Best Businesses Online To Start In 2023: Top 10 Most Profitable

Best Businesses Online To Start In 2023: Top 10 Most Profitable

Online Businesses To Start, There are many advantages to starting an internet business. With approximately 2.14 billion individuals using internet shopping as a means of commerce, it is adaptable and has a tremendous potential audience.

By 2026, experts predict that eCommerce sales will have increased by 8.1 trillion dollars. The time is right if you’re thinking of launching a small business online.

This post will examine 30 profitable company concepts you may launch right away. We’ll break down each company concept with examples, the knowledge needed, pertinent data, and projected earnings to help you choose the best one.

We’ll also go over how to launch your home-based online company concept and start making money.

A successful online business takes a lot of time and effort to develop. Choosing a project that matches your interests and skills will therefore improve your chances of success and make the effort rewarding.

The 30 profitable online businesses to think about starting are listed below.

1. Become a Freelancer

  • Estimated income: around $33/hour, depending on the industry and location
  • Requirements: skills and experience in a particular field

The growth of the gig economy has made obviously freelancing an attractive alternative to traditional 9–5 employment. In actuality, 75% of independent contractors said their income improved from their prior full-time position.

Individuals who have worked in the past can capitalize on their knowledge and the network they’ve developed to build a professional brand. In almost every industry, you can work for yourself. Yet, some of the most sought-after positions online are for authors, graphic designers, and web developers.

Choose a specialty and a differentiating feature to help you stand out in the crowded market before you launch this free online business idea. For instance, freelancer Elise Dopson specializes in producing journalistic material for B2B and also SaaS businesses. To advertise their services online, freelancers typically build a website for their portfolio. You can enhance your online presence by creating a LinkedIn profile and signing up on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.

Online Businesses To Start

2. Start an Online Store

  • Estimated income: $1,000-$100,000+/year, depending on the eCommerce business, its expenses, and the market size
  • Requirements: business management, digital marketing, and site maintenance skills

One of the best small business ideas to consider is opening an eCommerce store to sell clothing or other things. By investigating hot products or focusing on a small market, you might get ideas for your online store. Although segmenting your expertise might help decrease competition and offer significant development potential, it may initially draw low traffic levels.

A successful micro niche company is Neuro, which produces caffeinated gum and mints. The product was developed by the creators as a more wholesome substitute for coffee and energy beverages.
Be sure to properly assess the beginning costs before opening your internet store. The cost of developing a website is influenced by a variety of elements, including its platform and then its functionality.

A basic small business website could cost between $100 and $500. Yet, the price could reach $10,000 or even more if the eCommerce site is large and complicated.

Along with listing products on your eCommerce website, you might also want to think about selling on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Your audience reach can be increased, and money can be raised, by varying your sales channels.

3. Start a Consulting Business

  • Estimated income: around $18-$30/hour, depending on the industry and skillset
  • Requirements: skills and experience in a particular field

The finest business venture for those with considerable understanding in a certain field is consulting. It aids businesses from a variety of sectors in finding solutions to issues with marketing, operations, and human resources.

Neil Patel is one example of a successful consultant. The SEO specialist provides social media, paid advertising, and content marketing consulting services. They’ve collaborated with more than 5,000 businesses.

Regrettably, startup small business entrepreneurs that offer advisory services could particularly have trouble finding customers. For the first six months, concentrate on expanding your client base by generating prospects via LinkedIn and cold email pitches.

Moreover, be sure to have a separate email account for business. Your chances of success will rise if you send letters using a credible email address.

4. Offer Social Media Marketing Services

  • Estimated income: $15-$80/hour, depending on the level of expertise
  • Requirements: content marketing skills and familiarity with social media trends

For individuals that are proficient in social media strategies like content production, social listening, and influencer marketing, this is evidently an excellent online business concept.

An individual’s personal account might serve as a portfolio for a social media marketer. Use the account to implement social marketing strategies to raise brand awareness, draw in customers, and promote audience involvement.

