Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth 2023: Top 10

Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth

Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth, Young people who are fortunate and skilled can turn the power of influence into a job that effectively generates millions of dollars as the globe gets more digitally linked and social media continues to impact younger generations. TikTok, a particularly well-liked social media platform, has propelled many aspiring young entertainers into fame and money. A lot of TikTok influencers are known for their dancing, singing, lip-syncing, and other performances.

Many of the influencers on this list became billionaires before they were of legal age, a number of them canceled or put off attending college in order to focus on their careers, and they all still make a ton of money from sponsorship deals on various social media platforms. Here are the top 8 wealthiest TikTok influencers, according to Celebrity Net Worth and other sources.

Richest TikTok Influencers

As reported by Hopper HQ, here is a look at some of the wealthiest TikTok celebrities, how they make their money, and how much they make per post.

Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth

1. Will Smith

  • Net worth: $350 million
  • Earns $53,741 per post

Although Will Smith is more well-known as an actor than a TikTok influencer, he has numerous different roles. Will Smith, in addition to being an actor, rapper, producer, and songwriter, is a well-known TikTok influencer who makes more than $53,000 for each new post he makes. He currently has more than 72 million followers and more than 160 videos to his credit.

2. Charli D’Amelio

  • Net worth: $20 million
  • Earns $105,770 per post

In June 2019, the 17-year-star old’s began to rise on TikTok as a result of the competitive dancer’s popular dance videos. Bebe Rexha, who opened for the Jonas Brothers at the Barclays Center in New York the same year, quickly invited her to dance. She has a $20 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her debut book, “Essentially Charli: The Definitive Guide to Keeping It Authentic,” was released  in December 2020 in addition to selling her own goods. She and her sister Dixie are the stars of their own Hulu television program.

3. Addison Rae

  • Net worth: $15 million
  • Earns $65,194 per post

Twenty-year-old Addison Rae Easterling has more than 88 million TikTok followers as of December 2021. She achieved such success—her net worth is estimated at $15 million by Celebrity Net Worth—that she dropped out of college to focus solely on her TikTok profession. She established a weekly “Mom Knows Best” Spotify podcast with her mother, Sheri Nicole, and became the face of American Eagle worldwide. Addison also had an appearance in “She’s All That.”

4. Dixie D’Amelio

  • Net worth: $10 million
  • Earns $42,567 per post

Dixie, Charli D’Amelio’s older sister, is not far behind in terms of success on TikTok at age 21. According to her TikTok profile, she has 57.4 million followers and has agreements with the brands Hollister and Morphe, alongside her sister. Sister Charli D’Amelio concentrates on dancing, while Dixie is pursuing a career in music. On the day of its release, her debut track, “Be Happy,” trended higher than Kanye West’s. She co-stars with Charli on “The D’Amelio Show” on Hulu, which has contributed to her $10 million net worth.

5. Kimberly Loaiza

  • Net worth: $8 million
  • Earns $47,374 per post

One of the most well-known Mexican vloggers on TikTok and YouTube is Kimberly Loaiza. She is renowned for her daring vlogging style and for providing tutorial and challenge videos. Kimberly is also regarded as a style icon by innumerable young women all over the world. On TikTok, she has more than 72 million fans, and on YouTube, she has 39.5 million.

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6. Spencer Polanco Knight

  • Net worth: $6 million
  • Earns $40,934 per post

Spencer Polanco Knight rose to prominence mostly on social media as a beatboxer. The beatbox artist, better known to his fans as Spencer X, was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. Spencer is one of the most well-known performers on TikTok right now with more than 55 million followers. According to Hopper HQ, Spencer has a net worth of $6 million. He has also expanded his repertoire beyond beatboxing. He still makes beats for his fans, but he also invents new sounds using unexpected objects, always staying one step ahead of the competition.

7. Zach King

  • Net worth: $3 million
  • Earns $44,225 per post

Zach King, age 31, started uploading videos to YouTube and Vine in 2008. He won the NextUp Creators competition on YouTube in 2013 and the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest in 2010. He then participated in the reality competition “The Amazing Race,” directed a number of short films, and rose to extreme fame for his inventive wizardry on TikTok and other platforms. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a $3 million net worth. Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth

8. Bella Poarch

  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Earns $66,829 per post

Bella Poarch, a 24-year-old TikTok sensation, has become a household name and, according to Hopper HQ, has a net worth of $2 million. In the latter half of 2020, a video of her lip-syncing Millie B’s smash song “M to the B” went viral, sending her TikTok career on a moon-facing trajectory. She now has more than 92 million followers on the platform and is one of the highest-paid TikTok influencers in terms of how much money she makes each post, earning close to $67,000 each time she uploads a new video. She might not be the richest TikTok celebrity right now, but given the expansion of her channel and the money she earns per post, she might easily move up this list. Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth

9. Josh Richards

  • Net worth: $5 million:
  • Earns $66,829 per post

Josh Richard’s fame grew as a result of his lip-syncing, dancing, and singing videos. He has made a name for himself on TikTok as the popular bad boy and heartthrob at the age of 19. In January 2020, he moved into the Sway House. Josh not only creates content but also pioneers in his industry.

He and Dave Portnoy have begun presenting the BFFs podcast. Also, he acted in a couple films and also created music. He also co-founded TalentX Entertainment and is the CSO of Triller, a social media platform.

