Immigration-Friendly Countries: Easiest Country to Migrate to Right Now

Immigration-Friendly Countries: Easiest Countries to Migrate to Right Now

Easiest Country to Migrate, It’s always enticing to leave your nation and start anew somewhere else. Meeting new people, visiting unfamiliar locations, and taking in a new culture all sound like interesting and delightful experiences.

However, immigration is never simple. Most especially if you lack the necessary resources or suitable talents. The majority of nations have a variety of immigration policies. These policies predicate on addressing labor shortages and have annual caps. In order to immigrate to a new nation, you must take into account a number of crucial considerations. Things like adjusting to a new social structure and your financial situation.

Here is a list of the easiest countries to immigrate to:

1. Canada

Canada is undoubtedly the greatest and most straightforward country to move to. This is because it has a reputation for being one of the most friendly nations for immigrants. Also, is rated as one of the most livable locations in the world. Additionally, the large terrain and the sparse population of the nation make it easier and more pleasant for immigrants to live there. Easiest Country to Migrate

Easiest Country to Migrate

Canada has a number of measures that encourage immigration and draw new residents. The Federal Skilled Worker Program’s Express Entry system, one of the most well-liked immigration schemes, is said to account for the majority of economic immigrants entering Canada.

In addition, the Provincial Nominee Program, International Experience Canada, and other family- and humanitarian-friendly immigration laws are well-liked in Canada.

Canada is one of the easiest countries for immigrants to enter because of its affordable healthcare system and abundance of job opportunities.

As more immigrants are granted residency and citizenship privileges in Canada, the backlog of immigration petitions has recently decreased by 110,000.

2. Spain

Spain is one of the easiest countries in Europe for Americans and Canadians to immigrate to. Its North American Language and Cultural Assistant program, which allows you to relocate to Spain to teach English, is the reason behind this. If you find another job outside the program, you can then switch to a work visa. Spain is particularly well-liked among expats, primarily due to its great weather, affordable cost of living compared to other parts of Europe, public and private healthcare, and educational system.

Spain’s Golden Visa program is another factor making it a favorite travel destination. However, you must have sufficient funds and a financial strategy in place to qualify for permanent residency under this program. Additionally, for nationals of former Spanish colonies, including Filipinos, Spain also offers a fast-track citizenship program.

3. Germany

Because of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act and the variety of visa options available, Germany is a well-known destination for immigrants. The Migration Act streamlines and accelerates the relocation process for skilled individuals. First, depending on your visa type, you can be granted a six-month permit to work in Germany. Then, you can apply for a work permit. After that, provided you complete all the requirements, you can stay for up to four years on a temporary residency permit.

4. France

You might be in luck if you’ve ever daydreamed of taking a stroll along the Seine while holding a croissant. If you’re searching for a lengthy stay, France, a popular tourist destination, is now providing extra visa alternatives.

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In order to support the nation’s tech economy and give foreigners a quick route to residency, the French government introduced one of the EU’s most accessible visas for tech workers in 2017. One of the longest-lasting visa choices in Europe, the French tech visa enables tech professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in France for four years.

5. Australia

Australia, the home of kangaroos and koalas, is a fascinating and beautiful place to move to and settle in. The country makes it simpler for foreigners to immigrate by offering a wide range of immigrant-friendly laws, such as the Global Talent Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme, Skilled Nominated Visa, Temporary Graduate Visa, Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, and more.

Furthermore, Australia is a popular destination for immigrants due to the great job possibilities, high quality of living, and high standard of education in the nation.
Australia is now transitioning from a skills-based system to a demand-driven immigration program, which is anticipated to significantly shorten the time it takes to process visas, more precisely detect labor shortages, and create a system that welcomes talent from all over the world.

6. Portugal

If you have enough money, one of the easiest places to relocate is Portugal. After five years, you can seek for permanent residency under its Golden Visa program. If you have spent 35 days in Portugal after the five years are up and you are still able to seek for citizenship. To qualify for this visa, you must, among other things, invest $350,000 in a property in an urban generation region or spend $500,000 on real estate.

For a number of reasons, expats find moving to Portugal to be very alluring. One of these is the option of obtaining an EU passport in just five years and being able to travel visa-free throughout the Schengen region. Additionally, it provides access to top-notch educational options and cost-free medical care.

7. Thailand

If you are a highly qualified professional or have the money to invest in your permanent residence, Thailand is an easy country to migrate to. If you apply for a SMART visa, you can relocate to Thailand. You must be a skilled worker in a certain industry, an investor, an executive, or a start-up business owner to qualify for this visa. You may reside in Thailand for one to four years, depending on the type of SMART visa you have.

If you have enough money, you can also relocate to Thailand by signing up for the Thailand Elite Residence program. Easiest Country to Migrate

The program offers seven options, but the Elite Easy Access is one of the most popular ones. With it, you can obtain a five-year residency in just four months for a cost of THB 500,000, or $14,850.

