Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate And Why: Top 20 Safest

Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate And Why: Top 20 Safest

Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate: Crime affects every nation on the planet, regardless of its size, political stance, or economic situation. It affects almost every nation on the earth. Crime rates in various nations have dropped as a result of some governments’ tireless efforts to combat it.

Nonetheless, a number of nations are making the required preparations to deal with these crimes, which can manifest in both civil and social crime. To governments and people, they are all a menace. Thus, all governments ought to take the required actions to prevent crime from consuming society.

Why do crimes occur?

1. Moral standards in society

There are various levels of morality in different houses and societies. Deviant behavior may be accepted and even encouraged in some families and societies. In certain places, even minor infractions are reported and fixed. People’s social environments and upbringing can have a significant impact on how they view the world and how they make decisions in the future. For instance, studies suggest that individuals who experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as children are three times more likely to conduct violent actions than adults who did not. People may commit crimes in places where criminality is accepted in order to blend in with their peers.

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2. Poverty and unemployment

According to statistics, poverty and crime are closely related. A community with a high concentration of poverty will also have higher crime rates. In most cases, it is the factors associated with poverty—such as persistent unemployment, restricted access to good schools, jobs, and role models—rather than poverty itself that contribute to greater crime rates. Less fortunate people can access products through crime that they might not otherwise be able to purchase. Although poor people may think they have less to lose than wealthy ones, the reward frequently outweighs the risk of getting detected.

3. Substance Addiction

There is no question that criminal activity and drug misuse are related. 85 percent of inmates in American prisons had abused drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, 63-83% of people detained for the majority of offenses test positive for using illegal drugs at the time of their detention. Alcohol, for example, lowers our inhibitions while cocaine, on the other hand, overexcites our nerve system. Our ability to maintain self-control and make sound decisions is always harmed by the physiological and psychological changes brought on by alcohol and other drugs. The commission of a crime might happen right after being in a changed state. Moreover, drug and alcohol addicts may resort to criminality to support their habit.

Top 20 Safest Countries

Below are the list of the top 20 countries with the lowest level of crime (in no particular order):

1. Iceland

For the fourteenth consecutive year, Iceland will enter 2023 as the safest nation on earth! The most notable features of the nation are its breathtaking landscapes, safe environment, and friendly population of 340,000 people. Even larger cities like Reykjavik have a sense of community. Although the Nordic region may not be suitable for those seeking warmth, it is undoubtedly attractive due to its extremely low crime rate and extremely high level of living.

People actively oppose violence because they trust the well-trained, gun-free police force to protect their areas crime-free. Also, there is no military and no conflict between the social and economic groups, which hardly differ at all. Equal pay for men and women, same-sex marriage, and freedom of religion are all protected by the laws of Iceland. A trip to this stunning nation with its rocky terrain and Northern Lights is highly recommended.

2. New Zealand

As a result of its extremely low crime rate and almost nonexistent violent crime, New Zealand is the second-safest nation in the world. The likelihood of petty thievery, renowned everywhere, is lowest and highest in tourist regions. There aren’t any harmful or lethal species to worry about as in the nearby Australia, where they include, among others, box jellyfish, taipan snakes, stonefish, and funnel web spiders.

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The lovely country is home to open-minded New Zealanders, laws against hate speech, and freedom of speech and expression. It also has fantastic nature and friendly species. Police do not possess personal weapons, and they keep an eye on both residents and visitors’ general safety and welfare.

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3. Ireland

Ireland achieved peace this year, moving up one spot on the World Peace Index for 2022, from 11th to third. Avoid only a few city neighborhoods at night in the land of the leprechauns, and there aren’t many pickpockets and con artists in tourist hotspots. It is considered the country with the lowest risk of cultural violence, from minor incidents to acts of terrorism. To learn more about one other’s lifestyles, the hospitable people enjoy sitting down at a pub table together over a beer.

4. Denmark

According to the World Peace Index for 2022, the joyful and secured Denmark is ranked fourth. It is one of the few nations where citizens, even children, report feeling safe at all times. Denmark is renowned for its communal beliefs that place a high priority on equality, a strong sense of shared duty, and social welfare that ensures everyone’s pleasure and safety.

Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate

Danish take great satisfaction in their honesty and dependability, which includes transparent politics and uncorrupted business. Little class differentiation and high personal income taxes ensure that all people have access to the services they need to live happy and prosperous lives.

5. Austria

Despite experiencing some violent protests as a result of ongoing societal turmoil, Austria occupies the 5th position on this list. Tourists should avoid participating in demonstrations and avoid locations where there are numerous protests for their own safety.

Otherwise, it is essential to roam through the city for all architectural sights because there are no particularly dangerous neighborhoods and the streets are dotted with lovely buildings. There haven’t been any terrorist attacks, there haven’t been many particularly significant crimes, and the normal vice of pickpockets and handbag snatchers is no worse here than it is in any other nation.

6. Portugal

Portugal is only 0.001 percent “more risky” than Austria. From the 18th slot in 2014 to the current sixth spot, it advanced impressively. To get to this point, important steps were made like expanding the number of armed police.

The unemployment rate in Portugal decreased from over 17% to under 7% as a result of the current economic recovery. The safe nation is a natural paradise with a diverse population, lovely neighborhoods, and pleasant weather. It consistently ranks among the finest places to retire, primarily due to the strong sense of security.

7. Slovenia

Slovenia worked hard in the years after Yugoslavia’s dissolution to establish itself as a top-tier safe nation. From the middle of the 1990s, the independent Slavic state has operated under a democratic system of government, and for many of its citizens, it has come to symbolize stability and a good standard of living.

After concentrating on security and sustainability, it now boasts nearly perfect ratings in terms of travel security, health concerns, and traffic safety. Slovenia is one of the most underappreciated nations in the world and is eager to share with visitors its unique culture, history, and views.

8. Czech Republic

Eighth on this list and with recently declining violent crime rates is the Czech Republic. The inland country is protected from all types of natural calamities and experiences historically low rates of terrorism, which is just another inconsequential drop from the one above.

9. Singapore

Singaporeans, who are currently ranking ninth globally for 2022, also had the highest levels of personal security and good interactions with law enforcement worldwide in 2018. It has one of the lowest rates of crime in the world and hardly ever sees violent or aggressive crimes. Even the simplest crimes carry significant punishments for those who defy the law.

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Singapore city-state ranks second in the world for safety according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index. The nation came in first for both personal and infrastructure security in 2019, second for digital security, and ninth for health. Guns and other weapons are subject to stringent regulation as well.

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10. Japan

According to GPI standards, Japan’s limited immigration restricts personal freedom, yet the nation’s restricted access to firearms earns it high marks for safety. Tokyo was named as the world’s safest city in 2019 by the Economist Intelligence Unit for cybersecurity, second for health, and fourth for infrastructure and personal security.

It steadily ranks highly for low levels of violence, including crime rates, scant internal strife, and political turmoil.

11. Switzerland

In contrast to the majority of other European nations, Switzerland has had no wars since 1815 and boasts a low crime rate, a stable economy, and a democratic government. With the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War, the neutral nation remained allied with NATO and adopted sanctions on Russia, ranking among the countries with the highest rates of gun ownership. With a very low prevalence of gun-related violence, strict gun control laws make the nation safer than sorry.

12. Canada

The vast nation boasts a growing population with plenty of open jobs and is free of crimes related to overcrowding. It is the US’s top trading partner and has a strong economy, parliamentary democracy, high level of living, and a wide selection of high-quality items available at reasonable rates. Many people work well-paying IT professions to contribute to a high GDP. Even below-freezing temperatures in Canada are tolerable due to the country’s dry environment, but summers may be very hot. Although automobiles should never be left unlocked, a recovered wallet will probably be sent to the local service.