In addition to using your own social media profile to promote yourself, start a blog or portfolio website to advertise your services. Nadine of The Social Shells does this to increase the reputation and online presence of her business.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

  • Estimated income: around $23/hour
  • Requirements: administration, communication, and digital marketing skills

The main duty of a virtual assistant is to support business owners or entrepreneurs with administrative chores like making appointments and also responding to messages.

Virtual assistants occasionally provide assistance with marketing, including managing social media accounts and creating email newsletters. With these extra abilities, an assistant may make up to $60 per hour.

If you live in the US, you can start your own online business as a virtual assistant by looking for tasks on websites like Fiverr and Zirtual. Make a website as well to advertise your services.

 6. Sell NFTs

  • Estimated income: $30/hour on average, based on skill level, location, and years of experience
  • Requirements: Web3 design or game development skills, depending on the artwork you want to sell, and marketing

Artists can sell their work and the rights to it in a digital form to the general public using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Every time their work is transferred to a new owner, digital artists are also eligible to get royalties. Some of the works of art in this sector have sold for as much as $91.8 million.

You must possess cryptocurrency in order to create and trade NFTs. The most widely used payment method is ethereum. Then, create a digital wallet using WalletConnect and MetaMask to accept payments.

The following step is to post your work on NFT markets such as OpenSea and Rarible and then create an auction. The majority of marketplaces concentrate on digital art, while more now also accept music, films, and gaming components. Choose a market that is appropriate for the type of art you create.

7. Become an Audiobook Narrator

  • Estimated income: $25-$55/hour, depending on the skill level, years of experience, and location
  • Requirements: narration and acting skills

The demand for narrators has increased as audiobooks become more and more popular. Print and digital text are converted into audio files by narrators for audiobooks. The objective is to convey the story’s nuances while narrating it.

It takes strong vocal clarity and tone control to narrate audiobooks. For various personalities, you occasionally need to use different voices. Because of this, having acting talent will put you ahead of your rivals.

Purchasing recording and editing software will raise the caliber of your work, much as beginning a podcast. Another great technique to improve abilities is by enrolling in acting and singing classes.

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Beginners might have to make do with freelancing work at first. When you have sufficient experience, check out voice-over agencies and employment websites like Bunny Studio and ACX for professional assignments.

8. Sell Stock Photos

  • Estimated income: $0.1-$8,100/image, depending on the license, resolution, and distribution channel
  • Requirements: photography, artistic, and SEO skills

For a variety of uses, stock photographers create licensed photographs. For instance, companies frequently use stock photos in their marketing campaigns to enhance their attractiveness.

Purchase a good camera and lighting setup first. Find out what is currently in demand by researching different markets, then optimize your photographs with pertinent keywords.

To boost your branding, we advise concentrating on a certain niche. Consider, for instance, the manner in which Tania Cervian creates and exhibits its imaginative portraiture.
New stock photographers can develop a portfolio on websites for stock photography like Shutterstock and Getty Images. As an alternative, establish a photographic website where you may freely handle your company and marketing plan.

9. Develop Apps

  • Estimated income: $61-$80/hour
  • Requirements: app development, UI/UX design, and product management skills

This venture is the finest one to launch online if you have interest in and expertise in app development.

For accessing online stores, mobile applications are presently preferred by 78% of digital consumers over websites. As a result, a lot of eCommerce companies use a multi-channel approach, and demand for mobile developers has skyrocketed. Consider enrolling in pertinent online courses on eLearning platforms like Treehouse if you lack experience in app development. As an alternative, start your online business endeavor as an app developer right away by using code-free web development software like AppyPie.

Ads and in-app purchases are how app developers make money. Sell apps instead on online stores like Flippa. We advise creating a strong portfolio to attract clients more quickly.

 10. Design Website Themes

  • Estimated income: $5-$200+/theme license
  • Requirements: web design, front-end development, and CMS knowledge

A great online business venture for web designers wishing to supplement their income is selling website themes. Pre-made designs that are attractive and simple to use are becoming more and more popular as more people start their own websites.

