Nigeria immigration salary scale and structure 2023/check salary scale

Nigeria immigration salary scale and structure

ln this post Nigeria immigration salary scale and structure, The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is a federal agency in charge of overseeing migration and border security in Nigeria. It was started by a 1963 Act of Parliament. The Immigration Act 2015, which also  provides the service with the legal tool to combat migrant smuggling (SOM) in Nigeria, was passed in 2015 in replacing of the Immigration Act 1963.

However, if you’re looking further to working with the NIS and your looking for more information. This article has you covered. Read on!

Different levels of employment in Nigeria immigration service(NIS)

Various levels attained in NIS with higher levels if educational qualification and promotions.

Nigeria immigration salary scale and structure

Comptroller General of Immigration

The Comptroller General, who holds the job at all times, is the highest ranking official in the Nigeria Immigration Service. Based on how well the candidate performs during the initial term, the appointment is made by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and is renewable for an additional four years. However, this person is in charge of running and managing the immigration service as a whole.

General Assistant Comptrollers

The Nigeria Immigration Service’s second highest title, the Deputy Comptroller General, is normally held by officers who have demonstrated their dedication while serving as the Comptroller General’s aides. They are also often in charge of the NIS’s key divisions and are in charge of informing the Comptroller General of the agency’s operations.

Superintendent of Immigration

Just below the Deputy Comptroller General, the Assistant Comptroller holds the third highest position within the Nigeria Immigration Service. They are also regarded as a senior officer within the organization and are superior to the Superintendent of Immigration. They are also essential to the management and operations of the NIS. Additionally, they collaborate closely with higher ranking personnel to ensure the agency runs smoothly.

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Assistant Immigration Superintendent

In the service, graduates are recruited for the lowest rank of officer. All service officers begin here and work their way up.

Furthermore, assistant immigration superintendent is above the senior immigration inspectior.

Senior Immigration Inspector

It is the Nigeria Immigration Service’s highest non commissioned position. It is also the highest grade an enlisted service member can achieve. However, at this level or before it, all non commissioned officers are required to retire.

Assistant Immigration Inspector

This is the third lowest level overall and the second highest non commissioned rank in the service. These employees also report to the Assistant Inspectors.

Assistant for Immigration

This is the immigration service’s second lowest tier. Although it is below the other levels, it is superior to the lowest rank. Also, once the requirements for promotion have been met, individuals of lower rank are promoted to this level.

Officers of Passports

This is the lowest immigration level. This level of recruitment allows non commissioned people to rise through the ranks.

Salary scale of Nigeria immigration

Passport officers’ initial salaries can be as low as 30,000 Naira per month, whereas the Comptroller General, the highest rank in the Nigerian Immigration Service, can earn up to 3 million Naira annually. With additional benefits and bonuses, the typical compensation for an immigration service employee in Nigeria should be at least N150,000 per month for graduates.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Nigerian immigration salary per month?

Per month you can be earning about 150,000 naira

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How much is assistant superintendent of immigration salary?

The salary of the assistant superintendent of immigration is between 939,000 to 1,000,000 naira.

What are the ranks in immigration?

  • Comptroller General of Immigration
  • General Assistant Comptrollers
  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Immigration Superintendent
  • Senior Immigration Inspector
  • Assistant Immigration Inspector
  • Assistant for Immigration
  • Passport officer

How many months is immigration training?

Training for new trainees in immigration is 2 weeks.

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