How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone- Android and Iphone

How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone- Android and Iphone

How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone, Don’t freak out if you unintentionally dropped your smartphone in the water. If you take quick action, you can still save it. Smartphones are frequently dropped, but if they are submerged over an extended period of time, they may become unusable. If you don’t take the appropriate precautions, your smartphone could still perish from a minor spill. Most cellphones have an IP designation, which to some extent makes them water-resistant. This offers you the opportunity to free the water from any potential jams. We’re bringing you a thorough tutorial on how to dry your smartphone today.

Here are the actual advice and techniques for drying off your phone.

Be cautious to turn off and disconnect your smartphone from the charger before you start removing water from it. Your phone may short-circuit if you use it while it’s still wet. Your phone will become utterly worthless after that. Remove any extras, including the phone cover, skin, stylus, and screen protector, after you’ve switched it off. Remove the memory card, SIM card, and battery pack from your phone to disassemble it. Put these things on a fresh piece of paper towel and thoroughly clean them. To manually remove any large drops of water that may have become lodged within your, give it a good shake.

How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone

1. Cover your phone with a Desiccant

You may have heard that placing a rice bag over your phone would help it absorb any water that may be inside. While it might be somewhat accurate, there’s still a chance that starch and dust from the rice will get inside your phone and further harm it. The water from your phone can be removed considerably more effectively by using a desiccator, such as packets of silica gel. Shoe boxes and electronics packages may still contain silica gel packets that were never used. Grab as many as you can and lay them in a bowl. Next, insert your phone in the center and cover it completely with the gel packets. How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone

Allow the silica gel packets to completely absorb any moisture by letting your phone sit in the bowl for 48 to 72 hours.

2. Leave your phone in front of a fan

Do not waste time looking for desiccant if you do not have some on hand. When trying to prevent water damage to your phone, timing is everything. Simply set your phone on a fresh piece of paper towel and direct the airflow from a table fan toward it. Allow it to remain that way for 48 to 72 hours.

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3. Wipe away water with a lint-free rag or towel

The best option is a microfiber cloth, if you have one. A clean towel, even paper towels, will suffice in a pinch. Use the cloth to wipe off as much moisture as you can from your phone, being careful not to get any in the card slots, charging port, or headphone jack.

  • Your phone will be damaged by heat if you try to put it in an oven, microwave, clothes dryer, or any other appliance.
  • To prevent getting water inside the phone, don’t shake it or move it around a lot.

4. Suck water out with a vacuum cleaner

It’s fantastic if you have a wet/dry vacuum. If not, you should be alright using a regular vacuum with a hose attachment as long as you don’t suck up too much water. Attach the hose to your vacuum, turn it to the highest level, and then vacuum the area around each opening on your phone.

  • You might also try mouth-sucking the water out. This is quite delicate and enables you to hear the location of the water on your phone while remaining close to it. Just be careful not to breathe spit back into the phone as that would cause greater harm.
  • While doing this, keep an ear out for trapped water to help you pinpoint wet locations. Once the “stuck water sound” has completely disappeared, remove water there again (would sound like only air flow then). How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone

5. Use compressed air to blow water out of your phone

If you have a mechanical air compressor, you might use it to blow out any residual liquid by setting it to a low psi (pounds per square inch) setting. If not, pressurized air in a can will work just as well. Blow air in quick bursts over your phone’s surface and the ports.

  • A greater PSI could harm your phone’s internal parts.

6. Cover your phone with 4 cups (about .5 kg) of crystal cat litter.

The best material for drying off your phone is silica gel, which is a component of crystal cat litter. It’s crucial that you use crystal cat litter rather than litter made of clay or other materials since silica is what takes moisture out of the air. Clay will only increase the chaos. Into a container that is at least 1-2 US quarts (0.95-1.89 L) in size, add a layer of crystal kitty litter. Next, place your open phone on top of this layer with the battery still attached. Leave your phone there for 48 to 72 hours after adding the remainder of the litter to completely cover it.

  • Most supermarket stores and pet supply businesses carry crystal cat litter.
  • Other desiccants, such as quick oatmeal and couscous pearls, also works as fine.
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7. Put your phone in a bowl of uncooked instant rice, instant couscous, or instant oatmeal

Instant is crucial here because ordinary rice, couscous, or porridge won’t quickly enough absorb enough liquid from your phone. If you have access to all three, choose couscous or oatmeal over instant rice because they both absorb nutrients better. Place your phone (and its detached battery, if you removed it) into a big bowl after adding 4 cups (900 g) of rice, couscous, or oats to it. All of these rapid food options will aid in removing any remaining moisture from your phone.

  • Look for the larger pearls of couscous, often known as “Israeli” couscous, if you’re using it. The more finely sliced variety can enter your ports. Obviously, omit any seasoning packets that are provided.
  • Use plain instant oatmeal; avoid varieties with flavors or sweeteners.
  • Choose the crystal kitty litter over any food item if you don’t have any of these items and are going shopping. It will function considerably better.

8. Reassemble and turn on your phone after 2 to 4 days

Make sure your phone is clean and appears dry before turning it on. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the phone will survive. It is crucial that you wait until the phone is totally dry before turning it back on.

  • Use your phone if it comes on while periodically checking your back for heat exhaustion (to prevent spontaneous shut offs). Remove the back shell (if possible) to clean off the water droplets that seep out every few minutes (or if it shuts off). Put it back, switch it on, use it, and repeat as necessary until all of the water has been removed (heat helps water escape from core electronic components, which is a part of the recovery process).
  • If nothing happens, re-seal the desiccant with the phone and wait a day or two before attempting to switch it on. It might be necessary to repeat this several times.
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Frequently asked questions

How to get water out of phone charging port?

Within an hour or two, water will naturally evaporate from the charging port. You must completely dry it with a dry, soft cloth after any liquid other than fresh water enters your device’s charging port.

How to remove water from phone screen

Turning off the phone, disassembling it as much as you can, and placing it in a bag of rice for a day or two are the best ways to repair a water-damaged phone. Packets of silica gel are another option. Try turning the phone back on once the water has dried entirely. Plugging it in will also reveal whether it still has a charge.

How to get water out of your phone without rice

Leave your phone in a container that is sealed and filled with silica gel packets (the tiny packets that come inside new shoes and bags) or another drying agent. These aid in moisture absorption.


Avoid attempting to unplug a phone that is submerged in water because doing so could result in an electric shock. After turning off the electricity to the outlet, only take your phone out of the water. Also avoid attempting to disassemble your phone unless you have received special training. When submerging your phone in rice, be careful because the grains could damage your phone’s charging or headphone ports. How to Get/Remove Water out of Phone

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