Use free web hosting to test your theme. Next you can either publish it on a theme marketplace like TemplateMonster or sell the license on your own website. Despite the latter’s assurance of greater exposure, most marketplaces levie a commission on each transaction.

To increase the theme’s worth and durability, think about incorporating frequent updates and priority support. Maybe you might provide a custom theme service. A unique site design might command a higher price from many organizations.

11. Start a Blog

  • Estimated income: $100-$10,000+/month, depending on blog operational expenses and monetization channels
  • Requirements: writing, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) skills

One of the most successful online business ideas is starting a blog. A lot of six-figure businessmen, including Pat Flynn, started out by blogging to a tiny audience about their abilities and knowledge.

Sharing opinions on a topic is only one aspect of a successful blogging enterprise. Before beginning a blog, keep the following points in mind:

  • Niche: A website with a narrow emphasis is more successful than one with a broad scope of topics. For inspiration, look through our page on blog ideas.
  • Content quality: Creating original, high-quality material helps your blog rank higher in search engine results pages and convert visitors into devoted readers.
  • Traffic volume: Bloggers with large followings typically have a higher chance of luring business partners and generating sales of their wares.
  • Options for monetization: Affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, and sponsored content are common ways to make money from a blog. To increase earnings, think about merging them.

12. Self-Publish an eBook

  • Estimated income: 35-75% royalties from the eBook’s price, depending on the platform
  • Requirements: creative writing and content marketing skills

You can become an author without submitting a manuscript to a publisher thanks to the internet. Using a personal website or self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP and Apple Books, anyone may sell eBooks.

If you’re a blogger, eBooks are fantastic for assembling previously published material into a thorough manual. Elna Cain accomplishes this with her lengthy essays. To further enhance the value of the eBooks, she also provides downloadable worksheets.

You can avoid the difficulty of beginning from scratch by using self-publishing websites, which provide the benefit of an existing readership. You cannot, however, claim the eBook’s gross revenue. As a result, many authors build websites to increase their income.

If you wish to build one as well, follow our guide on how to build a website from scratch.

Remember that the price range for self-publishing a book is $150–$2,000. So be sure to set aside money in your budget to pay the start-up charges before pursuing this online business.

13. Start a Dropshipping Business

  • Estimated income: $200-$3,000+/month, depending on the online store and market size
  • Requirements: business management, digital marketing, and site maintenance skills

Dropshipping is one of the easiest companies for beginners to launch because it is low-risk but lucrative.

This business strategy is collaborating with suppliers to offer their goods on your website. The seller concentrates on selling the products to potential buyers; the vendor takes care of storage and shipment.

As inventory management is not required, the initial expenses are comparatively inexpensive. Setting up a website for a dropshipping business typically costs $150. This sum includes a domain name, web hosting service, and membership in a supplier directory like Spocket. As consumers cannot physically see the products, this small company strategy depends on their faith.

Before working together, evaluate potential suppliers to avoid problems, and deliver top-notch customer service to guarantee their pleasure.

 14. Flip and Sell Thrifted Goods

  • Estimated income: $50-$5,000+/month
  • Requirements: business management and negotiation skills

Sell used products online for a profit if you’re seeking for a cheap online business concept. Search around your home for unused products of decent quality or buy used stuff from secondhand shops.

Then, find out how much their competitors are selling their products for to establish their prices. In some instances, the item needs to be repaired or recycled in order to boost its value. Although it’s not necessary, having some basic handyman or handicraft abilities is helpful in this field.

For instance, the fashion YouTuber bestdressed altered her secondhand clothing and offered it for sale on the Depop marketplace.

15. Sell Prints

  • Estimated income: 10-20% commission/print
  • Requirements: artistic skills, such as photography, graphic design, and fine arts

One of the best financial ventures for visual artists is the sale of prints. By showing your pieces in people’s homes, you can earn money and gain supporter promotion.

