Cheapest And Beautiful Places To Live In Canada 2023: Top 10 Cities

Cheapest And Beautiful Places To Live In Canada 2023: Top 10 Cities

Cheapest And Beautiful Places To Live In Canada, We don’t blame you if you’re looking for the cheapest place to live in Canada given the status of the economy. Finding the greatest place to live in the least expensive province can often be challenging due to the high cost of living in most major urban areas.

Among its 10 provinces, which make up the sizeable nation of Canada, are numerous cities and towns. Living in a city with a cheap cost of living is one approach to cut costs if you want to. This will enable you to stretch your money further and accumulate greater savings over time.

Our ranking of the 20 cheapest places in Canada to live in is based on factors like the affordability of property, the growth of the job market, the affordability of the rental market, and the cost of living.

Cheapest And Beautiful Places To Live In Canada

1. Sept-Îles, Quebec

A little village called Sept-Îles is located on the Saint Lawrence Gulf’s northern shore. The town, which also has a population of about 28,500, is home to a large, primarily French-speaking community. From Québec City, it takes around 8 hours to drive to Sept-Îles.

Public services, a bustling cruise port, and metalworking make up the majority of the city’s economy. One of Canada’s most affordable communities, Sept-Îles is the ideal place for people seeking a calm life by the sea.

  • Average home price: $204,042
  • Property tax rate: 1.15% rate (lower than national average)

Cheapest And Beautiful Places To Live In Canada

2. Quesnel, British Columbia

One of the most affordable cities in British Columbia is Quesnel, one of the least expensive places to live in all of Canada. This village of about 12,000 people is an appealing option for young families looking to live in a secure neighborhood because of the cheap average cost of a home there. The town is well-liked by skiers and climbing enthusiasts and is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty in the northern Rocky Mountains. Vancouver may be reached by car in around 8 hours from Quesnel.

  • Average home price: $209,133

3. Cornwall, Ontario

The easternmost city in Ontario is Cornwall, which is close to the US and Quebec borders. Despite having less than 50,000 residents, it is growing in popularity among young families because of its relatively inexpensive average real estate and living costs. In comparison to larger cities in Ontario, Cornwall consistently ranks as one of the least expensive locations to live in Canada.

  • Average home price: $211,715
  • Property tax rate: 1.71% (lower than national average)

4. Bécancour, Quebec

A primarily industrial city, Bécancour is located along the Saint Lawrence River. Bécancour, which has 12,500 residents, is a tiny but economically active community with many high-paying positions in the aerospace and petroleum sectors. Despite the high salaries of its citizens, housing costs are still quite modest. Montreal is about an hour and a half’s drive from Bécancour.

  • Average home price: $206,748
  • Property tax rate: 1.26% (lower than national average)
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5. Saint-Georges, Quebec

A French-speaking city with a population of 31,000 inhabitants, Saint-Georges is about 3 hours from Montreal. Saint-Georges, the biggest city in the Beauce region of the province, is very affordable and has a lot of economic potential. The city is a significant hub for manufacturing, and there are many job prospects in that sector for anyone seeking employment.

  • Average home price: $219,124

6. Timmins, Ontario

The second Ontario town to appear on this list is the quiet city of Timmins, population 42,000. Mining is the mainstay of Timmins’ economy. It takes about 8 hours to drive from Toronto to the village in Northern Ontario. The cost of living in Timmins is among the lowest in all of Canada.

  • Average home price: $212,922
  • Property tax rate: 1.88% (lower than national average)

7. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Sault Ste. Marie feels more like a huge metropolis than any of the other cities on the list despite being the third largest in Northern Ontario. Sault is one of the economic engines of northern Ontario with a population of more than 73,000. Among the key economic drivers are the tourism and renewable energy sectors.

  • Average home price: $238,013
  • Property tax rate: 1.64% (lower than national average)

8. Rimouski, Quebec

Over 47,000 people call Rimouski home, which is renowned for its advancements in marine science and conservation. Rimouski is gradually developing into the region’s center for science and engineering. The distance between the city and Quebec City is about three hours.

