How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally: Most Effective Ways

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally: Most Effective Ways

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally, Bed bugs are bloodsuckers that can cause the skin to develop red spots and rashes as well as a persistent itching. They usually come out from hiding and aggressively attack you when you fall asleep. They continually nip at you. But they are respectful. You won’t feel the effects of their job until the next morning since the hollow tubes they use to pierce your skin and suck your blood are filled with a potent, transient painkiller.

Undeniably, bed bug removal is a difficult task. Fortunately, there are natural, chemical-free ways to get rid of bed bugs. These include employing natural products, including essential oils, as well as rigorous cleaning and confinement. How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

 What Are Bed Bugs?

Little insects known as bed bugs typically consume both human and animal blood as food. They are out and about at night, hiding in shadowy nooks and crannies. While your mattress, which allows them easy access to your skin, serves as their preferred spot. The bites they give you may keep you from having a restful night’s sleep. But what eradicates bed bugs right away? Are they responsive to home remedies? In order to allay your concerns, we will reveal in this post the methods and substances that will rapidly destroy bed bugs in your home.

Natural Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

After you discover a bed insect infestation, you must take action. To get rid of the insects, use the following methods:

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

1. Use heat or cold to naturally get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs can be eliminated from a mattress or other key region using temperature. So, grab any contaminated bedding or clothing and wash it in really hot water for 30 minutes. After the wash cycle is over, dry the items for at least 30 minutes in your dryer using the maximum heat setting. You could also place the impacted goods in a freezer that is at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to ensure that all bed bugs are dead, leave them there for four days.

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Pros: Safe, simple, and also very efficient
Cons: Not applicable to all objects or substances

2. Apply steam

Use a steamer on beds, couches, and other hiding places to eradicate bed bugs without hiring an exterminator. Pros: Safe, simple, efficient, and capable of both preventing bed bugs and eradicating them.
Cons: Needs a steamer, which not everyone has, and could harm some textiles or materials.

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3. Cover bed frames

Purchase covers for your mattress and box spring that are bed bug resistant. These coverings destroy bed bugs that are caught inside and prevent bed bugs from entering when the zipper is fully closed. Additionally, they create a defense that stops bed bugs from attacking you while you sleep. How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

Pros: Simple, inexpensive, non-toxic, and efficient
Cons: Does not eliminate mattress-based bed bugs.

4. Vacuum

Use a strong vacuum and a strong hose attachment to suck those bugs up. While fighting an infestation, you should definitely vacuum at least once every couple of days. Use the vacuum thoroughly, also paying special attention to the mattress, bedding, and soft furnishings like sofas and plush chairs.

Take care to inspect the carpet, floors, and any cracks in the walls or floorboards as you cautiously descend from upper locations. For indicators of an infestation, check electrical devices like fans and even your laptop. How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

Discard the vacuum bag outside, as far away from your house as you can, after you’ve finished vacuuming.

5. Make use of some essential oils.

Bed bugs, like the majority of insects, detest the aroma of these plants. These herbs can be used either fresh or dried.  These herbs can be tied into bundles and hung in your closet. Put sachets with these herbs in your linen closet and wardrobe. Citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, mint, and rosemary are the finest essential oils for killing bed bugs.

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Here are a few techniques for eliminating bed bugs using essential oils:

  • Apply some essential oil to the frame of your bed.
  • The next time you wash your bedding, add a few drops of essential oil to your laundry.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil to a spray bottle with 12 cup (120 milliliters) of water to create a straightforward spray.
  • Use this spray on your carpet, linens, and also bedding.

6. Use of Diatomaceous earth

Diatoms are used to make diatomaceous earth. Although it looks like a powder, bed bugs perceive it as broken glass. It repels bed bugs in addition to killing them.  Although diatomaceous earth made for pesticides is thought to be safe for both people and animals, you shouldn’t ingest it or breathe it in.
Avoid purchasing diatomaceous earth for use in pools or food. The grains are too small and may generally be dangerous to your health.

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7. Silica Gel

The tiny sachets seen in shoe boxes and food packaging to keep the contents dry may also aid in insect control. Spread the powder at the source sites after grinding up the beads to use them. This method should probably be avoided if you have children or pets because silica inhalation and direct exposure are dangerous. Instead, choose baking soda because it has a comparable result.

8. On your mattress, try using drier sheets.

Place eight to ten dryer sheets between the box spring and the mattress. Add 8 to 10 extra of these sheets on top of your bed sheets to cover the mattress. The bedbugs will flee due to the dryer sheets’ pungent fragrance.

Think about putting a few dryer sheets in your linen closet, dresser drawers, and pillowcase.
Particularly the scent of lavender appears to repulse bed bugs. Use some dryer sheets with a lavender smell.

Purchase some mattress and pillow covers that are impermeable. Because there are no seams or other crevices for bed bugs to hide in, these coverings are thick. They prevent bed bugs from infesting your pillows and mattress and are very simple to wash.

9.  Baking Soda

Did you know that baking soda also removes moisture from the bodies of bed bug? You probably already know that baking soda absorbs moisture in the refrigerator. Spread this powder everywhere you see bugs, especially in cracks and crevices, to use it. Every few days, make sure to vacuum and reapply.

10. Purchase some bug shields, and place them under the bed frame’s four feet.

They’ll prevent bed bugs from hopping onto your mattress. Put some plastic bowls or dishes underneath each of the four feet of your bed if you can’t find any. To drown any bed bugs that dare to clamber up your bed, fill them with some soapy water.

11. Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial essential oil with a pleasant scent that also serves as a cleaning agent for your home. On direct contact, it destroys fungus and bacteria and neutralizes viruses.

As the oil enters their system, it suffocates the insects, killing them. However, using it straight up produces the best results. Unfortunately, a pure form is harmful to people. Spraying about the house with diluted tea tree oil could still have some advantages, or at the very least give your home a lovely scent. Put around 20 drops of oil in a spray bottle of water to create the diluted solution.

12. Double-sided Tape

This should be wrapped around the bedposts’ perimeter on the floor. In this manner, bugs that attempt to crawl up into your bed will become stranded at base camp. Make sure you avoid dragging blankets over the floor to disrupt your efforts. Be prepared for more bold bugs to join you if you fail to keep blankets, pillows, and clothing off the floor.

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13. Hair Dryer

Blast your hair dryer over the sensitive areas if you need to fall asleep quickly and you don’t have days to wait for the other remedies to work. The heat will drive the bugs away, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you won’t be someone’s supper.

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Frequently asked questions

What permanently kills bed bugs instantly?

At 122°F (50°C), bed bugs and their eggs die. Bed bugs are instantly killed by the steam’s 212°F (100°C) high temperature. Slowly apply steam to mattress folds and tufts, sofa seams, bed frames, and any corners or edges where bed bugs might be hiding.

What is the best homemade bed bug killer?

Peppermint. Due of its potent aroma, peppermint deters bed bugs just like tea tree oil does. Bed bugs can be quickly eliminated by sprinkling the infected area with a potent mixture of water and peppermint oil. Therefore, the best method for getting rid of this insect in the house is peppermint oil.

What scent keeps bed bugs away?

Natural aromas like lavender and lemon, which don’t smell unpleasant to humans, can repel bed bugs from examining your clothing and luggage.


It can be frustrating to deal with a bed bug infestation, especially if they continually returning. The above listed are the best bed bug control methods can be used to keep bed bugs under control while you wait for an exterminator.

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