Establishing an online store and registering with an on-demand printing company like Printful is one of the simplest methods to sell prints. You can produce more artwork using this technique while concentrating on business marketing. The printing service handles the shipping and purchasing in the interim.

A Beautiful Mess is one of many prosperous companies that sells full-size digital downloads of their prints. Customers can print and frame your artwork this way without paying for shipping. But, watch out for those who duplicate said files. Each work of art must always be accompanied by a copyright notice, and any instances of infringement must be dealt with.

16. Sell Handmade Goods

  • Estimated income: $30,000+/year, depending on the materials and the time spent making the product
  • Requirements: artisanal or crafting skills
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The business world has been drawn to the craftsmanship of artisans thanks to the internet.

You can sell unique products that customers cannot find anyplace else, unlike retailers who work with suppliers. As a result, it’s possible to charge extra for your products.
One of the numerous artists who successfully make a living by selling their creations is Bridget Bodenham. She designs vase sets and sells them on an e-commerce website, allowing her total control over the brand’s marketing and business plans.
Selling online on Etsy is an alternative. With 96 million+ shoppers globally, Etsy enables you to find your perfect clients and grow a following. Having said that, be ready to compete with other sellers for customers.

17. Launch a Subscription Box

  • Estimated income: $6,000-$400,000+/month
  • Requirements: business management, digital marketing, and site maintenance skills

A business concept known as a subscription box service sends clients a product shipment on a regular basis. The Dollar Shave Club is one well-known illustration.

In recent years, this industry has grown more popular. For a seamless, tailored experience, more than 50% of online consumers sign up for at least one subscription service.

The two key advantages of running a subscription box business are recurring revenue and developing enduring relationships with clients. That being said, in order to be successful in an internet business, you must sell a product that consumers are eager to buy again and again.

Butcher Box is a good illustration. Several cuts of meat are delivered by this subscription service. The brand’s organic beef is what makes it stand out from the competition.

18. Become an Affiliate Marketer

  • Estimated income: around $50,000/year, depending on the affiliate program and niche
  • Requirements: content marketing skills

One of the most economical online business concepts is affiliate marketing. A marketer who uses affiliate links in their work promotes a brand’s goods or services. Depending on the volume of purchases made using the affiliate link, they will be paid a commission.

Join affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, Skimlinks, or Hostinger Affiliates to launch this online company. Create content later that is pertinent to the links you are making, such as blog articles. The secret is to produce unique content that appeals to the interests of the readers.

19. Flip and Sell Websites

  • Estimated income: $10,000-$100,000+/year
  • Requirements: web development, web design, SEO, and digital marketing skills

Comparatively speaking to the other internet business ideas on the list, website flipping takes longer to turn a profit. Nonetheless, this kind of business is very lucrative for many business owners, including Yaro Starak.

This online retail venture begins with the acquisition of underperforming websites with expansion potential. These might be offered for sale or auction at reasonable costs on marketplaces like Flippa. After the transaction closes, efforts will be done to raise the website’s worth. You must make sure the website is optimized for search engines and performs properly. Then, do market research to determine the best monetization strategies for the site’s market.

Before being put up for sale, the website should see significant traffic and earnings. If it’s profitable, buyers will be more likely to make a purchase. Flippers of websites typically set the price of a site at two to three times their annual income. An internet store that generates $1,200 per year, for instance, might be purchased for $2,400–3,600.

20. Buy and Sell Domain Names

  • Estimated income: $1,000-$10,000+/domain
  • Requirements: digital marketing skills

When done properly, buying and selling domain names may be a lucrative business. In actuality, domain names in great demand can fetch millions of dollars when sold. However, the most sought-after domains are frequently unavailable.

The domain is a popular choice among domain investors. Some domains are less expensive and also face less competition.

Start by browsing domain checkers or auction websites like Sedo for potential and reasonably priced domains. To improve your chances of making sales, think about buying several names at once.

Next, make a landing page for the domain names you want to sell or contact potential clients via email. Keep in mind that finding the proper consumer requires consistent marketing.

