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Best Hiking Trails In Colorado Springs For Beginners

Best Hiking Trails In Colorado Springs For Beginners

Best Hiking Trails, While high-adrenaline outdoor experiences might be enjoyable, there is something reassuring about the dependable yet lovely and simple hikes.

There are many simple paths near Colorado Springs that are ideal for anyone seeking a dependable, enjoyable hike. These six walks are some of the most dependable and enjoyable in the area, offering everything from breathtaking mountain views to prime locations for watching a sunset.

Some of the nicest parks and open spaces in the state may be found in Colorado Springs. Use this list to locate a hike near you whether you are a permanent resident or just passing through for the day.

Maybe one of these paths in Colorado Springs may end up being your go-to retreat. Anyhow, you must include these simple hiking routes in your list of things to do in the outdoors.

Easy Hikes Around Colorado Springs


Are you trying to find the greatest trek in Colorado Springs to see the sun set? The Colorado sky is vast, and you can trek to one of the city’s highest peaks to see the sunset in just one mile and with a simple elevation gain of 250 feet (or sunrise). You can watch the dawn or sunset whether you’re a morning person or a night owl thanks to the ease of this Colorado Springs hike. You decide.

While traveling through Colorado Springs, you can see this gray and white rock structure .   As a result of your location in the city’s center, you get breathtaking views of Pikes Peak, the fourteener known as “America’s Mountain.”

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When you reach the finish of this short climb, sit back, take a deep breath, and watch as the magnificent colors illuminate this towering fourteener (or sunrise).

Trail details

You can hike a 4.2-mile-long longer trail. This loop is depicted on a very accurate map by All Trails.

Then, proceed to University Village to eat at Hacienda, Ambli, or Cowboy Star, which are close by. Great options for all price ranges.


One of Colorado Springs’ top parks is this large urban park right in the midst of the Rockrimmon neighborhood. In addition to offering bike, hiking, and walking trails, Ute Valley Park also has a mild rise that leads to stunning Colorado mountain views. Just off Vindicator Drive, there is a trailhead where you can park and start the Ute Valley Park Loop.


The distance is 3.4 miles. However, you can easily trek along the ridge’s summit, pausing to take in the sundown or rising before returning to your car. For walkers of all skill levels, the trails are clearly marked and extremely simple.

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The hiking routes give you a desert-like feeling by providing both shade and exposed rock. Large flat rocks and benches provide a cozy place to relax and reflect. This Colorado park is home to a variety of wildlife, including several birds.

Trail Specifics

There are more than 20 paths to select from, several of which are shared with cyclists. Leash your dog and stay to the right.


The best park in Colorado is without a doubt Garden of the Gods. You won’t find anything that compares to it. Every trail in the park is simple, convenient, enjoyable, and full of scenic views.

I stayed away from Garden of the Gods for a while because I thought it was too crowded at Colorado Springs’ most popular park.

Thankfully, I came onto the outer loop route and instantly fell in love with this magnificent park. While most hikers choose the trails that are closest to the parking lots, I suggest beginning your climb on the Outer Loop because it is less crowded and has equally stunning vistas. Any hiking track you choose in the park will provide you with breathtaking vistas.

Trail  Details

You may customize this park by choosing from a variety of path alternatives. Check out this post about the Garden of Gods that is completely exclusive, complete with trail distances, maps, and estimated trekking times.

Visit TAPAteria or Ristorante de Sopra in Old Colorado City for a meal after spending some time at the Garden of the Gods. Or any of the fantastic eateries in Manitou Springs or Old Colorado City that are nearby.

Best Hiking Trails


This Colorado Springs park is conveniently located near the city’s center. There are two sizable dog parks there.  Before beginning one of the 26 trails in the park. I suggest trekking in Palmer Park for stunning views of the city and the mountains. This wide park offers simple and enjoyable treks inside, and it is located in the city’s core.

There are various options for routes. The majority of them go you to the top, allowing you plenty of room to wander and take in Colorado Springs’ vistas. Maps can be found on trail signage all across the park. The park’s trails wind around and are clearly signposted with trail signage. In this park, it’s difficult to get lost because most of the trails eventually connect to the main paved road.

