How to breed shugabush in my singing monsters

How to breed shugabush

Article on how to breed shugabush in my singing monsters. Shugabush is a monster on Plant Island that belongs to the Legendary Shugafam class. It was included in Version 1.1.7 on July 29, 2013. In association with musician Kristian Bush of the Sugarland combo, Shugabush was developed.

The best way to get it is to cross Bowgart and Clamble. Its incubation period lasts 35 hours by default, which equates to 1 day, 11 hours. Shugabush has a low currency production while being an elusive Legendary Monster. It can be teleported to Shugabush Island once it has been nourished to level 15. All breeding pairings on Shugabush Island require Shugabush.

Breeding Shugabush

Breeding Clamble and Bowgart on Plant Island yields the Shugabush. It should be noted that the success rate is not 100%, thus numerous breeding efforts may be necessary. Wishing Torches might also increase the possibilities. A Shugabush cannot be bred on Shugabush Island; instead, it must be teleported there from Plant Island or bought there at the Shugabush Island Market for Diamonds. Once a Shugabush has been acquired, it is possible to breed another Shugabush if an attempt to produce a Shugafam member fails.

How to breed shugabush

Breeding combinations

The following combinations:

  • Shugabush + Mammott
  • Shugabush + Potbelly
  • Shugabush + Furcorn
  • Shugabush + Oaktopus
  • Shugabush + Quibble
  • Shugabush + PomPom
  • Shugabush + Deedge

Shugabush+ Mammott is the finest combination out of these since it has the shortest average waiting time in the event that another Shugabush or the Shugafam member unique to this combination does not appear. Also, any breeding monster’s Rare version may be employed in place of the Common variant.

Steps to breeding shugabush

Step one: Reach Level Nine

The Shugabush is only accessible after level nine. You may always check your level status in the upper left corner of your screen.If you haven’t already, click “Goals” and complete the relevant objectives there if you haven’t before.

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The game will automatically progress you to level nine if you’ve completed the necessary tasks, including buying breeding infrastructure or monsters.

Step two: Visit Plant Island.

You must travel to Plant Island to begin raising Shugabush since they can only be produced there.

Step three: Choose Breeding Structure from the menu.

The breeding structure becomes available when you reach level 7. In Structures, it costs 200 gold to purchase.

Step four: Tap Breed

It’s at the bottom right corner of the screen. This icon appears when you tap the breeding structure.

Step five: Choose the Bowgart from one of the columns.

From one of two columns, you select the monsters you want to breed. A Bowgart monster can be picked from any column.It also doesn’t matter what level the creature is, however you might succeed more with higher-level creatures. You can make a Bowgart by marrying two monsters that stand in for the Cold, Water, and Plant elements.

For instance, the monster pairings Toe Jammer and Furcorn, Mammott and Oaktopus, and Potbelly and Maw may result in the Bowgart. Also, the Bowgart can be purchased from the Market for 50 diamonds.

Step 6: A Clamble should be chosen from the column to the right of the Bowgart.

A Bowgart and a Clamble are the only monster pairing that will successfully breed and give birth to the Shugabush.It doesn’t matter what level the creatures, however you might succeed more with higher-level creatures.

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You can make the Clamble by marrying two monsters that stand for the Plant, Earth, and Cold elements.Examples of monster combos that can result in the Clamble include Potbelly and Drumpler, Noggin and Furcorn, Mammott and Shrubb, and Mammott and Mammott. Also, the Clamble can be purchased from the Market for 50 diamonds.

Step seven: Tap Breed

Drink Breed. It is at the bottom of the screen, after choosing your creatures.The breeding structure will start flashing when the Bowgart and Clamble are ready to mate. The mating season lasts 35 hours for the Shugabush. Once the breeding cycle is over, it will also transport the Shugabush egg to the Nursery and get ready to hatch. If breeding and waiting for a Shugabush aren’t your thing, you can purchase one from the market for 200 diamonds.

Step eight: Wait for the Breeding Season to End

For 35 hours, a Shugabush can reproduce. The Shugabush egg will be waiting for you at the Nursery when the required time has passed. To avoid breeding and obtain the Shugabush right away, select the 35 diamond option.The Shugabush can then be placed on an island or sold at that point.

Step nine: Choose Nursery from the menu.

You will receive a notification after the Shugabush egg has hatched. Now, you have the option of planting the Shugabush on Shugabush Island, Gold Island, or Plant Island.

Remember that before moving to Shugabush Island, the Shugabush must be fed on Plant Island until it reaches level 15.

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Feeding monsters

Before moving on to the next level, every monster needs to be fed four times. The coins earned each minute and the maximum coins earned grow as the monster’s level rises.

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