13. Hungary

The sensible nation, which has moved up two points on the GPI list since last year, prioritizes the security of its citizens and visitors. Petty crimes are against the law and should be reported, including pickpocketing in Budapest and scams used by restaurants and taxi drivers on unaware wealthy tourists. Only a spiked drink can put someone’s life in jeopardy. Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate

Frequent female travelers also say they feel completely safe when they travel alone. Compared to many other European nations, Hungary claims a low crime rate, with a particularly low drug-related crime rate. The risk of a natural disaster occurring in Hungary is likewise among the lowest, and carrying a gun requires special permission.

14. Finland

Given Finland’s small population of 5.54 million, it is challenging to locate criminally inclined people. It is a safe country with the biggest subsectors focusing on information security goods and services, security guard services, and building security items. Infrastructure, logistics, residential, and environmental security are all developing, and they make use of drones for both guard services and fire prevention.

Despite having a generally low crime rate, Finland is experiencing a new criminal phenomenon involving drones and an increase in cybercrime. Online fraud, identity theft, and child “sexploitation” cases are becoming more and more of a concern, but authorities are paying attention. Other recent priorities include outsourcing safety and security-related services and privatizing security resources while reducing public financing for law enforcement resources. Residents generally express high levels of happiness and quality of life.

15. Croatia

According to the World Peace Index, one of the safest nations in the world is ranking 15th out of 163 in terms of peace. While aggressors ignore the little nation with a minor influence in world politics, Croatia neither engages in nor seeks out conflicts with other nations. In Croatia, there is a relatively low chance of gun violence, but poverty is rising, and bike theft is on the rise. Many claim that at night they feel secure enough to walk freely without worry or dread. Croatian culture and a strong feeling of civic duty give even large cities the feel of one large neighborhood. Without parental supervision, children can play outside, and teens can ride the bus alone without fear.

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16. Germany

Although some nations have issued travel warnings for their residents owing to the possibility of terrorism, the likelihood that one will happen while you are in Germany is extremely low.

Instead, more everyday issues like fraud and small-time theft affect tourists the most. Terrorism is the main issue that most nations warn their nationals about when visiting Germany.

Because they wish to be as thorough as possible in these warnings, nations must inform their citizens that terrorism may occur. Nonetheless, there are extremely few terrorist-related incidents in Germany per decade.

Germany actually ranks 16th on the 2022 Global Peace Index, making it one of the safest nations in the world. Strangely, this makes it safer than the majority of the nations that issue travel warnings for their residents.

17. Malaysia

It is typically safe to travel to Malaysia. Despite the low likelihood of violent crime, you should exercise caution because of the high rate of petty crime in this country. In addition, Malaysia has a higher danger of terrorist strikes. But, it is still crowding with visitors, and if you travel there, it is probable that your trip will be peaceful and without incident.

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18. Norway

The crime rate in Norway is low, and violent crime is hardly widespread. Yet there have also been violent, gang-related crimes and sexual attacks against foreigners. Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate

Petty crime is a possibility, especially in and around Oslo. The risk increases from May to September, when travel is at its busiest. Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate… Thieves frequently collaborate and employ ruses to divert travelers. Use caution when visiting restaurants, hotel lobbies, train stations, and Oslo’s main shopping areas. Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate

19. Bhutan

Bhutan has a low crime rate. Violence in crime is unusual. Small crimes including bag snatching, pickpocketing, stealing, and burglary occur.

20. Slovakia

Petty crime does occur. Pickpockets occasionally employ children or other distractions while working in teams. Spiking of drinks occur frequently. Travelers may be overcharged at bars and restaurants. Conflicts about overcharging may turn violent. Keep an eye out for terrorist activity. Terrorists have targeted cities in Europe, especially transportation centers and tourist destinations.


In summary, we can say that nations with the lowest rates of crime have high levels of income, social welfare, and educational attainment, as well as strong administrations and efficient criminal justice systems. Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate

Frequently Asked Questions About Crimes

Which are the top 4 reasons for crime?

Crime has many complex causes. People breach the law for a variety of reasons, including poverty, parental maltreatment, low self-esteem, and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate

What elements of the environment affect criminal behavior?

The majority of violent conduct is learnt. Early family violence exposure might involve witnessing either physical abuse or violent behavior. According to research, these types of early exposure to violence up the chance of violent conduct in adolescence by as much as 40%.

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