At the summit, there is a sizable area where you can spread out and meditate while admiring the views of Colorado Springs and the grandeur of Pikes Peak. For this trip, a sturdy backpack is a must.


During my 2008 marathon training, I came upon this hiking track. We would meet up for long runs every week, trudging through mud or snow depending on the season. We started in and gathered in a parking lot off Gold Camp Road. My friends, it’s a steady uphill. Although it’s still a simple climb, you have to weave and meander for a little over a mile to avoid rocks and prevent the chance of turning your ankle until you reach the summit.

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From that point on, a gravel route descends through switchbacks as you hike. This climb is also shaded by towering pine trees and breathtaking mountain vistas. Although they are helpful, hiking poles are not required.

Your journey however will come to a finish at a stream with a small waterfall (around mile 4).

Pause to enjoy the tranquil calm of rushing water. I locate a rock, sit down, and take in nature in all of her magnificent magnificence. It is definitely a happy location to take deep breaths.

Directions and Parking at the Trailhead

Lower Gold Camp Road to I-25. Take Gold Camp Road up. Parking is available on the right and left sides of the street. Watch out for runners and cyclists. Locals use this trail for running and trekking. Expect the parking lot to be full by 6:30 a.m. throughout the summer.

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Trail Details

Kilometers: 5.7 Gain in Elevation: 1,293′ Flow: Loop


Okay, so it’s 35 miles northeast of Colorado Springs near Calhan. Although this open space is off the main path for Colorado Springs locals, its beauty makes it worthwhile to return time and time again. I suggest going to Painted Mines at sunrise or dusk since the light from the sun truly pulls out the distinctive colors of this short, enjoyable hike.

The Painted Mines are also a lesser-known geological gem in the region. The Native Americans mined the clay rocks for a very long time. The 4 kilometers of park pathways are beautifully framed by the gray clay’s pink, peach, and yellow hues.

Please respect the restrictions and refrain from climbing, rock hopping, or “rock shopping” for souvenirs because these “hoodoos” are delicate. The spring months in Colorado are mud season, which makes this park occasionally difficult to navigate. For the finest hiking conditions, consider going at a different time. In the summer, at sunrise or sunset, is the ideal time to go hiking in this area.

There is room to ponder, listen, and be curious when surrounded by ancient rocks that are sitting in the center of a prairie. This park is a haven for the mind and emotions, inspiring wonder and awe.

Trailhead and directions

Pass NAPA Auto Parts-M3 Inc. from US-24 E. (on the right). To get there, take Paint Mine Road. There are 4 kilometers of hiking trails in this park.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Colorado Springs have good hiking trails?

Red Rock Canyon – Colorado Springs

Visitors will enjoy the several trails in Red Rock Canyon Open Space, which is accessible from Highway 24 West. Here, trekking is rather simple, and the scenery is breathtaking. In Colorado Spring, day walks are beautiful all year long.

How difficult is hiking the Colorado Trail?

However, the Colorado Trail might be also challenging to understand at first due to its length, altitude, and in many parts, sheer harshness. The entire trail can be hiked in four to six weeks, although the hiking can be in time blocks.

Do you need hiking shoes for Colorado Springs?

Regardless of the activities you have planned, we suggest packing at least one pair of durable shoes. Many of our favorite tourist destinations require some hilly walking, so if your feet don’t hurt by the end of the day, you’ll feel better!

What is the best time of year to hike in Colorado?

When Colorado trails are often free of snow and all of the picturesque mountain routes are open for travel, June through late September are the greatest months for summer hiking. If you dress appropriately, bring spikes and poles, and enjoy winter trekking!


These short yet beautiful hikes undeniably provide one of nature’s greatest gifts: a quiet spot to reflect. Every park offers secluded areas where you can sit and think or sing or daydream.

These are also all short, dog-friendly hikes with spectacular mountain landscapes. Hiking can be done at any skill level. However, no matter who you are, you will never see the same sunrise or sunset in Colorado Springs twice.

Get outside today, go for a short hike of one or two miles, relax and take in the sunrise or sunset over Pikes Peak, or just look up and take it all in!

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