Best side jobs for teachers 2023: Top 15 highest paying

An article on best side jobs for teachers  Top 15 highest paying. A person who is formally hired in an academic institution for the purpose of teaching and carrying out tasks that improve students’ knowledge and academic performance is referred to as a teacher. Most times, comparing the pay of your average teacher to the work they put in and their dedications it’s not easily. Thereby making most teachers to struggle to get by daily.

This article is going to show you other things you can do as a teacher to earn more money.

Best side jobs for teachers 2023: Top 15 highest paying


Tutoring is without a doubt one of the most well liked side businesses for teachers. You can provide tutoring services to students in a variety of methods, such as in person sessions, online tutoring, or even coaching for standardized tests like the ACT or SAT.
It can make sense to specialize and provide tutoring services in that field if you have experience in it. For instance, if you teach math, you may help children who need it with pre Algebra.

Participate in after school activities

Another great approach for teachers to get extra money is to provide an after-school program. Working directly with a school or school district is one of several options for how to get involved with after-school programs. Even better, you can launch your own after school program. The services offered by after school programs might range from helping with homework to providing extracurricular activities like athletics, art, and also theater.

Get a job as a camp counselor

Becoming a camp counselor is a fantastic teacher side job because camps often take place over the summer. Because it’s a wonderful way to be active, connect with nature, and interact with children, many individuals enjoy this work.The most typical type of camp is summer camp, but there are also many opportunities to work as a camp counselor over the winter and spring breaks. If you like to sleep in your bed, you might also think about looking into day camps or sports camps. Positions as a camp counselor are frequently available through your school district, private businesses, or online job boards.

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Sports team trainer

One of the best side jobs for teachers who want to stay active is coaching a sports team if you enjoy sports or have prior playing experience.Typically, your local recreation bureau, school district, or private sports clubs can help you discover coaching jobs. Being a coach helps you to form bonds with your players and aid in their skill development, making it a fulfilling side job.

side jobs for teachers 

Swimming instructor

You can work for neighborhood recreation departments, exclusive swimming clubs, or your neighborhood pool as a swim instructor or lifeguard. You can even provide residents of your neighborhood private swimming lessons. side jobs for teachers

Offer educational resources or curricula

Selling your lesson plans and teaching resources online is a fantastic additional source of income. Offering the curricula or resources you’ve made might be a terrific approach to assist educators who are looking for fresh and exciting methods to teach their students.

Take up freelancing as a career

One of the simplest methods to earn money on the side is through freelancing. There are numerous methods to get started, including looking on employment sites like Problogger and Blogging Pro. Also, you can directly pitch blogs, websites, and publications.Low entry barriers are provided through platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, which also provide you access to a network of employers eager to recruit authors.

Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant allows you to carry out a variety of jobs, such as providing technical help, writing and editing content, managing social media, and producing films or podcasts.This is an excellent option for teachers that enjoy being on the computer and working from home. It’s also something you can easily fit around your busy teaching schedule.

Create a blog

Building an audience and earning money while doing what you love is possible through blogging. You might concentrate on instructional material or pick another area of interest. You are free to blog about any subject related to your job, personal life, or hobbies.

Building an audience right away and then looking for ways to monetise your site are the keys to making money blogging.

Launch a YouTube channel

If you feel at ease in front of the camera, starting a Youtube channel can be a creative and entertaining side business. You can share your knowledge with people all around the world and establish a more personal connection with an audience.You must set up a channel and pick a niche where you want to feature it and build topics around it. Don’t just do anything and everything. Pick a side and work with that in mind.

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Help in promoting printables

You can make money as a side job selling printables if you’re talented in design or enjoy providing useful tools. Printables are digital goods that customers may buy and print at home.To produce your products, you can utilize applications like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and even Powerpoint. They could be homework for school, a recipe binder, or a daily planner.

Instruct online courses

As a teacher, you have a wealth of information and experience in particular fields that others want to learn more about. If so, you can set up online courses as a side business and instruct in everything from yoga to music theory.To begin building your first course, you should pick a platform such udemy, coursera etc.

Become a pet caretaker or dog walker

Becoming a dog walker or pet sitter can be a successful side business for teachers if you love animals. Because you can typically choose your own hours and because individuals require pet care at all hours of the day, it gives a lot of flexibility.
Make flyers or business cards to promote your services in your neighborhood. Another fantastic resource for folks looking for dog walkers or pet caretakers is local Facebook groups.

Be a tour operator

Do you enjoy showing off your town or city to visitors? If that’s the case, working as a tour guide can be a terrific side job. Whether they are residents or guests, individuals are always interested in seeing new places and discovering them.

Get paid to shop for grocery

Many people lack the time or energy to go grocery shopping for themselves at the conclusion of a long week. Some people simply don’t like it.Shoppers and those who need their grocery shopping done are connected by services like Instacart and Shipt. You can select the chores you wish to accomplish and decide when you’re available; for example, some people like to pick up their items on their way home from work or during their lunch break.

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It’s simple to incorporate into your day and can generate extra income without taking up a lot of time, making it an excellent side jobs for teachers.

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