100+ Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

This is to inform the general public About Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings, An international trend, anime has its roots in Japan. It includes entertainment, art, and culture.

Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

As a result, anime names have a deep cultural significance. Presently a growing number of modern parents are choosing them for their children. We have a wide range of options for you to pick from if you’re seeking for anime baby names for your child.

What are some cool anime names for kids?  

There are many alternatives accessible but the most unique choices are the ones that feel appropriate for your child and are noteworthy. Many parents find it difficult to choose a name for their child because there are numerous choices available . Your decision must therefore feel correct in your heart. Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

Anime names for boys  

It can be challenging to select a good, distinctive, or trendy male anime name considering there’s a lot of choices. As a result, you should give yourself enough time to consider several before choosing one. It is advisable that you do some study because it enables you to discover new information and comprehend the purpose and history of each choice.

What attractive boy’s anime names are there?

A name that is sweet to the ear and easy to say is considered cute. You should pick the one that seems appropriate for you because everyone finds different things to be cute. A lovely and appropriate option also has a positive significance. The best male anime names are listed below.

1. Akatsuki: Red moon

2. Alex: Defender of man

3. Alphonse: Ready for battle

4. Arata: A fresh start

5. Ash: Tree ashes

6. Astro: Stars

7. Brock: Badger-like

8. Captain: Leader

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9. Cygnus: Swan

10. Cloud: Visible vapour

11. Daichi: Spark 1

2. Daiki: Shining

13. Dante: Patient

14. Duke: Leader

15. Edward: Affluent guard

16. Elric: The king

17. Etsuko: Joy

18. Goro: Blessed

19. Hachiro: The eighth son

20. Haru: Born in spring

21. Haruki: Glimmer

22. Hayate: Smooth

23. Hideaki: Brilliant

24. Hideo: A successful man

25. Hikaru: Triumph

Anime names for boys  

26. Hinata: Sunflower

27. Hiro: Sacred

28. Hisashi: Harmony

29. Hotaru: Firefly

30. Isamu: Courage

31. Isao: Splendid

32. Itachi: Weasel

33. Jiro: A second son

34. Jun: Precious

35. Juro: The tenth son

36. Kaito: Sea

37. Kanon: A church official

38. Katsu: Unbeatable

39. Kazuki: A tree of peace

40. Kazumi: Unity

41. Kazuo: Unsubduable

42. Ken: Knowledgeable

43. Kenta: Healthy

44. Kohaku: Amber

45. Kouki: Radiance

46. Kuro: The ninth son

47. Levi: United

48. Masaru: Venerable

49. Masashi: Commander

50. Michi: Righteous

51. Natsu: Born in summer

52. Osamu: Disciplined

53. Raiden: Thunder and lightning

54. Rikuto: A region

55. Rio: River

56. Rokuro: The sixth son

57. Roy: Red colour

58. Ryota: Herald

59. Rukawa: A flowing river

60. Saburo: The third son

61. Sailor: A boat ridder

62. Seiji: Lawmaker

63. Shanks: Emperor

64. Shiro: The fourth son

65. Shuji: Flourish

66. Shun: Fast

67. Sora: Sky

68. Souta: Surprise

69. Susumu: Fulfilled

70. Taiki: A sparkle

71. Taro: A big boy

72. Wasaki: The enemy

73. Yasu: Calm

74. Yori: A musical instrument

75. Yuichi: Kind

Cool anime girl names  

Consider the cool alternatives below if you’re looking for a name for your baby girl but aren’t sure what kind of name would suit your child the best. They are easily pronounced and have profound significance.

1. Aimi: Love

2. Akane: Deep red

3. Akeno: Beautiful morning

4. Ami: Beloved

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5. Asuka: Tomorrow

6. Ayame: Eye’s iris

7. Bebop: Music

8. Champloo: Dried starfish

9. Chie: Intellect

10. Echizen: Dedicated

11. Emi: Miracle

12. Emiko: Blissful

13. Eri: A drawing

14. Erza: God’s gift

15. Faye: Loyalty

16. Fubuki: Snowstorm

17. Fumiko: Pretty

18. Hana: Flower

19. Haruka: A remote area

20. Haru: The spring season

Anime girl names  

21. Hikari: Light

22. Hinata: A sunny place

23. Hitomi: A pupil of the eye

24. Honoka: The ears

25. Hoshi: A star

26. Izumi: A fountain

27. Junko: Obedient

28. Kaeda: Maple leaf

29. Kanna: Summer waves

30. Kaori: Fragrance

31. Kamiko: Little goddess

32. Kanon: Flower

33. Kiko: Happy

34. Latifa: Tender

35. Lina: Palm tree

36. Lucy: Born at the dawn

37. Madoka: A circle

38. Maki: Truth tree

39. Masami: Beautiful

40. Mayu: Gentle

41. Michiko: Wise

42. Mei: The fifth month

43. Mikasa: Blossom

44. Misaki: Bloom

45. Miwa: Sweet music

46. Miyako: Lovely night

47. Misato: A beautiful village girl

48. Mizuki: Beautiful moon

49. Moriko: Forest

50. Mugen: Genuine

51. Nagisa: Beach

52. Nanami: Seven seas

53. Naomi: Pleasant

54. Naru: Destiny

55. Nene: Tranquil

56. Nobuko: Trustworthy

57. Rina: A white jasmine

58. Ryoma: Dragon or horse

59. Sakura: Cherry blossom

60. Saki: Hope

61. Samurai: Warriors

62. Scarlet: Red

63. Seibā: Truth

64. Shizuka: Summer

65. Sora: Sky

66. Soul: Visionary

67. Shinichiro: Son

68. Touka: Incense

69. Tezuka: Skillful player

70. Uiharu: Early springtime

71. Usagi: Rabbit

72. Yui: Completion

73. Yumi: Friend

74. Yasu: Calm

75. Zoro: Sociable

Faqs About Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

What anime style is your name?  

Your Name, which aired in 2016, was among many popular anime films of the 2010s. The fantasy drama movie is a classic by Makoto Shinkai, who has become considerably more well-known internationally as a result of its release in more than 100 countries and zones.

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How do I find a good anime name?

It’s possible that your ideal anime name is the same as one of your favorite characters. For instance, “Hikari” would make a good name choice if you enjoy the Sailor Moon film series. Japanese word “Hikari” signifies “light,” whereas “Usagi” means “bunny.”

Who is badass anime?

The most ferocious anime character. Let’s take a look at our boy Vegeta. He is regarded as the Prince Of All Saiyans and is one of the series’ primary characters in Dragon Ball. Cool Anime Names For Boys And Girls And Their Meanings

Who is the strongest anime character?

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time
  1.  Saitama (One Punch Man)
  2.  Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
  3. Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)
  4. Kaido (One Piece)
  5. Tetsuo Shima (Akira)
  6. Griffith (Berserk)
  7. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)


In addition to Japanese animes other shows too have lovely character names. If you want more choices, the world is filled with additional anime names. Cartoon characters that appear in both American and European television programs have great names.

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