Moneygram Tracking- How to Track Your Transfer Transaction Online

Moneygram Tracking- How to Track Your Transfer Transaction Online

How to Track Your Transfer Transaction Online, You probably want to verify the status of that order, whether you’re waiting for a MoneyGram order to transfer into your account or you physically sent a MoneyGram order to someone else. Fortunately, MoneyGram makes it simple to check the status of and locate your money order. Read on to find out how to track your order and get in touch with MoneyGram if necessary.

Things You Should Know

  • To access your transaction history, log into your MoneyGram account. Alternatively, submit your last name and reference number online.
  • Use the serial number to find out the current status of your money order.
  • The customer care number for MoneyGram is 1-800-542-3590. or send a message through an online form.
  • Pick up your money order by going to a MoneyGram store. Bring your reference number and a valid ID with you.

How to Track Your Transfer Transaction Online

1. View your transaction history

To check the progress of your order, log into your account. Go to the MoneyGram website’s login page and click “Transaction History.” You can then view the order you placed and find out its status.

  • Click “Log In” on to access your MoneyGram account.
  • Download the MoneyGram app from the iOS app store or Google Play store to check your account on your phone.
  • Most MoneyGram orders arrive at their destination after two weeks. But, it’s possible that your money order is still in the mail if it has been less than two weeks.

2. Use a reference number if you don’t have an account

Without requiring an account, a reference number tracks your order. Also, you can utilize MoneyGram’s services without having an active account. Go to MoneyGram’s webpage and input the reference or authorization number for the transaction if you didn’t create an account. After entering your last name, press return.

  • Click “Track & Receive” on to input your reference number.
  • Contact the individual giving you the money if you are the recipient and not the sender to obtain the reference number.
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3. Request your money order info online

Basically, to determine the status of the money order, use the serial number. Additionally, if you have a physical copy of your money order, you can enter the serial number and the amount on Moneygram’s website. To find out if your money order has been processed yet, click “check status.”

  • The 10 or 11 digit number on the left side of the money order form, next to the date, is the serial number.
  • Buy, do not insert any letters when entering the serial number.

4. Contact MoneyGram at 1-800-542-3590

For more assistance, get in touch with MoneyGram customer service. Also, you can trace the status of your transfer or check to see if it was received. To provide the customer support representative with your reference number, have it close to hand. How to Track Your Transfer Transaction Online

  • Also, you need to enter the amount you want to send in an automatic prompt.

5. Visit a MoneyGram location

Check your money order’s status in person by going to a real location. Bring a valid ID and your reference number if you are anticipating a physical MoneyGram order (one that wasn’t delivered immediately to your bank account). There, you may see how your transfer is progressing and, if your money order is ready, then you pick it up.

  • Visit MoneyGram’s Locations page to find a location close to you.
  • You cannot pick up your money order if your order has not yet been processed. Specifically,  a typical processing time for an order is 2 to 3 days.

6. Submit a replacement request for lost money orders

As a final resort, request a replacement online. If your money order is lost, MoneyGram promises to replace it. Check the status of your order on the MoneyGram website to see if it qualifies for replacement. If it is, you can use their website to ask for a replacement. Within 7 to 10 days, MoneyGram will complete your request, thereafter.

  • Visit and input the serial number from your money order to begin the replacement procedure.
  • For a replacement, you could be required to pay a modest cost. In addition, it typically costs $15.
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7. Contact your bank if there’s a hold on your money order

Deposits made to your account may occasionally be put on hold by banks. Your financial institution is probably to blame if your money order has been deposited in your account but you are unable to access the funds. To subsequently find out the status of your order and what is causing the delay, get in touch with your bank.

  • Due to internal procedures or currency conversion, financial institutions may put off processing money orders for a day or more.

8. Report fraud on MoneyGram’s website

Report any hacking or scamming incidents straight away. Money orders can occasionally serve as a tool for theft against other people or the theft of their cash. Send MoneyGram a thorough message outlining the situation with your account by heading to their contact page, selecting “Report Fraud,” and then clicking “Send Message.” How to Track Your Transfer Transaction Online

  • Visit MoneyGram’s contact page to file a fraud or scam report.
  • Call MoneyGram’s fraud hotline at 1-800-926-9400 for more assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Does MoneyGram have tracking number?

The number is automatically provided to you throughout your MoneyGram transaction. Also, the tracking number is a tool for monitoring your funds.

What is the reference number on MoneyGram?

An eight-digit code that links your transaction is known as a MoneyGram reference number or authentication number.   Nevertheless,  using your MoneyGram reference number, you can check the status of your transaction and also receive updates. By entering your reference number and last name on the MoneyGram website, you can directly access updates.

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Can I track my money order online?

By checking the USPS website, you can determine the cashing of a money order. You may also monitor it using the details on your money order receipt. You must enter the following details in order to view the money order’s status:

  • Serial number
  • Post office number
  • Dollar amount


MoneyGram works with numerous financial institutions to streamline the transaction process on the MoneyGram platform in addition to having a wide global network of agents.

Therefore, you must keep track of your MoneyGram transfer if you have sent money using the platform or anticipate receiving money. This will enable you to manage your finances better. Additionally, it will let you keep track of when the recipient of the cash you gave receives it.

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