK are its two operating divisions. British retail banking activities, consumer credit card business, wealth management, and corporate banking for small and medium-sized firms are all included in Barclays UK.

Barclays is the eighth most valuable company in the UK, with a market worth of £8.2 billion. It is one of the two individuals from the banking industry who are listed.

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