Ajax football Academy Scholarship

Ajax football Academy Scholarship

Ajax football Academy Scholarship, The Ajax Youth Academy is a football youth academy with its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From there, the organization oversees a total of 13 youth teams (ages 7–18). The Ajax Amsterdam academy serves as the team’s main youth facility. The club largely relies on its youth academy to transition talented young players from the younger teams to the senior squad, where they may exhibit their abilities and grow into stars. On September 11, 2020, the CIES published its yearly list of the clubs that had produced the most players who were competing in the top 31 UEFA member associations divisions. With 77 players trained, the Ajax Youth Academy finished second to the FK Partizan Academy from Serbia, with the Serbian team taking first place.

How to join Ajax football academy

Join some and take part in special drafts or open tests. Also, Ajax enables direct interaction from interested students. The criteria for entering the Ajax Football Academy are listed below;

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  • Excellent academic standing and recommendations from your place of your school.
  • Provide accurate information about your background, prior clubs (if any), and contacts.
  • Especially for those under the age of 18, parental consent.
  • You must first register for the Ajax Football Academy.
    If applying for an Ajax Football Academy Scholarship, provide documentation of your financial need.
  • Try to send a video of yourself; this approach works well for international candidates.

Ajax football Academy Scholarship

About Ajax football Academy Scholarship

AJAX Soccer Club wants to cultivate in its players a passion for football that will last a lifetime. They achieve this by encouraging each player to reach their best level of personal technical proficiency . They are utilizing that skill to help each team member succeed. To this purpose, AJAX works to make scholarship money available to athletes who would not otherwise be able to afford the costs of joining a quality soccer team.
The following rules will govern how the scholarship awarding process is carried out:

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The Governing Board may at any time amend these rules by a majority vote.The Governing Board shall, annually, by a majority vote, approve:

  •  The total amount of scholarships awarded in money.
  • The deadline to be adhered to
  • The income standards to be used by the Scholarship Committee in determining which players are most deserving of scholarship funds.
  • All applicants must submit the official Scholarship Application.

The President of the Governing Board will choose the Scholarship Committee in accordance with the bylaws. In addition to the business manager of AJAX, the Committee will be made up of at least five parents in good standing who represent a variety of Club members. The Scholarship Committee cannot have any applicants for scholarships on it.
The Scholarship Committee’s recommendations regarding the awarding of funds will be reviewed by the President of the Governing Board prior to the announcement of scholarship recipients, and he or she will certify that the Committee adhered to the correct procedure and standards for the distribution of the allocated funds.

Criteria to apply for Ajax football academy scholarship

You must first fulfill the following conditions in order to be eligible to apply for an Ajax football scholarship.

  • Registered with the nearby high school or college football team.
  • Moreover, you must show up for the obligatory orientation session at the end of August, just before the first home game in September.
  • Unless they have a valid cause for missing a practice or game due to illness or injury, all Ajax football players are required to show up to every session and match throughout the season. Failure to do so will result in a one-week playing ban following your return.
  • And, if it occurs more than once during your time at Ajax soccer club, might result in your permanent expulsion from the squad.
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How to apply for Ajax Academy Scholarship

They Academy Manager will get in touch with the kid’s parents and let them know how to proceed with this procedure once the player is deemed good enough to participate in the scholarship program. So, the procedure for application is sent and approved by the Academy Manager to worthy recipients.

Some of the attributes looked out for;

  1. The player must be extraordinarily gifted and have great potential in football.
  2. The player must reside in the UAE and remain there for a minimum of five years.
  3. The player must also be willing to play just for our Academy.
  4. The player must be motivated to join a local professional squad after completing our Academy.
  5. Additionally, parents must be prepared to meet all of their child’s requirements (logistics, planning etc).

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