10 High-Paying Weekend & Part time Jobs For Students

This is to inform the general public About Part time Jobs For Students, It’s crucial to make money whilst you’re in university. You can use the extra money to pay your bills, go on weekend excursions, and save money. You don’t think so? The majority of institutions enable students to work 20 hours per week of part-time employment, enabling these individuals the opportunity to make money while they learn.

Part time Jobs For Students

Furthermore, why not take a job that pays more than most if you’re going to have a part-time job? The top 10 part-time jobs for students that pay the best are outlined below.

10 High-Paying Weekend & Part time Jobs

Part-time work is one of the finest ways to earn some extra cash while attending university; below is a list of jobs that are part-time for students that pay well and take little effort.

1. Tutoring

By working as a tutor, you can maximize your academic abilities. children in higher education or younger children are frequently searching for coaches to assist them with particular fields of study.

arguably the most lucrative part-time jobs you can work from home is tutoring. You can work when and how you choose, and it pays well.

Average hourly pay is $13 to $25.
Job description: There is no rigid work definition. Through online peer tutoring, you can provide tutoring services to other students. You can also enroll in home-schooling programs for K–12 pupils.

Skills/Materials needed: You must possess a strong understanding of the subjects you intend to teach. For taking classes remotely, you will require a desktop or laptop and an excellent internet connection.

2. Bartending

Bartending or even working in the hospitality sector can be really wonderful alternatives if you don’t think teaching is your thing.

One of the simplest and best-paying part-time employment options for students is one whose nature fits with your academic schedule and provides a respectable hourly wage.

Average hourly pay is between $11 and $20

Job description: In order to provide excellent customer service, this position necessitates a kind disposition. Additionally, pay attention to how tidy the bar area is. You can occasionally additionally need to keep the cash register in order.

Skills/Materials needed: In some locations, obtaining a server certification may be necessary to work as a bartender. Your chances of earning a higher hourly salary can improve with the authorization, which is simple to obtain.

3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a fantastic side hustle for students like you if you have proficiency with figures. Many small businesses use part-timers to manage their ledgers since they cannot afford to engage full-time accountants.
If you wish to work on the weekends, some employers may let you, which is uncommon when you’re studying overseas.

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Average hourly pay is $15 to $20.

Job description: A temporary accountant should be able to input information into the balance sheet, keep an organized record of payments to banks, and produce additional financial reports.

Skills/Materials required: A background in accounting and finance from your undergraduate studies will help you land a bookkeeping job.

4. Brand promotion

This side business is ideal if you are an extrovert that likes to engage with people in public.

If you get a college diploma in sales or marketing or a related field, working as a brand booster and ambassador will also prove to be a terrific learning experience.

The average hourly wage is $20 to $25.
Job description: Through how you look and interactions, you will personify the brand’s image and message. Some company campaigns can involve giving away free samples, fliers, and coupons.

Skills/Materials required: You must have patience and be a talker.

5. Data entry

Although entering data is a simple task to complete, it may not be the greatest rewarding temporary job for college students. A part-time data entry work is the best option for you if you can’t think of any outstanding abilities you might have or if you don’t want to take on any high-responsibility part-time tasks.

You may complete it in your dorm room and submit your work online because it’s so straightforward. It is advised that you perform all of this transaction online in order to guarantee secure payments and high-caliber services.

The average hourly wage is $10 to $15.
Job description: You must insert data (alphabetic and numeric) from one document into next or a database.

Materials and skills needed: To qualify for a data entry position, all you need is a laptop or desktop computer, an excellent internet connection, and fast typing.

6. Virtual recruiting

A virtual recruiter serves as a mediator between a possible employee and a company.

For their activity, which involves contacting a number of professionals and arranging/conducting preliminary interviews between organizations and the candidates, virtual recruiters are often known as “headhunters.”

Average hourly pay is $20 to $30.

Job description: As an undergraduate handling this part-time position, you will be responsible for posting open positions, reviewing resumes, shortlisting individuals, etc. In rare circumstances, you might also need to undertake initial interviews and contract discussions.
Materials and skills needed: It’s necessary to have strong communication abilities and industry knowledge.

