How to achieve financial freedom at a young age

How to achieve financial freedom at a young age, Having enough money or assets to cover one’s living needs for the rest of one’s life without having to work or depend on others is the state of being financially free. Passive income is used to describe revenue that is generated without the need for employment. It could also mean the ability to make money while sleeping. Depending on personal objectives, financial freedom can take up different forms of meaning.

There are several ways to become financially independent, and each has advantages and disadvantages. A financial plan and budget can be useful for someone who wants to become financially free. It gives them a clear picture of their existing incomes and expenses and enables them to identify and pick the best ways to reach their financial objectives. Every facet of a person’s financial situation is covered by a financial plan. Achieving financial freedom at a young age will be a dream come true for a lot of people. So if you truly want to discover more, continue to find out more.

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How to achieve financial freedom at a young age.

To become financially free, there are some steps you need to take to move forward.

Discover where you are financially

This means you have to know exactly how much you earn and your monthly expenses. You need to find out how much is channelled to various aspects of your life. How much for your necessary expense, outrageous expenses and money not accounted for. You can get a note pad and take your time and list Evey thing you can think of that you use your money for. For a salary earner, you can track how fast you go broke before the next salary, your savings etc.

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Take a big step towards financial literacy

Alot of people believe this a waste of time studying finance especially when it’s not work related. However, there is no better time to be financially literate than now. What you don’t know, you become a slave of. Some people believe ignorance is bliss but that’s dependent on the particular topic. Infact, your lack of financial literacy is the reason you are in most financial mess you’re in. Buy books on money, how money works, mindsets for getting and attracting money. You can start your financial literacy journey with “the rich dad and the poor Dad” by Robert kiyosaki. You can also get a finance coach to help you.

Create a saving plan

You can create a saving plan for every amount of money that comes to you. You can save daily, weekly or monthly depending on how you receive payments. Furthermore, you can have savings for emergency funds and also save towards a project/investment. But make sure for every amount that enters your hand that a portion of it goes into either of the savings.

Make investments

One important rule in making investments is “Don’t invest in what you don’t understand”. On no occasion should you do that irrespective of how profitable it looks. Always seek to understand before investing your money into it. With that in mind, you can invest in real estate, cryptocurrency or whatever you understand. That way, your money is appreciating and in few years, you could sell and make profit.

How to achieve financial freedom at a young age

Don’t live above your means/ live within a budget

This only for a little while till you’re financially free, then you can easily spend more. It’s important you exercise some level of discipline with your finance.The best course of action is to use the extra money to pay off debt or put it into savings instead of buying more things or living a more opulent lifestyle. You’ll always have the extra cash flow to put toward financial goals or an unexpected financial emergency if your lifestyle costs increase more slowly than your income.

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 Don’t use debt to finance a lifestyle

Debt should only be used when the return outweighs the cost. Paying for your schooling, launching a business, or even buying a home are all examples of ways you might invest in yourself. In these circumstances, borrowing could provide you the advantage you need to reach your financial targets. But when it comes to earning money, don’t eat your tomorrow’s food now. Don’t go borrowing to love up to a standard.

Financial freedom quotes

  • To know is to be truly free
  • It’s not a matter of how much you earn, but how much that works for you.
  • Financial freedom is available to those who seek it, learn it and work for it.
  • Having your heart and mind free from “what ifs” that’s the meaning of financial freedom.

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Financial freedom books

  1. Rich dad and poor Dad by Robert kiyosaki
  2. Money Master the game by Tony Robbins
  3. Financial freedom by Grant Sabatier
  4. Find your financial freedom by Logan Rankin
  5. Financial freedom formula by Jason Chan.

Why financial freedom is important

Financial freedom is so important so that you don’t have to worry about every expenses. Take a vacation when needed, retire early and take up your hobby just for the fun of it.


To be truly financially free, it takes a lot of discipline and determination. Which I believe you can cultivate, it only matters how much you desire that which you seek. To be financially free is to be truly free of checking price tags before purchasing.

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