21. Work as a Virtual Recruiter

  • Estimated income: $70,000/year on average, depending on the industry and job level.
  • Requirements: communication and networking skills and an understanding of the hiring process

A virtual recruiter assists organizations in finding qualified individuals to fill open positions. A virtual recruiter, however, can work remotely or as a side job, unlike a regular one. As a result, this position is ideal for those who value flexibility.

For this position, formal schooling is typically not necessary. Yet, a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources is preferred by some clients for virtual recruiters.

On a freelance job site like Upwork, you can find the best virtual recruiting positions, or you can join HR outsourcing businesses. Post the positions on LinkedIn as soon as you join. Remember to add the Hiring badge on your profile in order to draw in potential candidates.

 22. Launch a Data Entry Service

  • Estimated income: around $17/hour
  • Requirements: average typing speed of 60-90 words/minute and experience with data processing software

One of the best internet enterprises for anyone searching for a flexible side career is data entry. Professionals are required by many firms to organize information from numerous sources into digital documents. Notes from meetings and daily sales reports are a couple of examples of this data.

You’ll have greater negotiating power if you can type more quickly and accurately. As a result, before beginning a firm in this industry, we advise attending typing practice courses like Keybr.

To boost your typing speed, think about purchasing a numeric keypad. A strong internet connection will also increase your productivity.

23. Create an Online Course

  • Estimated income: $1,000-$50,000+/month, depending on the production expenses, online course platform, and number of students
  • Requirements: teaching skills and subject matter expertise

For anyone interested in online knowledge sharing, this is among the top online business ideas. To increase their marketability on the job market and acquire new skills, many people opt for online courses.

Consider choosing a distinct topic that hasn’t been covered by others as the online learning market has grown saturated. Thereafter, research the subject’s possible target market to see if it exists.

The raw sweets course offered by Crystal Dawn is a great illustration of this type of work. The subject is narrow and targets a limited market of supporters of healthful plant-based diets.

Although there are many different hosted course platforms available, we advise developing a website with an LMS plugin. This choice gives you total control over your teaching and revenue-generating strategies.

24. Tutor Students Online

  • Estimated income: around $15+/hour
  • Requirements: expertise in school subjects or standardized tests and teaching skills

Those with teaching experience should start an online tutoring business. Many parents and guardians require assistance with their children’s educational needs as distance learning becomes the new standard.

It’s really easy to find tutoring positions that fit your expertise on websites like Skooli. They facilitate communication with students who require help.

Become a full-fledged tutoring business on your own website once you’ve amassed a sizable clientele. For ideas, look at how BMAT Crash Course constructed its website. Online Businesses To Start

25. Start a Podcast

  • Estimated income: $500-$10,000+/month, depending on the monetization channels and the number of downloads
  • Requirements: communication, audio editing, and social media management skills
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The podcast has gained popularity as a form of content. Almost 380 million people around the world are podcast listeners as of June 2022. The time is right to launch a podcasting company.

To make your podcast stand out, we suggest implementing a micro-niche strategy. The Pen Junkie, a podcast that discusses things relating to pens, is an excellent example. Even though it appears to have a small audience, this program has a devoted following of fans.
To increase your audience, host your podcasts on a website and share them on Apple Music and Spotify. To reach a larger audience of potential listeners, think about creating a social media presence. Most new podcasters make money through affiliate marketing. After they have a larger following, they can seek sponsorship, create a crowdfunding Patreon page, or sign up for an advertising network like Midroll. Online Businesses To Start

A podcast can be launched by anyone. Yet, having superior recording tools will raise the podcast’s level of production. Don’t forget to set aside money for new hardware and software in your production budget.

26. Offer Transcription Services

  • Estimated income: around $16/hour
  • Requirements: good listening skills, fast typing speed, and proficiency with data processing software

Transcribing audio files into text documents is a simple business concept.