  • Average home price: $227,673
  • Property tax rate: 1.10% (lower than national average)

9. Sainte-Marie, Quebec

Over 13,000 people live in Sainte-Marie, a peaceful community that is regarded as one of Canada’s most attractive communities. It’s the ideal town for folks who want to live peacefully without having a long commute to a significant urban center because Quebec City is only 45 minutes away. Sainte-Marie is a beautiful little town with a lot of beauty that is situated on the Chaudière River’s banks.

  • Average home price: $243,980

10. Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Rouyn-Noranda is one of the larger Quebec cities that borders Ontario and has a population of over 40,000. One of the cities with the highest percentage of monolingual citizens is Montreal, where 95% of people speak French. You’ll need to brush up on your French if you intend to live in Rouyn-Noranda. The region’s copper mining business is well-known.

  • Average home price: $240,191
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11. Vancouver

One of the biggest towns in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Vancouver is well-known throughout the world for its fantastic nightlife as well as its excellent employment and study abroad options. This city is also home to several top educational institutions that can help international students succeed academically and launch their careers, making it one of the greatest places to live in Canada.

Numerous technology-based businesses from throughout Canada and the world have established a presence in Vancouver, providing many career opportunities for anyone willing to relocate there. All of these elements have helped Vancouver rise to the position of the 34th finest city in the world.

  • Average home price: $1,111,400.

12. Toronto

Last but not least, Toronto is the frantic and vibrant Canadian metropolis that attracts the greatest number of immigrants and international students. Given that it is home to many of the greatest colleges in the world and offers a wide variety of career options, it is one of the best cities in Canada to live in and the best city in which to study.

Although there is a high cost of living in this Canadian city, mostly because real estate is so expensive, there is also a very robust public transportation system. This is simply accessible, economical, and available to all residents. Due to the abundance of resources, amenities, and possibilities in this large, bustling metropolis, Toronto is worth examining as a potential place to call home when moving to Canada.

  • Average home price: $1,078,900

13. Montreal

For good reason, Montreal has been ranked as the 41st finest city in the world. It is perhaps the exotic French heart of both Canada and all of North America.

It is one of Canada’s largest and most desirable cities to live in. Montreal’s historic structures and distinctive architecture will instantly transfer you to a small French town in Europe.

All residents of the city can enjoy the wonderful outdoors and a wide variety of employment opportunities. All overseas students should explore the fantastic universities in this city. It is more welcoming to immigrants and international students because real estate expenses are lower than in other regions of the country.  Aside from the cost of an apartment, other costs like entertainment and food aren’t particularly costly.

  • Average home price: $529,020

14. Ottawa

The cosmopolitan capital of Canada, Ottawa, may be proud of many things, including the high standard of education it offers its citizens, which ranks it as one of the greatest places to live in the country. The city is home to a wide variety of businesses, including those in the biological sciences, aerospace, clean technology, digital media, and other software-related industries.

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The city also ranks 80th globally in terms of GDP (gross domestic product) per capita. Also, Ottawa creates a sizable number of positions each year that are desirable to educated foreigners.

  • Average home price: $621,291

15. Edmonton

Because of the numerous city-sponsored festivals and other outdoor activities that take place here each year, Edmonton is popularly known as the “City of Festivals.” The University of Alberta, which is located in this city and is ranked 59th globally, is also the provincial capital of Alberta.

There are many different kinds of employment and offers in this city, and every immigrant and international student can still find a great work there. As a result, it is listed as one of Canada’s top cities to live in.

Average home price: $420,000

Frequently asked questions

Toronto, Ontario
Regarding commerce and industry, it is Canada’s most important city. Nearly every financial services company’s corporate headquarters, including those for banking and insurance, are located here.


Which province is best for finding jobs in Canada?

The highest job vacancies are primarily found in the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Which is the most affordable place to live in Canada?

The most economical areas to live in Canada are in provinces like Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan because they provide good quality of life, many educational and employment possibilities, and low cost of living.


As you can see, a lot of the most affordable places to live in Canada are found outside of major cities, but that’s not always a negative thing. If you seek hard enough, you may discover lots of employment and business opportunities in even the tiniest Canadian cities!

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