Juventus Football Academy Scholarship

Juventus Football Academy Scholarship and application requirements

Juventus Football Academy Scholarship, With the exception of the 2006–07 season, Sport-Club Juventus has competed in every season of the premier club division since its debut in 1900 (reformulated in various formats until the Serie A inception in 1929), and has been managed by the industrial Agnelli family nearly continuously since 1923. It was founded under the name Sport-Club Juventus, initially as an athletics club. It is the second oldest of its kind still active in the country after Genoa’s football section (1893). A major force on the national stage since the 1930s and at the confederation level since the mid-1970s, Juventus is one of the first professional sporting clubs in the country. The association between the club and that dynasty is the oldest and longest in national sports.

Juventus Football Academy

In order to reach as many children as possible, the Juventus Academy project was established. Present in more than 50 nations and on every continent, it provides both educational instruction and the teaching and development of football abilities, accompanying young players in their development from the beginning of the game to maturity, and not just within sport. No matter the participants’ skill level, all programs are accessible, and the activities are designed with consideration for their physical and emotional health. All of the suggested activities are centered on having fun.

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Application requirements for the Academy

  • excellent academic standing and recommendations from your place of study.
  • Provide good information about yourself, prior clubs (if any), and contact information.
  • especially for those under the age of 18, parental consent.
  • If requesting a Juventus Football Academy Scholarship, you must provide evidence of your financial need.
  • Try to send a video of yourself; this approach is mostly relevant to applicants from other countries.
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Juventus Academy in Nigeria

Juventus Academy Nigeria is dedicated to improving the level of football in the nation while giving children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds equal opportunity and giving them access to the high caliber of football instruction associated with Juventus academies globally. Due to this, the Juventus academy Nigeria has awarded 40 worthy children who participated in their 2019–20 preseason and tryouts full scholarship slots, with the intention of increasing the number as the season progresses.

The Academy predicts that this road might become a mainstay in the nation’s efforts to empower kids with the aid of respected and dedicated business bodies that share our beliefs as well as the knowledge and resources of Juventus academy Nigeria.

How to get the Academy scholarship

In spite of financial challenges, Juventus Academy is dedicated to rewarding talent, effort, and good behavior.

  • Open General Tryouts

There are no open tryouts for us. Our scouts, on the other hand, constantly observe kids at their local clubs or schools before inviting them for a tryout because we are always looking for the most brilliant players. Consequently, if you apply for a tryout by mail, you should always provide a schedule for your team that includes kickoff times and venues. Please list any achievements or state accolades you may have.

For match openings, teams can also get in touch with the technical department. This is a productive technique to attract the attention of J-Academy Community talent scouts.

  • Individual Tryouts

Enroll in a preseason program or a tryout. Preseason activities are only accessible at the start of a new season.There are tryouts available both before and during a season. The season’s tryouts, however, are not taken into account when awarding scholarships. Tryout fee is about 12,500 NGN. On the day specified, turn up for your tryout, and take part in the training session where a coach will assess your performance.

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If the technical team has offered you a scholarship position, the academy office will get in touch with you to let you know and to provide comments on your session.You could receive a 100% scholarship from the academy, if you perform well.

Juventus Football Academy Scholarship

  • You can take the Saturday program pathway

Register for the Saturday leisure activities. Top players at Saturday programs are given preference for scholarships for year-round programs.

Criteria for consideration

Raw talent is very important. The Academy recognizes that players come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and talents and weaknesses. Technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and social qualities of a player are taken into consideration, as well as the relative age effect and maturation rates. To determine whether a target player has the ability (we recognize this may take time) to attain the levels or outperform the scholars we already have recorded, we must also compare them to the scholars already enrolled in the Academy.

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Football is a very competitive field to “make it” in. Although talent is undoubtedly necessary, winning in the game requires great tenacity and resolve. Keep up your efforts since some people develop more slowly than others and are discovered later.

Frequently asked questions About Juventus Football Academy Scholarship

How to join Juventus Football Academy?

You can join the academy by either of these ways;

  • Open General Tryouts
  • Individual Tryouts
  • Joining Saturday programs

How much does it cost to play for the Juventus academy?

Juventus Academy fees for Under 9 is N270,000 while under 19 is 390,000.

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Does Juventus have an academy in Nigeria?

Yes, Juventus has an Academy in Nigeria and they offer scholarships to deserving students.

How much is Juventus academy in Nigeria?

Juventus Academy fees for Under 9 is N270,000 while under 19 is 390,000.

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