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Costco credit card, payment, customer service

Costco credit card, payment, customer service.

Costco credit card is a favorite among customers of wholesale clubs, with millions of members. If a member makes a purchase, they may be eligible to receive cash back rewards. These rewards include 4% on gas and EV charging up to $7,000 annually, 3% on dining out and eligible travel, 2% on Costco wholesale purchases, and 1% on all other purchases. This stands out among cash-back credit cards thanks to Costco credit card incentives, especially if you frequent the retailer.

There is no annual cost for the card with a paid membership to Costco, and cardholders can use their Costco Anywhere Visa everywhere Visa is accepted. Also, Citi Price Rewind, which looks for the lowest price on items you buy with your Citi card, is available to Costco Anywhere Visa cardholders. This article will completely discuss Costco credit card, payment and customer service.

Costco credit card login

By selecting the login option in the top right corner of the Citibank or Costco website after signing up, you may instantly log in. The first time you sign up, you’ll need to use your email address; after that, you can access it whenever you want.

You can “remember” your email address and website password once you’ve signed up on your computer so that you can access it fast every time. The Costco app, which is accessible through the ITunes Store and Google Play Store, can also be used to log in.

Payment methods of Costco credit card

There are various means for making payments on the Costco credit card depending on users preference. You can use one or two methods that are convenient for you. The methods include;

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Online payment

  • Register for a Citi credit card account online.
  • To create your Costco credit card login, click “Register Now”.
  • To finish setting up your account, enter your card number and follow the on-screen directions.
  • Click “Make a Payment” on your “Account Information” page after you log in and have set up your account.
  • Put in the amount you want to pay as well as the due date for the payment.
  • Simply select “Add a New Payment Account.” By providing the details for your checking account and your bank’s routing number, create a payment account.
  • select “Submit” Keep in mind that the money won’t be taken out of your bank account for a day or two.

Costco credit card

Phone payment

Call 855-378-6467 to pay your Costco Citi credit card statement over the phone. If you choose to use the automated pay-by-phone option, you may be asked for your credit card information. To schedule the Costco Citi card payment, you will also need your bank’s routing information and checking account number.

 Mail Payment

A payment voucher that you can use to mail your payment is included at the bottom of your monthly statement. The coupon includes the payment address for your convenience. Write the number of your Costco credit card on your check to help guarantee that your payment is credited accurately.

You can mail your payment if you don’t have your statement to Visa Card Payments for Costco Anywhere PO Box 78019 Phoenix, AZ 85062-8019.

Benefits of using Costco credit card

  • You won’t pay any foreign transaction fees while making purchases everywhere you go1.
  • For the first $7,000 in annual qualified gas and EV charging credit card purchases (including gas and EV charging at Costco), you’ll receive 4% cash back rewards, and then 1% after that.
  • Also, you can get 3% cash back returns on dining establishments and qualifying travel, 2% cash back on all other Costco and purchases, and 1% on all other transactions.
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Cashbacks on Costco credit card

  • For the first $7,000 of qualified petrol and EV charging annually, the rate is 4% worldwide, including at Costco, and the rate is reduced to 1% after that.
  • 3% off dining establishments and suitable travel purchases anywhere.
  • 2% off on any additional Costco and purchases
  • 1% off everything else

Customer service

You can reach customer service of Citibank/ Costco credit card on 1-855-378-6467 in case of any complaint. You can also reach out to them in case of payment issues and you will be helped accordingly.

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