Exploring Digital Download as a Potential Part Time Job


Exploring Digital Download as a Potential Part Time Job Most times our ideas of products are things we can hold and use for our day-to-day activities, on the other hand, we rarely consider the existence of digital products.

Exploring Digital Download as a Potential Part Time Job

A digital product; there is something like that and you make use of at least one every day. You can sell intangible products online and make cool cash from it. This is a very lucrative form of hustle.

You simply make digital content like eBooks, videos, music, games and most popularly, online classes, and you can sell these online for several dollars.

Exploring Digital Download as a Potential Part Time Job

How you can start the Hustle

  • Firstly

Digital products come in a variety of forms, eBooks, videos, music and games. To start this hustle, you need to have something you know like the back of your hand.

It could be a subject like engineering, medicine, or arts from a college, down to personal development like exercise, cooking, baking and ultimately Forex trading.

  • Secondly

You will have to decide the best form to dispense your knowledge of the topic, it could either be through an eBook, slide, audio or a video.

Most niche however possesses a specific way of transmitting their information as some of them will include practice. This is very crucial and should be taken into account.

This hustle could earn you up to $300 per week depending on the topic and subject matter you choose to engage in.

  • Lastly

Once you are done creating your digital content, the next phase is to go to websites like Amazon, YouTube and Upwork.

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You can also offer private coaching alongside your perks when filling up your profile on these websites. Once you get your niche correctly, your sales can range from $35-$55 per day.

What you will need:

To be successful at this hustle, you need to first have a skill or a subject you are familiar with, you could be a fitness coach or a computer programmer or absolutely anything. The next thing you will need is lighting, a camera and a laptop for video editing; your smartphone can replace all these gadgets, but you need a quality video to put up for sale, so they will come in handy.

You will need a serene environment to make the videos, you cannot have someone walking around in the middle of a video session.

When making your digital product, do make sure it is precise and follows a step-by-step approach so that your reader and viewer can engage with the content. This is very crucial.

This hustle can be set up from your home with just your smartphone, yes! Your smartphone requires little of your time while you could earn up to $85 a week initially, depending on how lucrative your skill is.

What you are to gain from Digital Download

The major gain of this hustle is the speed with which you can set it up, it only consumes the initial time of creating the digital product, after which, all of the troubles are bygones. This hustle is time friendly as you could pick just your weekends to get the products going.

The online platforms send you instant notifications of your sales meaning that you don’t need to go through a lengthy legal process with a publisher to sell your products.



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