Most Difficult Games In The World 2023: Top 15 Hardest

Most Difficult Games In The World 2023: Top 15 Hardest

Most Difficult Games In The World, Early video games were played on arcade cabinets that needed to be refilled with quarters on a regular basis in order to advance or play another level. Around this time, video games were also famous for being challenging, which made you spend more of your hard-earned money. Video games were still fairly challenging when the first home consoles were introduced. This was due in part to technical constraints and in part to the clever design of the games’ developers.

Video games have improved significantly in accessibility as we’ve moved into the modern period. This is because of more thorough in-game tutorials and different difficulty settings. Also, they have evolved into more cinematic works that place a stronger emphasis on the story rather than the gameplay. But there are still a lot of contemporary games that are difficult to master. Most requires exceptional dexterity, puzzle-solving prowess, incredible precision, or even just an unyielding determination to win. Here are 15 of the most hardest video games available today.

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List of the Most Difficult Games In The World

This game is both really good and very annoying. Despite the fact that it appears to be a straightforward platform game, you must start each level again after being struck twice before you can continue. If that isn’t enough to make you want to rip out your hair, you’ll have to retry the game at a higher level in order to defeat the boss after you’ve finished it.

Most Difficult Games In The World

14. Spelunker

Players take control of a spelunker who, as the name suggests, explores a variety of tunnels and underground lairs in pursuit of wealth while fending off enemies and dodging traps. Like real spelunking, finishing this game is very difficult. The levels are full of traps, and even the slightest misstep will force you to restart and lose a life. You must be mindful of your surroundings and learn from your mistakes if you want to progress in this game. Despite this, even after hundreds of hours of playtime with no progress, Spelunky is very addictive and challenging to put down. Most Difficult Games In The World

13. Returnal

Returnal is extremely difficult and resembles the Souls series and third-person survival horror shooters in many ways. Despite the fact that some of these ideas have now been altered to make the game more friendly, its rigid growth conditions still provide a significant obstacle. Even while this sci-fi adventure is not for everyone, those who enjoy punishing games and, in particular, those who value a detailed and compelling story, will find much to admire in it. Even if Returnal has its share of annoying moments, watching the credits alone is worthwhile.

12. Contra

When Contra first came out, it was a revelation because it was one of the first games to provide two players playing simultaneously. You take on the role of Bill Rizer or Lance Bean, two commandos battling an alien species intent on wiping out the earth on an island near New Zealand. Contra differs from other run-and-gun games since it pits players against waves of hostile alien monsters that are out to eliminate them. It’s still a challenging game to master even if, if you play for a while, you can figure out the enemies’ routines.

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11. F-Zero GX

Nothing on the GameCube is more brutal than F-Zero GX when it comes to racing games. Playing this high-tech hovercraft racing game is similar like driving at 60 mph through a suburban neighborhood while dodging every tree, dog, elderly person, and lemonade stand in your path.

It looks lovely and is captivating. Nevertheless, if you even briefly take your eyes off the road, you’re toast. Trial and error, as well as knowing the risks on every map so you can largely avoid them, are the only ways to improve at this game.

10. Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!!

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! puts you in the shoes of Little Mac, a lightweight boxer who’s always punching up. Due to his size, he’s always at a disadvantage. But if you look closely and learn your opponent’s tells, you can use your superior speed to avoid damage.

The most brutal fight in the game is, of course, Tyson himself. He’s nigh-impossible to beat if you’re not an expert at the game. But if you made it that far, you probably are.

9. Bloodborne

Although it may be debatable, I believe Bloodborne is far simpler than Dark Souls. While Bloodborne’s battles reward getting very close to your victim and demand quick reflexes, the player character is also agile and a master with weaponry.

You can get by with your reflexes before you’re well into the game without having to memorize such exact signs and routines. Except for Father Gascoigne, that is. You’ll lose a lot of battles to Father Gascoigne.

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8. Battletoads

Due to the fact that the game’s relentless difficulty frightened its designers worldwide, comparisons to Battletoads may be found all over the Internet.

You can be duped into thinking you’ll be fine during the first few phases. The learning curve for this game is considerable, though. At least until you pass through the Turbo Tunnel, try to keep going. Maybe you’ll win the game if you hadn’t already destroyed your controller.

7. Demon’s Souls

Due to some “technical” restrictions, it is far too simple to “cheese” the majority of the bosses in Demon’s Souls, making it only slightly less challenging than Dark Souls.

