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Indigo Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service

Indigo Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service

Indigo Credit Card Login, You can manage your Indigo card quickly, easily, and securely by logging onto the MyIndigo Platinum Credit card online at One can only access this channel to access this kind of information.

You have quick and easy access to manage your Indigo account online thanks to the platform. Similar to that, you can use the internet to see your account statements, pay bills, and carry out other tasks.

However none of this is possible without first registering for and login into an Indigo MasterCard account and making an account at

Activate Indigocard By means of Activate

The Indigo MasterCard portal now allows all new Indigo MasterCard cardholders who received an activation offer through email to activate their cards. On or, you can find this.

Nevertheless, you must first register as a member of the website in order to activate your new card there. Create an account and log in with your Indigo login information. Your login information must be entered here in order to activate your card on the website backslash activate.

Registration for a Myindigo Credit Card Account – Indigo Online Access.

You must create an online account first. You will receive access as a result, enabling you to activate your credit card. As a result, you must do the following actions:

  • Go to
  • Go to the “Register” button and touch it.
    the account number you entered.
  • Enter your birthdate here.
  • Enter your social security number into the box.
  • To finish creating your account, tap the “Next” button and adhere to the remaining on-screen directions.

Indigo Credit Card Login

Sign in to MyIndigo at

Before you may activate your card, you must sign into your account on the Indigo website. To do that;

  • Visit now.
  • Get to the secure login page by clicking or tapping the button on the right side of the page.
  • Enter your username here.
  • Provide your login credentials.
  • Click on the login button.
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Once you have logged in, use the credit card number that was supplied to your email address for an apply offer to activate your Indigo MasterCard.

Activation of Cards

To activate their new card, all first-timers will need to register it. Click the Register button to proceed to the online registration form. After that, you must enter the following data:

Forgotten password – Help with forgotten username or password

Your card needs to be logged in to be activated, and without your login information, you won’t be able to access your personal account. Your online account will be the sole way for you to activate your card. By clicking the forgotten password or username link on the login screen, you can retrieve your password or username if you’ve lost it. You can use this to reset your password and sign in to activate your account for my Indigo Mastercard.

  • Visit the homepage of
  • Find the link that says “lost username or password” and tap it.
  • It will be necessary to enter the following details on the password reset interface;
  • The username for the account.
  • Last four digits of the account.
  • The social security number.
  • The birthdate.

After entering the aforementioned details, click the submit button to continue. Your browser will redirect you to a page where you can change your password.

Pay with an Indigo Card Online – Online Payment Paying with Login

The most practical way to pay your Indigo Credit Card statement is online. Yes! You have the choice of communicating via the phone. To do this, call the Indigo Customer Service number listed on the card’s back and follow the on-screen instructions. The option of sending anything through the mail is the final one. You are able to mail a check or money order.

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For the Indigo MasterCard, you must pay a $25 monthly fee. That is the same as one percent of your overall account amount. As a result, the payment standard is as follows.

Use a check or money order for mailed payments; a bank account for phone payments made online.

Steps Involved In Payment

The majority of purchases made by customers who use Indigo credit cards are done so online. On the other hand, customers continue to use payment methods like phone call service. This is done by using the customer’s bill payment line. They can still send payments via MoneyGram or the mail if a check order is sent.

The great majority of customers who utilize the Indigo online payment service make their payments on the Genesis Indigo credit card website. Hence, making these payments is easy, safe, and simple. Your personal account details, including your account number, are recorded on the website when you log in to your Indigo account in anticipation of a monthly automated withdrawal from your account. Indigo Credit Card Login

Indigo Pay through Phone

Call the customer service line at 866-946-9545 if you want to make a payment over the phone. Likewise, FAX 503-268-4711

Contact information for Indigo Pay by Mail:

Genesis FS Card Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

Indigo Pay by Moneygram

Company Name: Genesis FS Card Services

4911 is the receive code.

Indigo Credit Card Customer Service

Genesis FS Card Services | PO Box 4477 Beaverton, OR | 97076-4477 is where you may reach us for correspondence. Our toll free number for customer service is 1-800-353-5920.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indigo Credit Card

Why is a good payment history important? 

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A good payment history may enable you to get better terms on mortgages, auto loans, and other types of credit.

Can I open more than one Indigo MasterCard account?

No. There is now a limit of one Indigo Mastercard account per person.

Can I use my Indigo MasterCard for cash advance?

You can use your Indigo Mastercard for cash advances at numerous financial institutions, subject to credit approval. For further details on cash advances, please see your Cardholder Agreement (issued with your new card if approved). Once accepted, you can contact and ask to have your personal identification number (PIN), which gives you secure access to cash at many ATMs, mailed to you.

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