8. Montenegro

Because of its inexpensive cost of living (in comparison to other European nations) and reputation as “the new French Riviera,” Montenegro has recently been a great immigration destination.

Most foreign nationals qualify for a one-year residence permit under one of three categories: work, education, or family reunification. Nevertheless, obtaining a work visa is one of the simplest ways to relocate there. Although Monegro has also introduced a new investment scheme leading to citizenship, you must invest a minimum of $350,000 to participate in the program.

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9. Indonesia

Beautiful locations in Indonesia have long been a favourite pick for anyone seeking a change of scenery and a free-spirited lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on Indonesia’s tourism industry, notably in Bali, for the past two years. As travel restrictions loosen, the Indonesian government is now seeking for new strategies to attract international residents.

Although no formal application procedure has yet been developed, Bali has declared plans to introduce a five-year visa for long-term visitors and remote workers. Once this visa option becomes available, a lot of people will probably use it to enjoy the warm local culture of Bali and to join the island’s thriving expat community.

10. Croatia

Another nation that has adopted the “digital nomad” visa trend is Croatia, which has also increased the number of international residents as a result. The tiny, undiscovered jewel of the Balkans now grants remote employees a temporary residence visa as of January 2021. Candidates may enter the nation for one year and bring their immediate families with them.

11. The Caribbean

Who wouldn’t want to reside near the ocean? It makes sense that more individuals are moving to the Caribbean where they may enjoy a year-round vacation-like lifestyle.

Today, many Caribbean nations provide a range of visas for extended visitors and remote workers. The “Barbados Welcome Stamp,” a unique 12-month visa available to anyone who can support themselves financially, was just introduced by Barbados. Similar visas are available in Anguilla and Bermuda, albeit they differ in terms of qualifying requirements and duration. For those looking for an even more opulent visa experience, the Cayman Islands have even given their new scheme the name “Global Citizen Concierge.”

12. New Zealand

Because of its Skilled Migration Program, New Zealand is a popular immigration destination. However, there are a number of requirements that you must fulfill in order to be eligible for this program. To begin with, you must be under 55, have a high level of expertise in your subject, and have previous work experience. But if you achieve these requirements, New Zealand gives allowance to stay for two years before requesting a resident visa.

13. Switzerland

The strong country economy of Switzerland is supported by low corporate tax rates, a highly developed service sector, driven by financial services, and a high-tech manufacturing industry. Switzerland has a low unemployment rate and one of the highest GDP per capita rates in the world. According to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, which offers entry to 186 locations worldwide and is regarded as one of the most desirable passports since it affords its holder the greatest degree of mobility between various locations, the Swiss passport is now placed seventh.

Although Switzerland did not become a member of the United Nations until 2002. The country is also a member of the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and the World Bank. Switzerland, and particularly its capital Geneva, is a popular location for the headquarters of international organizations like the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations.

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14. Japan

Japan has the third-largest economy in the world and is among the top producers of steel, electronics, and vehicles worldwide. In terms of GDP and labor force, the service sector accounts for the largest portion of the overall economy.

You can go to Japan with this passport, which is a part of several international organizations like the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank and is home to more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as being the origin of sushi.

15. Singapore 

One of the most prosperous nations in Asia, Singapore has very lenient immigration and citizenship policies. It has a very high human development index and has historically attracted immigrants from Malaysia, China, India, and Indonesia.
However, it is also among the most costly places to live. Singapore’s housing costs are comparable to those of Hong Kong or New York City. This is despite the country’s limited geographical area and dense population. If you’re on a tight budget, you may have to share a room.

You must have an employment pass or “S” pass for mid-level skilled employees, be a student studying in Singapore, be a foreign investor, or be the spouse or child of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident in order to apply for residency.

Permanent residents typically have two years to apply for Singapore citizenship. Students who want to become citizens of Singapore you will have to live there for up to three years. At least one year as a Permanent Resident—passed a national test or be enrolled in the Integrated Programme(IP).

Frequently asked questions Easiest Country to Migrate

Which country gives permanent residency easily?

The easiest country to obtain permanent residency is New Zealand. For those between the ages of 18 and 30, getting a resident visa in New Zealand is not too difficult. New Zealand permits Young Westerners with a “working holiday” visa to visit for a year.

Which country is the easiest to immigrate?

It’s common knowledge that immigrants from the US find it simplest to settle in Canada. Numerous immigrants choose to immigrate to this country because of its high standard of living and robust economy.

Which country is best for a Nigerian to migrate to?

There are travel destinations popular with Nigerians of upper social classes. They include Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America, and Western European nations. In contrast, Nigerians from lower socioeconomic classes favor moving to nations like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Cambodia.


It can be both exciting and terrifying to relocate to a new nation and start over. Despite the fact that migrating is never simple, the entire process of meeting new people from other ethnic backgrounds, adjusting to a new way of life, and traveling to foreign countries may be a life-changing decision.

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