How to use BVN to check account details

How to use BVN to check account details

How to use BVN to check account details, Beginning in 2014, each person who owns a bank account was assigned a unique 11-digit Bank Verification Number (BVN). Because it will be tracked using their BVN, the CBN’s decision deters people from stealing money and transmitting it to another bank account.

Banks having operations in Nigeria have made it practical and simple for Nigerians to have access to BVN by using their USSD codes, mobile banking apps, and Internet banking platforms now that you can link all of your banks with your BVN. This also implies you can verify your BVN as long as you have a bank account with any of the banks that the CBN has granted licenses to

How to use BVN to check account details
How to use BVN to check account details

The fact that your BVN is linked to your personal information can make you wonder if you can retrieve your account details through it. Although, that sounds smart but that’s not doable except you’re a financial institution. However, your BVN is linked to your account but you don’t have the code or access to get your account details. Also, Your account details like you name, age and personal information could be at risk if it was easily accessible.

Additionally, it is believed that you’re the one that filled out those information so you should have no need for retrieval.

Benefits of using BVN

  • The Nigerian banking sector can verify a specific identification provided by BVN (not peculiar to one Bank).
  • Bank accounts for customers are shielded against unauthorized access.
  • By addressing identity theft issues, it will reduce the risk of fraud.
  • The Banking Industry will have a better opportunity of finding blacklisted consumers thanks to the BVN.
  • Streamline the banking hall lines.
    efficiency in banking processes that is standardized.
  • All Nigerian banks accept the customer’s distinctive BVN as a form of identification.
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How to check your BVN on any network

Dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) from your Mobile phones for 20 naira. You can also use this code on any network of your choice, for a price of 20 naira only.

How to enroll for your BVN

To enroll, go to any bank location and fill out the enrollment form.
Your biometric information, including your fingerprint, picture, and signature, will be recorded by the system.
After that, a Ticket ID BVN will be delivered to the registered mobile number you provided.

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