Netflix Student Discounts 2023: Complete Guide To Get Subscription Fast

Netflix Student Discounts 2023: Complete Guide To Get Subscription Fast

Netflix Student Discounts, Many students would be thrilled to have access to their favorite films and television shows, as this may be highly beneficial to them. Students can now receive offers on their Netflix memberships in a variety of ways.

Netflix is a platform that offers movie streaming. The world’s top platform for streaming on-demand videos is this one. You may stream these movies and your favorite movies whenever you want on your gadgets and mobile devices thanks to this platform’s access to the top movies and TV series. There are already more than 148 million paying subscribers to this site worldwide.

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How to get student’s discount on Netflix and free subscription

Would you like to discover how to obtain this student discount and free subscription? You can watch Netflix virtually for free in a number of ways, even without a paid subscription. These are some ways to watch:

  • 30-day, unlimited-access Netflix free trial
  • Share with your family and friends.
  • Special Netflix Promotion

1. 30-day Unlimited free trial

You must follow these instructions in order to receive this Netflix free trial:

  • Install the App
  • Sign up with your email address on the Website.

Here’s how to access your free Netflix trial right away:

  • Visit
  • Make an account with your email address, then choose a strong password.
  • To start a free 30-day trial, click TRY.
  • Choose VIEW THE PLANS, then choose the one that most suits your needs by clicking Proceed.
  • If you have already registered, choose a different payment method.
  • To begin membership, provide your name and billing information.

2. Share with family and friends

No matter whatever plan you select, sharing a Netflix subscription with five different profiles will also qualify you for a student discount. You should be aware that because this plan includes timing, you cannot stream Netflix on all five devices at once.

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3. Netflix special promotions

This movie streaming service offers unique promos, which can be used in addition to the Netflix student discount. Most people are curious about how special Netflix promotions work; however, there are businesses that do so, including Verizon, a network provider, and T-Mobile, a wireless business.

Alternatives To Netflix Student Discount

In the event that the Netflix student discount doesn’t work, there are several cheaper options for Netflix apps.

Just like Netflix, these video streaming services provide exclusive series and films, but they are not Netflix.

Here are the top Netflix substitutes that also give students discounts.

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1. Amazon Prime Student

There are several TV shows and movies available on Amazon Prime Video. You can view in 4K or HD resolution depending on your preferences for your home setup.

Amazon Prime Student Discount makes it possible for you to:

  • Enjoy a free trial of six months of which you are always free to revoke.
  • Also, you may access a number of different deals and watch Prime Original Videos online instead of on Netflix.
  • Items purchased from Amazon come with free shipping.
  • Unlimited photo storage space as well as student discounts on new video game pre-orders and other items.
  • With access to special offers and coupons, you may rent and buy textbooks for less money.

Netflix Student Discounts

2. YouTube Premium

Another option to Netflix student discounts is YouTube Premium.

This service purges commercials from typical YouTube videos. You have access to original movies, television series, and other media, as well as the YouTube Music service.

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To be eligible for this student discount, all you have to do is:

  • Register on the premium YouTube website.
  • Select between a student discount and a discount for family plans. (By doing this, you’ll save 60% off the usual price.)

The YouTube premium subscription does, however, require yearly verification. Thus, you must cancel or transfer to a regular membership once you graduate or leave school.

3. Hulu

You might also think about Hulu as an alternative to Netflix Student Discount.

Also, it is a streaming service that makes a lot of TV shows available the same day or the week they premiere. In addition, Hulu offers unique original TV shows that are unavailable elsewhere.

You can benefit from the following with Hulu Student Discount:

  • Premium offerings at $4.99 per month.
  • Access to online streaming platforms for original video.

4. HBO Now

HBO provides one of the best student deals available. Students just have to pay 5 USD per month for membership, which typically costs 14.99 USD per month.

You can benefit from the following with the HBO Now student discount:

  • A mobile pay offer that allows you to cancel at any moment.
  • $5 is the annual membership fee.
  • Also, if you are a new user, you can try HBO Now for 30 days without paying a penny.

What Netflix Plan Choices Are Available?

  1. One screen view is all that is permitted on the $8.99 basic plan.
  2. Two screens may be viewed concurrently under the standard plan, which costs $12.99.
  3. Four screens may be viewed simultaneously with the $15.99 premium plan.

Can I Sign Up for Several Free Trials on Netflix?

Several free trials for Netflix are not permitted.
You can, however, re-register using a different email address and a different payment option, such as a prepaid credit card.

How much does a Netflix subscription cost each month?

Netflix costs $7.99 per month for unlimited access. For most students, financing such a subscription plan might be difficult.

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Netflix offers nothing similar to student discount coupons, so the company’s student discounts are a hoax.

Hence, if you’re a college student looking to save money, you might choose the 30-day trial period or think about alternatives to Netflix student discounts.

FAQs About Netflix

Is there a student discount for Netflix?

No. Netflix doesn’t offer similar discounts for students. Hence, if you have a really limited budget, you might join up for the Netflix trial or another alternative.

Is Netflix a free service?

For qualified users, Netflix will give them one month of service at no cost.

How do I begin?

If you have a promotional code, enter it at to get started.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which is better?

Nearly all factors favor Netflix over Amazon Prime Video. Consequently, Netflix essentially beats Amazon Video if you only take TV shows into account. Yet, Prime Video provides both good Hollywood movies and top-notch regional cinema.

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