Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries 2023: Top 10

Article on top Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries. Australia has a booming economy and is quite popular among international students all around the world. And for good reasons, too. Australia offers well regarded higher education of the highest caliber with simple post work visa access. Australia has a good quality of life, and is among the top 10 nations in the world. The country’s minimum weekly pay is AUD 812.44 as of July 2022. There are also several different visa options available to work in Australia and the unemployment rate is about 3.4%.

Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries

We will learn about the top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia in this article and their requirements.

Employment statistics of Australia

In Australia, there were about 470,900 job openings in the third quarter of 2022. The total number of open positions, according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, is 425,500 in the commercial sector and 45,300 in the public sector. The number of job openings increased in the following sectors: warehousing, postal, transportation, retail trade, lodging, and food services.

Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries 2023: Top 10

  1. IT & Software Development (average salary per annum – AUD 116,755)
  2. Surgeon (average salary per annum -AUD 386,000)
  3. Finance & Accounting (average salary per annum -AUD 102,103)
  4. Psychiatrist (average salary per annum -AUD 220,000)
  5. Hospitality (average salary per annum -AUD 67,533)
  6. Sales & Marketing manager (average salary per annum -AUD 120,000)
  7. Dentist (average salary per annum -AUD 130,000)
  8. Lawyers (average salary per annum -AUD 200,000)
  9. Nursing (average salary per annum -AUD 100,008)
  10. Anaesthetist (average salary per annum -AUD 400,000)


IT & Software Development

IT and development includes Developers,
Software testers, cloud engineers, support engineers, data analysts and designers of UI/UX.
Since information technology is one of the world’s fastest growing industry, Australia is not left behind too. It is one of the country’s fast growing industry, there should be plenty of career possibilities in the years to come.


  • An Engineers Australia-accredited Bachelor of Engineering (Honors). you can further postgraduate study, such as the Master of Engineering Management.
  • To demonstrate your professional experience, complete an internship while you are studying.
  • Engineers must be registered with the National Engineering Register (NER) and be members of Engineers in Australia.

(average salary per annum – AUD 116,755)


Surgeons are among the highest paid medical professionals in Australia. It is simple to understand why, given the average annual pay of AUD 386,000 and the demand for a high degree of knowledge and dependability. Surgeons execute the complex procedures required to identify and treat a variety of medical conditions as part of their employment, which entails a great deal of responsibility.

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  • complete a medical degree in a recognized institution.
  • Complete your internship.
  • Spend two to three years working in a clinical setting.

(average salary per annum – AUD 386,000)

Finance & Accounting

Numerous positions are available in the finance and accounting sector in industries like corporate finance, banking, insurance, and tax. Australia’s financial sector is undergoing fast development, creating several job opportunities. You can become a Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Associate Tax Accountant , Insurance Agent Associate and/or Credit Analyst Associate. Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting),
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance)
  • Master of Professional Accounting course from Federation University recognized by CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants.

(average salary per annum -AUD 102,103)


Psychiatrists are crucial in assisting persons who are hampered by mental health issues because they are experts in the field. The typical annual income for these doctors is AUD 220,000. They are experts at identifying and prescribing efficient remedies for a range of psychological disorders.


  • Get a medical degree from a university with international acclaim.
  • Become a medical professional by registering.
  • To pursue additional training and to sit for the RACP written and clinical examinations, submit an application to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).
  • Spend an additional six years in specialized training.
  • The next step is submitting an application for Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians admittance (FRACP). Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries

(average salary per annum -AUD 220,000)


Australia’s hospitality sector is in high demand for professionals, and there is a skills deficit in this field. Australia requires qualified workers in the lodging and food service industries. A research conducted by the Australian government found that 38% of hospitality businesses have trouble filling open positions in various areas. A free hospitality training program will be offered by the New South Wales government to fill 3,000 jobs in food preparation, food handling, and serving alcohol. The following jobs are available in Australia’s hospitality sector:

  • Managers of cafes and restaurants
    bar managers, and baristas
  • Waiters and servers at cafes, sales agents
  • Hotel and motel managers, front desk agents, and hotel service managers
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(average salary per annum -AUD 67,533)

Sales & Marketing manager

The position of a management marketer is crucial to the success of many businesses. These specialists, whose average annual salary is AUD120,000, are in charge of developing and implementing promotional plans that will advertise the company’s products and services. Businesses would struggle to establish themselves without them.

(average salary per annum -AUD 120,000)


Dental practitioners contribute significantly to people’s health and often earn roughly AUD130,000 per year. Australians have a high need for this occupation since it guarantees necessary dental care and hygiene.


  • A dental degree from a university in Australia or another country with international acclaim.
  •  Great performance on the undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Entrance Exam (UMAT).

(average salary per annum -AUD 130,000)


The knowledge of their devoted legal consultants, whose average yearly salary is AUD 200,000, is relied upon by businesses and organizations. These attorneys defend their clients’ interests by offering wise counsel on a variety of business- and enterprise-related issues. Without them, businesses would be more susceptible to expensive legal disputes or severe financial losses.


  • A Bachelor of Laws degree as a first degree (LLB).
  • Finish the relatively short practical legal training program.
  • Within five years of graduating, register with the appropriate state or territory admissions body.
  • Request a Practising Certificate from the neighborhood bar association.
  • At least 18 to 24 months of supervised practice experience at a legal firm.

(average salary per annum -AUD 200,00)


The deficit is anticipated to reach 123,000 by 2030, yet demand will also rise. The need for overseas nurses is a result of their qualifications and expertise.


  • A appropriate university degree is required if you wish to work as a Registered Nurse in Australia.
  • To advance their careers, they might enroll in university-sponsored Registered Nurse programs. Licensed nurses can work in veteran care, critical care, community nursing ,cardiac nursing and emergency oncology care. Highest paying jobs in Australia and salaries

(average salary per annum -AUD 100,008)


Anaesthesia is administered to patients during any type of medical operation by anaesthetists, who are highly specialized medical professionals. These professionals often make an average of AUD 400,000 per year and are essential in ensuring that patients are safe and comfortable throughout their treatment.


  • An undergraduate and graduate degree in medicine from an Australian university or from any other university that is recognized internationally.
  • You must register with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) in order to continue your education and eventually earn a fellowship.
  • minimum of two years’ worth of internship or residency experience in a public hospital.
  • It is necessary to register with the Australian Medical Board.
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(average salary per annum -AUD 400,000)


Australia having a working system has made an opportunity for these jobs to thrive well. Picking a career not only based on passion but also considering the pay will help you make life changing decisions.

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