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7. Mail delivery

In some area codes, postal mail delivery is necessary. It is one among the few well-paying part-time occupations available to students who don’t mind doing some traveling as part of their duties.

Additionally, it’s an excellent solution if you want to concentrate only on your studies. Simply dedicate a portion of your day to delivering mail in the specific region.

Average hourly pay is $15 to $20.

Job description: Distributing, collecting of  arriving and departing mail and items is part of the job description. Additionally, you must register returned mail and unsuccessful delivery efforts.
Materials/Skills needed: A car, or in some locations, you must pass a simple postal exam.

8. Tour guide

Another excellent opportunity for outgoing students is this side job. Every city has a few tourism hotspots or sites that visitors of all kinds come to see.

When acting as a tour guide, it is crucial to ensure that clients are happy by being approachable, open, and conversational. These positions, nevertheless, are seasonal in nature and have set working hours.

The average hourly wage is $10 to $15.

Job description: In accordance with the policies of the tour business you are working with, you will be responsible for leading an entire group of people to particular destinations.
Materials and skills needed/: You may be a better prospect for an excursion guide job if you naturally have a nice personality and networking skills.

9. Freelance writing/Proofreading

Some of the highest-paying part-time occupations that may be done from home are freelance writing, editing, and proofreading. As a student from another country, you will already possess a strong command of the written word, which you can use to your advantage as a freelance writer, editor, or proofreader.

Additionally, it is among the best paying and easiest part-time employment for college students. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you are in the globe, and at the pace that suits you. Win-win, am I right?

Average pay: $20 to $25 per hour, with a maximum of $50 per article. You will be required to create, edit, and proofread a variety of documents where grammatical accuracy is crucial, including blogs, resumes, project summaries, and other similar materials.

10. Dog walker

Walking around parks with your pets of choice is one of the best high-paying part-time jobs for students you can have if you love dogs.

Many elderly people or hectic households depend on younger people to walk their energetic dog breeds.

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The typical wage is $10–18 per hour.

Job description: You’ll be responsible for bringing and taking the dog home in safety. You should be able to discern whether a dog is starving or require an urgent veterinarian examination when out on a walk.

Skills/Materials required: The ability to pet dogs in the past may help you acquire a job as a dog walker.

Best paying part-time jobs for college students online

Best Online Part-Time Jobs for Students
  • Writer. .
  • Virtual Assistant.
  • Transcriptionist.
  • Online Tutor.
  • Proofreader.
  • Virtual Recruiter.
  • Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate marketers get paid to refer people to companies or products.
  • Online Bookkeeper. Are you a numbers person who can pay close attention to detail? This is for you.

What are the part-time jobs for college students with no experience?

What are the best entry-level jobs?
  • Customer Service Representative.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Social Media Assistant.
  • Student IT Technician.
  • Research Assistant.
Frequently asked questions 

 Does students’ experience in part-time jobs count while applying for a full-time job?

The truth is that a lot of employers seek out applicants with some prior expertise in the field. Your enthusiasm and openness to learning are evident. Therefore, when looking for a permanent position, having experience from part-time jobs does count.

 What are some other part-time jobs for students?

Additional part-time employment for students, in addition to the ones previously discussed, are graphic design, library assistant, sales executive, and telemarketing at BPOs.

 What factors to consider while applying for part-time jobs?

Since part-time employment opportunities are created for students. It is crucial to take your availability into account while registering. When searching for part-time jobs, you must take in mind your college schedule, assignments, and other similar considerations.


Part-time work is one of the finest ways to earn some extra cash while attending university. They pay well and take little effort.

It’s crucial to make money whilst you’re in university. You can use the extra money to pay your bills, go on weekend excursions, and save money. You don’t think so? The majority of institutions enable students to work 20 hours per week of part-time employment, enabling these individuals the opportunity to make money while they learn.

Go for the job of your choice now that you are more aware of the high-paying part-time positions available.


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