Along with accuracy and quickness, your niche can have an impact on your income. The highest-paid transcriptionists often make $26 per hour in the medical field. Learn about the market if you want to set a higher hourly charge. Take typing lessons to improve your accuracy and speed. As your typing abilities have improved, look for transcribing jobs on Rev and Transcribe

27. Launch a YouTube Channel

  • Estimated income: $2,400-$4,000/month on average for channels with 100,000 subscribers
  • Requirements: communication, video editing, and social media management skills

Making videos has become a lucrative business strategy due to the growing popularity of content creators. YouTube is the most widely used medium for publishing video material, with over 120 million daily active users.

You can make videos at home, including reaction commentary, software lessons, and cooking classes. During the first few months after starting a YouTube channel, concentrate on gaining 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours. By exceeding those benchmarks, you’ll qualify for the YouTube Partner Program and be able to monetize your channel.

Additionally, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and Patreon crowdfunding are other ways to monetize your website.

28. Write Guest Posts

  • Estimated income: $5-$2,000/blog post, depending on the length and quality
  • Requirements: writing, content marketing, and SEO skills, Online Businesses To Start

For those who wish to earn money online writing without starting their own blog, this internet business idea is fantastic. A writer of guest posts can get paid by submitting their writing to other people’s sites. The blog posts are frequently published under someone else’s name, or “ghostwritten.”

Submissions for guest posts are welcome on several digital publishing sites, including Business2Community and Writer’s Digest. To make the writing process more fun, choose websites in your area of expertise.

29. Write Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Estimated income: $50-$300/resume
  • Requirements: writing proficiency, personal branding skills, and familiarity with the recruitment process and application tracking system

Many job seekers require guidance in creating the ideal application letter in a competitive employment market. If you are good at creating your own brand and creating cover letters, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Online Businesses To Start

On professional networks like LinkedIn, look for clients looking for new employment and offer your resume and cover letter writing services. To get greater job opportunities, the applicant must increase the effectiveness of their application. By offering your friends and family free services, you may start expanding your network and portfolio. Clients are more likely to hire you if you have a track record of success.

To further boost the legitimacy of your company, think about getting a professional certification like the PARWCC. This gives you more negotiating leverage when negotiating fees.

30. Sell NFTs

  • Estimated income: $30/hour on average, based on skill level, location, and years of experience
  • Requirements: Web3 design or game development skills, depending on the artwork you want to sell, and marketing

Artists can sell their work and the rights to it in a digital form to the general public using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Every time their work is transferred to a new owner, digital artists are also eligible to get royalties. Some of the works of art in this sector have sold for as much as $91.8 million.

You must possess cryptocurrency in order to create and trade NFTs. The most widely used payment method is ethereum. Then, create a digital wallet using WalletConnect and MetaMask to accept payments.

Uploading your work to NFT markets like OpenSea and Rarible and setting up an auction are the next steps. The majority of marketplaces concentrate on digital art, while more now also accept music, films, and gaming components. Choose a marketplace that is appropriate for the type of art you are selling.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most profitable business in 2023?

Social media management, cleaning services, developing online courses, business consulting, graphic design, digital marketing, app development, personal training, web development, courier services, catering, real estate investing, and virtual assistants are among the most lucrative ventures for 2023.

What kind of online business is most profitable in 2023?

Best online business ideas
  • Start your own clothing line.
  • Launch a dropshipping business.
  • Sell your art online.
  • Become a freelance writer, designer, or developer.
  • Teach an online course.
  • Flip your thrift store finds.
  • Publish your own book.
  • Start a blog.


These are 30 modest online business concepts to consider in 2023. While developing your own business, take into account your skill set, experience, and expected revenue since each is lucrative in its own manner. Online Businesses To Start

Those with writing experience, for instance, might want to consider blogging, freelancing, or releasing an eBook. If you have artistic talent, create and market handmade goods in the interim. Successful digital entrepreneurship needs commitment and perseverance. The road will be less difficult and more fulfilling if you select an internet company idea that is in line with your hobbies and passion. Online Businesses To Start

We really hope that this essay has assisted you in creating a successful internet business. I wish you luck!

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