Affordable Accredited Homeschool Programs In 2023: Top 15

 Accredited Homeschool Programs

Accredited Homeschool Programs, Homeschooling refers to the decision made by parents, guardians, grandparents, family members, online tutors, or other adults to educate their children at home instead of in a traditional classroom.

Many parents decide to homeschool their children because of their religious convictions, discontent with the educational system, inability to pay for private school, or because their child is not making progress or requires more attention than what is provided in the educational system.

List of Affordable Homeschool Programs


Pre-K through 12th grade homeschool students can use the Time4Learning program, which is reasonably priced. The utilization of the curriculum is fully customizable because students have 24/7 access to their whole year’s worth of content.

The online system evaluates students and monitors their development. Parents have access to progress reports via the Parent Administration website. We absolutely enjoy this program as a homeschooling family because of the flexibility it offers.

Students can do the work independently and at their own pace in this online homeschool program. The students appreciate the multimedia classes in the curriculum because they enable them to acquire new ideas in a laid-back setting.

The monthly fee for Pre-K through 8th grade students is $19.95 for the first student and $14.95 for each additional student. Students in high school must pay $30 each month.

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2. K12

The platform K12 Online School offers all the educational resources you’ll need for your kids to complete their schooling.

In most states, K12 Online Public School is free. More choices are available, such as private school choices. However, we are concentrating on free/affordable homeschool programs for homeschoolers who are on a budget for the sake of this post.

Also, keep in mind that you can purchase K12 School courses to use for your homeschooling. In this situation, you have the option to pay in reduced amounts via monthly instalments or a single sum. You can hire a state-approved and accredited instructor through K12, but the price will go up significantly.

For preschoolers through high school students, K12 provides a thorough online homeschool program.

Together with disciplines like science, history, art, music, and world languages, the curriculum gives students a strong foundation in math and language arts. Also, the selection of electives is outstanding.

3. Easy Peasy

The entire Easy Peasy homeschooling program is free. It offers 180 days of homeschool lessons and tasks that cover math, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, history, social studies, geography, science, Spanish, Bible studies, computer studies, logic, as well as music and art. It also covers these subjects and subjects like geography and history. The curriculum was created utilizing free resources found online.

From preschool through high school, Easy Peasy provides a comprehensive and cost-free curriculum for homeschoolers.

Parents who have utilized it have found it to be thorough enough that they don’t need to add extracurricular activities to the curriculum. The free edition is excellent if you have a very little homeschool budget, but if you have some extra cash, you may also get the Easypeacy homeschool resources.

You can consult more than 100 Easy Peasy Facebook pages for assistance and responses to any questions you may have. Everything is available for free online.

accredited homeschool programs

4. ABCmouse

Kids between the ages of 2 and 8 can use the online and app-based learning program ABCmouse. Young children can benefit from our pre-K, kindergarten, and early primary school programs because to its award-winning educational program.

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Young learners are guided through reading, arithmetic, art, music, and other subjects through the ABCmouse learning program. Songs, riddles, games, and art are all examples of educational activities. Accredited Homeschool Programs

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Experienced educators and subject matter experts created the curriculum and learning activities. For kids at all levels, there are more than 10,000 learning activities available.

Youngsters pick things up gradually. After finishing one class, pupils are instructed to move on to the next. The Tickets and Incentives System on encourages children to continue on to the next lesson at various points in the process.

With the help of the Progress Tracker, you can monitor your child’s development.

After the first 30 days, the app costs $9.95 per month. Alternatively if you purchase it on Black Friday, you can find bargains starting at $15 each quarter. Accredited Homeschool Programs

5. Khan Academy

A well-known online learning tool for students from kindergarten to college is Khan Academy.

“To deliver a free, world-class education to anybody, everywhere,” is the mission statement of Khan Academy.

Videos and practice exercises are part of the extensive curriculum, which may be accessible via a dashboard for individualized learning. It is up to the students to set their own pace for learning.

Mathematics, science, computing, history, art history, and economics are all available. Moreover, Khan Academy provides content for SAT, Praxis, and LSAT test preparation.

Khan Kids is a free educational app that uses games to teach for kids under the age of seven. It is not a formal school, so students cannot earn a diploma or receive a transcript. Accredited Homeschool Programs Parents can use the Khan Academy portal and curriculum, but they may need to get in touch with a neighborhood hybrid school if their child needs a transcript to apply to colleges and universities. There are tests at the end of each course, as well as quizzes throughout the units.

6. Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega Monarch is an online homeschooling program for grades 3-12. It offers five major subjects, math, language arts, science, Bible, history, and geography, as well as a number of electives. AOP has won numerous accolades for its Christian homeschooling curriculum over the years. The Monarch online curriculum offers a variety of learning possibilities.

Both a monthly and an annual payment option are available. A single subscription costs $359.96 annually or $39.95 monthly. The monthly cost of a family subscription is $69.95. The annual cost is $699.95.

