Best health insurance coverage through their employer : Top 10

Best health insurance coverage through their employer

Best health insurance coverage through their employer, It has never been more crucial or expensive to have access to quality insurance coverage, especially in light of the Affordable Care Act’s enactment and recent, significant changes to health care regulation and implementation. In the United States, the cost of healthcare is still rising far more quickly than real wages and incomes.

It’s hardly surprising that more and more companies are choosing to participate in government exchanges as the United States transitions to a single payer health care system. By 2020, it’s predicted that about 90% of people who work for corporations in the S&P 500 and presently have employer-sponsored health insurance would be compelled to enroll in government health insurance exchanges.

There are still a few businesses that are willing and able to offer their employees top-notch healthcare benefits and pay 100% of their employees’ premiums, despite the uncertain and changing nature of the health care market. These businesses prioritize taking care of their employees over offering affordable healthcare.

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1. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group has continually offered its employees one of the most alluring healthcare packages since the company’s founding. The company continues to pay 100% of the healthcare premiums for both its employees and their families, despite the rising cost of healthcare and market volatility. Vision, dental, prescription medicine, and mental health coverage are all included in healthcare plans.

The staff of Boston Consulting Group must remain focused on their tasks. They strive to minimize the stress in the lives of their consultants. One way they try to achieve this is by offering comprehensive healthcare coverage. Employees at Boston Consulting Group are its most important resource. The company makes every effort to take care of its personnel in order to achieve this goal.

Coverage for domestic partners? The only people who receive healthcare coverage are the partners of same-sex couples.

Eligibility for Part-time? 100% of the cost of healthcare premiums is covered for part-time workers who put in at least 20 hours each week.

2. Ultimate Software

If you work with Ultimate Software, your health insurance premiums and the premiums for any dependents you have will both be fully covered. Additionally, their policies include prescription drugs, dentistry, vision, and mental health services. That’s unbeatable.

The business acknowledges that paying 100% of employee healthcare insurance is expensive but worthwhile. The greatest healthcare is one of the ways Ultimate Software attracts and keeps the most skilled workers.

Coverage for domestic partners? Absolutely, but only for couples of the same sex.

Eligibility for part-time employment?  Best health insurance coverage through their employer, There is no mention of part-time eligibility.

3. FactSet Research Systems

A worldwide organization called FactSet Research Systems offers professionals and investment firms financial information and analytical software. Also, it offers one of the most alluring benefit packages for healthcare of any public firm. For both employees and their families, it pays the whole cost of healthcare premiums, and all plans cover dental, vision, mental health, and prescription drug expenses.

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FactSet understands that for its workers to be happy and productive at work, they must also be happy and productive at home, in their community, and where they reside.

Additionally, FactSet believes that by offering its employees complete healthcare coverage, it fosters a sense of teamwork that encourages loyalty and gratitude.

Coverage for domestic partners? Best health insurance coverage through their employer In all domestic unions, yes.

Eligibility for part-time employment? If a part-time employee works a minimum of 30 hours a week, the firm will pay 100% of their healthcare premiums. Best health insurance coverage through their employer

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4. NuStar Energy

One of the few companies, Nustar Energy, covers all health insurance premiums for both employees and their dependents. Prescription medicine, dental, and mental health treatment are all covered by health insurance. It is one of the businesses that also offers an internal medical clinic where staff members and the people on their care may get checkups, medical services, and free wellness checks.

According to NuStar Energy, if you look out for your employees, they will look out for you. Because of this, NuStar Energy offers the best healthcare and benefits packages to its employees in the business. As a result, the business experiences relatively little employee turnover and enjoys very high levels of job satisfaction.

Coverage for domestic partners? In all legal relationships, domestic partners are given access to healthcare.

Eligibility for part-time employment? When a part-time employee works a minimum of 30 hours a week, their healthcare premiums are fully reimbursed.

5. Kimley-Horn and Associates

Employee healthcare premiums at Kimley-Horn are 100% covered, while employee dependent premiums are 90% covered. The employer will pay a portion of the premiums if an employee wants to upgrade their healthcare coverage to include vision, dental, mental health, and prescription medication coverage. This is a hard-to-beat offer given the rising cost of healthcare coverage.

According to Kimley-Horn, their staff are the lifeblood of their company, and they must prosper if they want their company to succeed.

Coverage for domestic partners? Yes. regarding all domestic unions.

Eligibility for part-time employment? 90% of the cost of healthcare insurance for part-time workers who put in at least 30 hours per week is covered by the employer.

6. Nugget Market

Nugget Market has continuously been on our yearly list of the finest businesses for employees’ health benefits. It continues to pay 100% of its employees’ healthcare insurance premiums and subsidizes up to 82% of the cost of healthcare premiums for an employee’s dependents, despite the rise in healthcare prices and premiums. Furthermore included by Nugget Market’s healthcare plans are dental, vision, mental health, and prescription drug costs.

