Easy Courses To Study In The University: Top 15 Easiest Courses

Easy Courses To Study In The University: Top 15 Easiest Courses

Easy Courses To Study In The University, Knowing Easy Courses To Study In The University is crucial before applying for a programme in order to help you make the best decision. For instance, you must be aware of the course’s level of competition, your employment prospects after completing it, and—most importantly—its level of difficulty. In all honesty, no course is very simple, but it is clear that some are far simpler than others. To help you, we produced this comprehensive post. I’ll be talking about the easiest courses at universities today.

Top 15 Easiest Courses

1. Mass Communication

I think we can all agree that mass communication is one of the less difficult and more lucrative courses offered at most institutions. According to the Oxford Dictionary, mass communication is concerned with the dissemination or exchange of information among a large group of individuals.

Because the media, which is also a part of mass communication, is a highly fragile pillar of democracy, studying mass communication in a democracy is a great concept for any student.

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2. Plant Science

It is a division of biology that explains the study of plant biology. A plant scientist can find employment in any industry related to agriculture. In the majority of universities, it is a simple and less competitive course. Based on this, if you really want to take a less difficult course in college, you should think about studying plant science.

I have found out that many students are skipping out on this subject because it involves the soil. The truth is that anything related to agriculture is almost always extremely profitable. Nonetheless, many students choose to work in offices with sufficient ventilation due to ignorance. Believe me, a course in plant science will pay off handsomely particularly in Nigeria.

3. Sociology

Sociology is another simple and less difficult subject you can study at the university. The scientific study of society, social interaction, social relationship patterns, and culture is what sociology is all about. Sociology is a fairly simple and uncompetitive course in Nigeria. This is a fantastic option, in my opinion, for students looking for a less challenging course to take.

4. Geology

Another excellent, less difficult, and less competitive course at the institution is geology. It is the study of how rocks change over time and how they interact with the surface of the Earth. Geology is not a popular field of study in Africa.

Even so, it continues to be among the finest options for students who genuinely wish to enroll in a university course with lower competition. I urge you to learn more about the course before deciding whether to study geology at the university. Verify if it’s indeed what you wish to learn.

5. Zoology

The study of the animal world, including its structure, embryology, evolution, categorization, behaviors, and distribution, as well as how both living and extinct species interact with their environments, is called as zoology.

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You’ll be surprised to learn that zoology is a desirable field of study in Nigeria. First off, because there aren’t many people doing this course, it is quite simple to get accepted into the university. Hence, if you put in good effort, I’d wager that zoology is one of the university courses where you can get decent scores the quickest.

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6. Political Science

One of the easiest university courses to take is Political science. Moreover, it is a less competitive course. Political science is a fantastic subject to study in Nigeria and most African nations since it will provide you with all the tools you need to become a skilled political analyst.

Politics is a hugely profitable industry in every nation, as has been demonstrated. You already possess the skills necessary to succeed as a politician because you studied politics in college. If you are seriously considering the greatest university courses to take, political science is without a doubt the ideal pick.

7. Library

Another easy and less competitive course that will earn you well after graduation is library. Remember that a librarian is not merely the person in charge of the tiny school library.

Several larger libraries offer quite competitive salaries to their librarians. National libraries, university libraries, and more serve as examples. So, it is incorrect to categorize all Librarians as low-income when some of them make more than a lawyer.

8. Fisheries, Forestry and Wild life

Another simple course to take at the university is this one. It is also less lucrative and less competitive. Actually, in most colleges, the department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Wildlife falls within the faculty of Agriculture. My research indicates that a fishery is any organization that is licensed by a fishery to gather fish.

You will master the production and management of aquatic creatures, forest management, and other topics by taking this course. Regrettably, many colleges do not allow students to take a course in fisheries, forestry, or wildlife. In Nigeria, only around half of all universities allow study in the fields of fishing, forestry, and wildlife. Despite this, it remains one of the simple and rewarding courses to take in a university.

9. Biochemistry

Another simple course to take at the university is biochemistry. It has to deal with the substances and chemical and physico-chemical processes that take place inside living things. Some academics refer to biochemistry as biological chemistry.