There are 25.6 million Richards followers. He has worked with numerous organizations, such as HouseParty and Reebok. He also consented to a recording contract with Warner Records. The youthful inventor makes $5 million a year as a result.

10. Kris Collins

  • Net worth: $5 million

As one of the top female comedians on TikTok, Kris Collins makes most of her position. Yet unlike most of the others on this list, she didn’t want to make a big difference. But Kris’ fast rise to prominence offers as an example of how someone could become an app icon very quickly. She had no desire to gain notoriety on social media. By chance, she found herself on TikTok. She is currently known for her family-oriented humor, which nearly everyone can relate to.

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Collins has 43.1 million followers. Organizations like Amazon, Forbes, Lionsgate, Pantene, and Hershey have sponsored her. All of these trades net Kris between $4.75 million and $5 million.

11. Avani Gregg

  • Net worth: $4.75 million

Makeup artist Avani Gregg rose to fame on TikTok after participating in multiple lip-sync videos while donning extensive clown makeup. Her followers began adhering to her cosmetic advice and dubbed her the “Clown Girl.”

After transforming into a character like Harley Quinn, she then gained fame on the website. She rose to fame thanks to her portrayal of Gemma in the online television series Chicken Girls. She was named one of Forbes’ 30 most influential individuals on social media the year after winning the Shorty Award for TikToker of the Year in 2019. In addition to promoting NYX Cosmetics and other cosmetic brands to her 40.3 million fans, she also promotes her own products. As a result, she now makes $4.75 million annually.

12. Zach King

  • Net worth: $4.7 million

Similar to Brent Rivera, Zach King is a creative who excelled online before TikTok gained widespread recognition. But he does have a completely unique channel. Zach is an illusionist who frequently makes his audience wonder how he pulled off the feats.
He started out as an influencer by making instructional movies for Final Cut Pro’s visual effects. King debuted on TikTok in February 2016 with a video of his puzzling breakout from a cell.

Even though his films are frequently about 15 seconds long, fans still enjoy them. With 67.7 million followers, he is now the seventh most followed TikTok account. This gives him an estimated $4.7 million in yearly revenue from creating creative films.

13. Brent Rivera

  • Net worth: $2.2 million

Even before TikTok, Brent Rivera was a well-known presence on social media. On Vine, YouTube, and Instagram, he initially got a taste of his eventual social media celebrity. Due to his substantial fanbase already in place, he migrated to TikTok with an advantage.

Brent creates entertaining, amusing, insightful, and relatable videos. He collaborates on projects with loved ones, friends, and other artists frequently. He constantly posts top-notch content at predetermined intervals. As a result, he succeeds online more. Because to his 42.6 million fans, his TikTok earnings alone generates an annual income of $2.2 million. He earns money in other ways as an entrepreneur and actor.

14. Riyaz Aly

  • Net worth: $2 million

Riyaz Aly is an Indian model, actor, and fashion blogger from Mumbai. He was born in Bhutan, although spending the majority of his life at the place he currently calls home. His also account gained popularity as a result of his lip-sync videos.

While he was a young child, he began posting videos on Instagram. He later went to TikTok, where he initially became well-known for his humorous and duet videos. Currently, he is the biggest TikTok celebrity in his country.

Also, he has a following of almost 44.7 million people, and each sponsored post brings in about $35,000 for him. Nonetheless, he does make money in other ways, including performing, being a featured artist in music videos, and reposting his TikToks on YouTube.

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Because of this, he earns a sizable income each year, and his net worth is estimated to be about $2 million.

15. Jason Derulo

  • Net worth: $16 Million

American singer, dancer, and songwriter Jason Derulo. He began working in the entertainment sector in 2006. In addition to having a YouTube account, he is also active on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Jason is a highly regular Tiktoker, and what he primarily does on his TikTok profile is create and upload unique material and participate in hot TikTok challenges. Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth

The 14th most popular TikToker on TikTok in 2022 is Jason Derulo. He gets more than $75,000 for each video he puts on TikTok, where his page has more than 300 million followers. On the TikTok Space, his most recent successful song, “Savage Love,” has undeniably increased his popularity and fans.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the richest girl on TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio

She has a $20 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.  D’Amelio  released her debut book, “Essentially Charli: The Definitive Guide to Keeping It Authentic,” in December 2020 in addition to selling her own goods. She and her sister Dixie are the stars of their own Hulu television program.

Here are Forbes estimates for the top five TikTok earners in 2021.
  • Charli D’ Amelio: $17.5 million with 133 million Followers.
  • Dixie D’ Amelio: $10 million with 57 million Followers.
  • Addison Rae: $8.5 million with 86 million Followers.
  • Bella Poarch: $5 million with 87 million Followers.

Does TikTok pay you?

TikTok does not compensate producers directly for the creation and upload of videos. In the form of the TikTok Creator Fund, TikTok does provide funding for creators. However, payout differs depending on elements including the quantity of video views, user engagement rates, and user veracity. Richest Tiktokers In The World And Their Networth


The TikTok stars featured in this article are some of the richest TikTok stars in terms of net worth and some of the richest TikTok stars in terms of post-by-post revenue. Nonetheless, a large number of influencers on the network make a good living by doing little more than posting brief videos. Anybody with an original idea ought to think about creating their own TikTok account.  Everyone with a wonderful idea has the potential to become a TikTok millionaire, after all.

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