FHI 360 salary in Nigeria for different positions

FHI 360 salary in Nigeria for different positions

This article is about FHI 360 salary in Nigeria for different positions, Founded in North Carolina, FHI 360 ( known before as Family Health International) is a non profit organization dedicated to human development. All 50 states and the District of Columbia are served by FHI 360. The organization, which was founded in 1971, oversees initiatives in family planning and reproductive health.

However, the group launched a global response against HIV/AIDS in 1986. Malaria and other contagious and chronic diseases are also addressed in the research and projects of FHI 360, as well as by international organizations, governments, foundations, research institutes, and private donors.

FHI 360 salary in Nigeria for different positions

Different positions in FHI 360 and salaries attached

  • Technical Officer(NGN 9,000,000)
  • Systems Enhancement Lead (NGN10,500,000)
  • Agency Sales officer (NGN 1,200,000)
  • Database Consultant (NGN 1,320,000)
  • Administrative Assistant-HR (NGN 3,088,221)
  • Finance Officer (NGN 3,072,000)
  • Clinical Officer (NGN 4,800,000)

FHI 360 salary in Nigeria for different positions

Technical officer

Maintenance of commercial, residential, or industrial buildings is the responsibility of technical officers. They also maintain a safe environment by conducting facility inspections, setting priorities for maintenance tasks, and fixing structures and machinery.
Salary -NGN 9,000,000

Systems enhancement lead

Identifies goals, oversees programs, develops strategies and policies, and works with a high degree of autonomy to manage people, financial, and physical resources. However, to lead project or program teams inside a single department or job family, one needs extensive management and leadership knowledge.
Salary –NGN10,500,000

Agency sales officer

You serve as the first point of contact for customers as a sales person. They will also look to you to satisfy their requests and offer services that best suit their needs. You will do this by accepting orders, providing services, and offering support both in person and over the phone or internet. Additionally, In order to provide dependable service to repeat clients, you will also be in charge of keeping client files.

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Salary – NGN 1,200,000

Database Consultant

A computer consultant in charge of information system and database management is known as a database consultant. Implementing computer databases, testing database modifications, and assessing the needs for storing management information are all typical tasks in this position.

Salary – NGN 1,320,000

Administrative Assistant -HR

Takes calls, sets up meetings, and assists guests. performs administrative tasks such as typing, copying, binding, scanning, and filing. Also, fulfills operational requirements by planning, allocating, and rushing through administrative tasks.

Furthermore, asides administrative roles, you may also function as human resources. You will be in charge of employment, employee’s details filing, addition of bonus and employee’s welfare amongst others.

Salary – NGN 3,088,221

Finance Officer

Some of the duties of a finance officer include;

  • help with budget creation and administration tasks.
  • Create financial guidelines to guarantee operational effectiveness.
  • For the purpose of locating and fixing problems, gaps, or deviations, perform periodic financial analysis.
  • Also manage monetary controls and uphold accurate bookkeeping.
  • Make that the general and subsidiary ledgers are up to date.
  • Track your assets and keep the necessary funds on hand.
  • Verify that all costs are within the project’s plan budget.
  • Control the creation of the necessary financial statements, bills, proposals, etc.
  • Make sure all account payables and receivables tasks are completed appropriately and on schedule.
  • Makes sure all financial transactions are up to date and recorded correctly.
  • oversee the creation of expense reports, income statements, and balance sheets, etc.
  • Make sure all financial reporting contains accurate data.
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Salary – NGN 3,072,000

Clinical Officer

It is part of the job description to take a patient’s medical history, examine, diagnose, and also treat common ailments in an outpatient or inpatient setting. Implement community healthcare initiatives in coordination with other healthcare professionals, and advise and counsel patients, clients, and staff on health issues. Additionally, They’re in charge of every other staff under the clinical in the organization

Salary – NGN 4,800,000

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