If you’re looking for a less challenging scientific course to take in college, this is the course to take in the discipline of science. Biochemistry is less demanding than medicine and surgery, or even pharmaceutical science. It’s a course that pays well, too. I mean, biochemistry grads can work in hospitals, research facilities, etc.

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10. Public Administration

Political science and public administration are complementary fields. It is a field of study that prepares civil servants for employment in the public sector through researching implementation. Essentially, this is a course for students who intend to major in public service after graduation.

I think you’ll agree that public administration is less demanding and also more lucrative. If you’re searching for a straightforward and less difficult subject to take in college, this is a decent option.

Easy Courses To Study In The University

11. Language

Learning a language in school is only one aspect of studying languages. There are actually more, but a lot of people are unaware of this.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, language is a structured and traditional system of word use that is used in spoken and written human communication.

You’ll be surprised to learn that learning a language is a very profitable course in Nigeria. As they are fluent communicators and have extensive language skills, experts in this field of study can serve as ambassadors.

12. Religion

Islam and Christianity are the two main religions practiced in Nigeria today. Because the average Nigerian is familiar with both religions, studying them in a university is straightforward.

The faculty of arts and humanities’ general admission requirements are CRK/IRS and any two additional topics. While studying religion, no calculations are required.

13. Guidance and Counselling

The easiest university course is probably one on guidance and counseling. There has been the introduction of a brand-new course in many academic institutions. But I must tell you that studying guidance and counseling is a worthwhile and straightforward subject. If you truly want to take an easy course to learn, this is the course for you.

I strongly advise you to check with the college you intend to attend before submitting an application for the course because not all colleges have approved it.

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14. Philosophy

Philosophy, which is a part of the faculty of social sciences, is one of the simplest and most straightforward courses offered at Nigerian universities. Five O level credits, including English, Biology, Health Science, and at least a pass in math or statistics, are required for admission. Moreover, philosophy involves little to no calculation.

15. Geography

One of the simplest, smoothest, and easiest courses for science students is unquestionably the father of all earth and environmental science courses. You require five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Geography, and any three subjects from the Arts or Social Sciences with at least a pass in Mathematics in order to pursue a degree in geography. Geographical research also involves some minor math calculations because it is a science.

What should I consider when choosing a course to study in the university?

You must be aware of the course’s level of competition, your employment prospects after completing it, and—most importantly—its level of difficulty.

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Does Your Proposed Major Affect Your Odds of Attending College?

In general, a student’s chosen major has no bearing on whether or not they get accepted to a university because colleges are aware that it isn’t a solid choice. The choice of a major, however, might sometimes have an impact on a student’s chances of attending college.

How do one quickly complete a course?

This is possible by carrying out the following:

  • Attend every one of your seminars and lectures.
  • Ask your instructors for advice.
  • Recognize what they’re seeking
  • Be distinct.
  • Read all the essential material.
  • Analyze the comments.


No course is either easy or too demanding. Everything relies on how much effort is put into to pass the course. As a result, if you put in the effort, studying a subject like medicine and surgery will be lot simpler. Despite this, it is clear that the courses described in this article are less difficult than other courses.

FAQs About Easy Courses To Study In The University

What is the most lucrative and straightforward profession to pursue?

Business administration is one. The major of business administration is one that is typically seen as “simple.” Some programs can be completed in as little as three years! These are simple courses that pay well and give you a ton of options in terms of your job choice.

What degree can you acquire the quickest?

Associate degrees, which only need 60 credit hours and take half as long to complete as bachelor’s degrees, are among the fastest degrees that pay well.

What course takes the longest to study?

It takes four to five years to complete medical school, two years to complete an internship and residency. Then three to eight years to become a fellow in your chosen speciality, before you can call yourself a true surgeon.

What does the term PhD mean?

The greatest postgraduate honor you can receive is a PhD, which stands for Doctor of Philosophy. You must conduct substantial and original research in order to earn a doctorate. You’ll get in-depth knowledge and comprehension of a particular field of study.

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