According to Nugget Market, offering health insurance to its employees is costly but necessary. Nugget Market continues to develop innovative strategies to make sure its employees receive the greatest healthcare coverage at the lowest cost while the majority of businesses continue to reduce healthcare benefits.

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Coverage for domestic partners? Only same-sex couples are eligible for domestic partner coverage through Nugget Market.

eligibility for part-time employment? Part-time workers who put in at least 22 hours a week are eligible to have their healthcare premiums paid in full.

7. Perkins Coie

One of the biggest legal firms in the country, Perkins Coie, reimburses its employees for 100% of the cost of their healthcare premiums and pays 50% of the premiums for their dependents. Dental, vision, mental health, and prescription drug coverage are all included in healthcare plans.

Perkins Coie’s fundamental value is the physical, emotional, and psychological well and welfare of its employees. The business also believes that everyone should be treated fairly and given access to affordable healthcare, irrespective of their financial situation.

health insurance coverage

Coverage for domestic partners? Yes. All domestic union partners are protected.

Eligibility for part-time employment? 80% of a part-time worker’s healthcare premiums can be paid if they put in at least 19 hours a week.

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8. Arthrex

100% of employee healthcare premiums are covered by Arthrex, and up to 50% of dependant premiums are covered. All health plans include coverage for prescription drugs, mental health services, vision, and dental care, even though this may not seem like a better deal than what a few other businesses offer.

Additionally, Arthrex offers an on-site medical clinic where employees, and their families, can obtain free primary and urgent medical treatment, regular checkups and prescription medicines.

Coverage for domestic partners? Not offered.

Eligibility for part-time employment? Yes. When employees put in at least 29 hours a week of work, premiums are paid.

9. Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard offers its employees 80% coverage for dependents’ premiums and 100% coverage for health insurance premiums. Prescription drugs, dentistry, vision, and mental health care are all covered by healthcare insurance.

Creativity is one of Activision Blizzard’s key values, and the business is constantly searching for the best way to do things, including offering its staff the greatest healthcare available. The company genuinely offers one of the most creative perk packages of any business in the country.

Coverage for domestic partners? All partners in legally recognized domestic partnerships have access to healthcare.

Eligibility for part-time employment? A part-time employee’s healthcare costs can be fully covered if they put in at least 30 hours each week.


Over the past five years, has been included on our list of businesses that offer the greatest healthcare coverage. Despite an increase in healthcare expenditures and rules, nevertheless looks out for its employees. Presently, the corporation offers 100% coverage to its workers and pays 71% of the cost of dependant workers’ health insurance.

Customer service-focused company has the view that in order to satisfy its clients, it must first satisfy its staff. Because of this, has offered and will continue to offer its employees one of the best healthcare packages.

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Coverage for domestic partners? In all domestic unions, yes.

Eligibility for part-time employment? Health insurance is not available to part-time workers.

Why does health insurance cost so much?

The cost of health care is the primary reason why health insurance is so expensive.

Is it against the law to have no health insurance?

No, not having health insurance is not against the law.

Which employer-sponsored health insurance programs are most common?

Preferred provider organization (PPO) plans. Employers most frequently provide preferred provider organization (PPO) plans as their insurance options.


In summary, employees that are happier and feel more secure work harder. Happy people execute their tasks 12% better, according to University of Warwick studies, while stressed-out, unsatisfied staff perform 10% worse. We also provide update on best health insurance for young adults, who are the top 5 health insurance companies, best and worst health insurance companies, best health insurance for self-employed, best private health insurance, health insurance plans, kaiser health insurance, which health insurance is best for me quiz. Offering insurance to full-time workers demonstrates that firms care about their wellbeing and lifestyles away from the workplace. Insurance provide employees the boost they need to perform their jobs well.

FAQs of Best health insurance coverage through their employer

Which country’s health insurance is the most expensive?

U.S. Our graph shows that the United States spends more per person on healthcare than any other country in the world, far outpacing Germany, which is in second place. This includes both public and private spending as well as mandatory and voluntary spending.

Which nation offers the finest free healthcare?

Only one nation—Brazil—offers universally free healthcare. According to the constitution, everyone has the right to healthcare. Everyone in the nation, even transient guests, has access to free medical treatment.

How much does health insurance cost approximately?

The average monthly premium for health insurance is $539, and the annual maximum out-of-pocket expense (MOOP) is $6,115. This is for a Silver plan enrollment for a 40-year-old.

How many insurance plans does someone need?

The vast majority of experts believe that you absolutely must obtain life, health, long-term disability, and auto insurance.

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