Southampton football Academy Scholarship

Southampton football Academy Scholarship

Southampton football Academy Scholarship, Southampton has always participated in the Premier League since it was established in 1992. Until to 2001, they were headquartered at The Dell, and Saint Mary’s Stadium is now their home field. Red and white shirts are worn by the team. The club’s origins as a St. Mary’s Church church football team led to their being dubbed “The Saints” by fans. Portsmouth and Southampton have a protracted South Coast derby rivalry, in part because of the cities’ close proximity and shared nautical heritage. The club, founded in 1885, is most known for winning the FA Cup in 1976, but since their initial promotion to the former Division One in 1966, they have only missed out on the top division twice for a total of 11 seasons. The period between 2005 and 2013 when they played in the Championship and League 1 was their longest absence.

Southampton football Academy

The academy’s vision is to produce a first team yearly that is made up of 50% Academy graduates. Who are of the tops in the world in their field abilities and behaviours off the field competing on the European stage.

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They have built the club on sound business principle, and the Academy and development of young players is part of that business plan. They have a standing philosophy that drives the development of young players because the club wants a team of young, home trained players. Southampton Football Club has proven in its success of turning young potentials into excellent players. With the pathway producing a large significant amount of talents throughout the years. Some of hic includes Luke Shaw, James Ward-Prowse, Theo Walcott, Bale Gareth, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Adam Lallana amongst others.

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Southampton football Academy Trials

The Academy has a network of scouts who represent the club locally, nationally, and internationally, as do most clubs, in addition to other contacts. The scouts evaluate players from the age of six and up to the professional levels. They offer recommendations to the  prospects whom they think about inviting for a trial.

It’s crucial to remember that any Southampton Football Club scout that approaches a player will be carrying the proper identification. Any approach from a person claiming to represent the club but lacking the necessary identification should not be taken seriously. The Academy’s current policy prohibits them from holding open trials. Prior to bringing players in for a trial, they always observe them at their local club or school based on suggestions.

There’s a chance that the club’s scouts are sporting club branded attire or not. This has led many people to believe they have never had scouts attend their games. The scouts may visit your school after recommendation, the form can be found on the Academy page. Once you provide necessary informations, the club decides if it has potential and sends scouts.

Southampton football Academy Scholarship

Financial Aid

Athletic Football Club Southampton kindly offers the following financial assistance programs to assist families. This is for families who require assistance paying for their child’s Academy participation  and overall health. It is crucial to remember that applications must be submitted early in the season because funds are granted early and processing times can reach 6 to 8 weeks.

For families signing up two or more kids for a single season at the club, the base registration fee is reduced by $150 for each kid. Four or more children will each receive a $200 discount for any program.

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The Academy has about 396 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student teacher ratio of 9 to 1. Academy Tuition is about $9,750 for the highest grade offered.

Southampton Development Center

Developing young talent has always been a priority for Southampton Football Club and has always been at the core of the club. They only accept invitations for our Player Development Program. It is made to provide promising young individuals with the direction they need to maximize their potential and advance their abilities in an engaging yet demanding atmosphere.

Players are coached by FA-certified coaches utilizing The Southampton Way approach, which focuses on the technical and tactical abilities required to succeed in the modern game. Each player receives individualized feedback on their performance and specialized coaching to go to the next level of their football development at the conclusion of the semester. You can also visit the Player Development Program with your prospects and then observe how their game develops. However, application for development center is done via their Academy website.


Joining the Southampton Academy is the dream of a lot of youngsters but most times are hindered by funds. The Academy provides financial aid programs and their membership is strictly by invitation. The scouts go to school leagues and pick prospects, so you best bet is to keep playing in your school soccer team.

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