How to register a pharmacy in Nigeria – all you need to know

How to register a pharmacy in Nigeria

How to register a pharmacy in Nigeria, All you need on how to register a pharmacy in Nigeria. The first thought that probably came to your mind when you see pharmaceutical companies is that you have to be a pharmacist to open one. We bring you good news that it’s not necessarily true . However you need a pharmacist as one of your business directors or a Co owner of the business. You will definitely need his/her license to practice and to manage the pharmaceutical aspect of the company. The pharmacist is to be current with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) and Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD) program (if eligible).

Moreso, to open a pharmaceutical company, there are some registration process you have to undergo. But I promise, they’re not as back breaking as they sound. Continue reading this article to discover more.

How to register a pharmacy in Nigeria

How to register a pharmacy in Nigeria

There are two aspects of pharmacy registration in Nigeria. There are

1) Registration with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission)

2) Registration with PCN ( Pharmacist Council of Nigeria)

Registration with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission)

The CAC is in charge of registering business names. In Nigeria, no two companies can have the same names. Also, parts of this registration can be online. You will submit business name, CAC will check if it’s available and you will fill some forms and make a payment of 500 naira.Fill in the relevant information like name, country, phone number, address, nationality, and National Identity Number ( NIN).

Furthermore, when your business name passes this level, then a payment of 10,000 naira will be made and more form filling will be done to issue you your CAC.

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Registration with PCN ( Pharmacist Council of Nigeria)

The Director of Pharmaceutical Services of the State where the Pharmacy is to be operated shall submit the following documents to the Registrar, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria for the registration of a new retail, distribution, and importation company:

  • a letter requesting registration of the property;
    complete Form B (PCN Application form for registration of premises)
  • A photocopy of the practitioner’s annual license and the request to keep their name on the Pharmaceutical Register (Form J)
  • prescription, inspection and registration costs is payable by bank draft to the Nigerian Pharmacists Council;
  • a photocopy of the resignation letter from the previous job, if so; the resignation letter, if applicable;
  • appointment letter for the new location, if appropriate;
  • Where applicable, a written contract between the Superintendent Pharmacist and his company;
  • a copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation (pharmacist owned retail locations are accepted as proof of business name registration);
  • a certified copy of the Article and Memorandum of Association, the CAC-issued Particulars of Directors
  • a photocopy of the NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate.
  • a letter of commitment from the superintendent pharmacist stating that he only holds one position in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • a letter from the company’s managing director promising that the superintendent pharmacist will continue to oversee and direct all pharmaceutical business directly, personally; a pharmacists interstate movement form (if applicable);
  • A pharmacist must serve on the board of directors;
  • The Pharmacist Director’s Current Annual Licence must be submitted with the application.

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