In Demon’s Souls, it sometimes seems like the only option, even if you can exploit creatures in Dark Souls.

If you’re a newcomer to Souls, you may find these bosses challenging. Everything that made Dark Souls so famous is present in the timeless experience of exploring the devastated realm of Boletaria and learning the secrets of the Nexus.

6. The Witness

In this fascinating puzzle game, you must navigate a stunning and enigmatic island full of puzzles that you can solve in whatever order you want.

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The problem is that some of these puzzles are made in such a way that it is practically a given that you will get stuck and need to hunt out a solution online. Without the aid of the Internet, beating this game requires a lot of brainpower. The ideal method, in my opinion, is to go through it with a friend or significant other who will think, laugh, and cry with you all the way through.

5. Monster Hunter: World

Early last year, Monster Hunter: World exploded onto the sales charts, swiftly surpassing all other Capcom games in terms of sales. This was largely because it was simpler for newer players to understand than its notoriously complex predecessors. Yet many new players also discovered how challenging Monster Hunter games might be fairly early on.

Fighting demands a thorough study of the various monsters you’ll run against because each one has a different attack pattern that must be understood while you wait for the ideal opportunity to strike. It can be difficult to distinguish the subtle differences between the 14 different weapons you have at your disposal because each one has a unique playstyle that alters how you approach every battle. Monster Hunter: World has a massive 48 different monsters that you must fight and kill; if you want to win, you’ll need to put in countless hours of practice and preparation.

4. Celeste

In the challenging platformer Celeste, Madeline, a young girl, climbs a mountain while navigating her own mental health issues. Platforming your way through single-screen puzzles makes up the game’s main gameplay. The precision needed to solve each problem is what makes Celeste challenging, especially as the game progresses.

Your level of competence is continuously pushed, but you’ll also get better with each solved puzzle. During the entire game, the difficulty feels like a constant escalation, pushing you just enough outside of your comfort zone to advance. Throughout the levels, there are optional strawberries that frequently demand more creative problem-solving to find.

After finishing the main story, you can access B-Sides, redesigned rounds that are far harder than anything in the main tale. You may unlock the game’s C-Sides, which are incredibly difficult, if you have the patience to complete every B-Side as well.

3. Darkest Dungeon

In the dark side-scrolling dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon, you take control of a group of seasoned explorers as they attempt to exterminate the estate’s lethal occupants. Each dungeon you enter is dynamically generated, loaded with traps and interesting treasures to find, and populated with a variety of monsters. Most Difficult Games In The World

You have a torch that is progressively running out as you move through the dungeons. The torchlight gets dimmer and darker, and your team gets smaller. The game’s main mechanic, the risk-reward tradeoff, is at work here. Will you continue exploring the dungeon in the goal of finding significant gold, or will you be killed by the many foes there?

2. Sekiro

The game rewards cunning, persistence, practice, and mastery of its mechanics. Sekiro isn’t for those who just want to button-mash their way through it. The lack of multiplayer and refusal to make concessions make the game the most unforgiving experience FromSoftware has ever created. It is also harder than any Souls game. But, those who succeed in Sekiro won’t ever have their abilities questioned.

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1. Super Meat Boy

The act of rapidly pressing the quick restart button may be said to sum up the experience of playing Super Meat Boy. The platformer’s cramped stages are rife with dangers but urge you to play quickly. As a result, it’s a never-ending game of failure. There is almost no loss of momentum as you ride the circle of trying and failing, though, thanks to the provision for split-second restarts. Super Meat Boy induces a frenetic trance state in its players, from which it can take hours to emerge.


Most people like playing video games as an escape from the difficulties of life. But, there are times when you need a challenging assignment to take your mind off of daily concerns like work, family, and other obligations.

Games used to be challenging because they wouldn’t last very long otherwise. Considering that most games include 40+ hour campaigns, extreme difficulty has evolved into a trait that die-hard gamers look for to distinguish themselves.

FAQs of Most Difficult Games In The World

What game has received the most downloads?

With 21.8 million installs, or a 22.7 percent increase from February 2021, Garena Free Fire from Garena was the most downloaded smartphone game globally.

What games are popular in the USA?

American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer are the most widely-watched team sports in the country. Most Difficult Games In The World

Which mobile game has the highest download volume?

The only game to surpass 300 million downloads and become the most popular mobile game in 2022 was Subway Surfers.

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