AOP also provides Life Pac, a Christian homeschool curriculum for grades K–12 that is centered on workbooks.

7. BJU Press

Online courses for all basic areas are available on BJU Press, however they have a Christian perspective. The Pre-Kindergarten and Grades 1–12 curricula are offered.

Teaching is carried through using texts and video lessons delivered by qualified instructors.

Although not free, BJU Press has reasonable pricing plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. Savvas Learning Company

Preschool through Grade 12 students can access a core curriculum from Savvas Learning Company, formerly known as Pearson, as well as free homeschooling materials. An international education company known for its prize-winning instructional materials is Savvas Learning Company.

It is marketed as a cost-effective homeschooling course. The vast array of products and resources available from Savvas Learning Company are all sold separately.

9. Used Homeschool School Books

Used Homeschool Books offers a significant collection of curriculum for grades K–12 at low prices, assisting families who homeschool to save money.

At steep discounts, you may get high-quality used books and resources from renowned publishers like Abeka, Bob Jones, Saxon, Math U See, Apologia, and many others. You can get a discount of 25–75% off the asking price.

Hence, this is also the best location for you to sell your used textbooks and books.

10. Monarch Online

Monarch Online is yet another Christian homeschooling resource. The program offers more than 50 courses to students in third through twelfth grades, with the Bible, history, geography, arithmetic, science, and language arts among the core disciplines. A variety of electives are available in addition to these courses to encourage specialization and enrichment.

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Monarch Online’s complete adaptability is one of its distinctive features. Assignments and study schedules are completely accessible to parents, who can modify them to suit their own needs. As parents can alter the grade level of each course, even placement itself is flexible.

The program only uses online content and does not use textbooks, making it an efficient and well-organized way to teach children at home. Automatic grading and record-keeping enable the preparation of grade reports and transcripts.

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11. Brave Writer

A fresh perspective on writing is offered by Brave Writer. Instead of emphasizing writing as a hobby, Brave Writer and Trainers encourage kids to find their authentic voice as writers. Kids can easily learn a variety of writing styles once they have access to language,  Accredited Homeschool Programs, ideas, and ideas at home. This includes writing challenging academic works of literature for high schools and colleges.

Moreover, Brave Writer provides online workshops, literature-based language arts programs, and home study courses for original writing. One of the top certified homeschool curriculum is offered by Brave Writer.

12. American School Homeschool

The American School Homeschool provides recognized courses for middle school and high school in both traditional paper-based and online modes. Students in grades 6 through 12 can enroll in any required courses in whichever format best suits their learning preferences.

Others select specific courses to supplement an already established homeschool curriculum, while some students select full-year or diploma programs.

Middle School (6–8), High School (9–12), Credit and Dropout Recovery, Individual Courses, Traditional Paper-Based Courses, Online Courses, AP and Honors Courses, World Language Courses Powered by Rosetta Stone®, Full Grade Levels, Accredited Diploma Programs, and Adult Diploma Programs are all additional services provided by The American School.

13. Breaking the Barrier

Leading business Breaking the Barrier has a reputation for excellence in digital printing and language instruction. It is primarily taught in English, Spanish, and French. It gives pupils a thorough comprehension of both fundamental linguistic ideas and international cultural perspectives. The quickest approach for pupils to master the language is through these online homeschooling courses.

A comprehensive program with three levels—Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced—is also available to students through Breaking the Barrier. The equivalent of one year of Spanish and French is each level. One of the greatest and most reasonably priced approved homeschooling programs is Breaking the Barrier.

14. Abeka Book, LLC

Abeka Book, LLC is a Pensacola Christian College (PCC)-affiliated company that produces K–12 curriculum materials for Christian schools and homeschooling families. It was founded in 1972 by Rebekah Horton, the spouse of college president Arlin Horton. By the 1980s, Abeka and BJU Press were the two biggest American producers of educational products with a Christian foundation. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools both accredit Abeka’s video program (Abeka Academy) and the Traditional Parent-Directed curriculum (FACCS).

Although the cost of an ABeka video curriculum may be more than a parent-directed program, the company has payment options that might work with different families’ finances. For instance, a student enrolled in grades 1-6 would spend $1,025 in tuition for the entire school year.

15. Saxon Maths

The Saxon math teaching strategy was developed in the 1980s by John Saxon (1923-1996). It involves teaching a new mathematical topic each day while reviewing previous ones. Early versions were criticized for giving very little time for practice before diving straight into a review of everything that came before. More recent versions involve practicing and studying new content, with an emphasis on memorization over conceptual understanding.

Also, parents can choose from a variety of single-subject kits offered by Saxon. Depending on the topic, charges range from $50 to $150. Mathematics, calculus, physics, and phonics are just a few of the options available to parents.

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What should I consider when choosing a Homeschool Program?

While selecting a homeschool curriculum for your children, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Will my kids learn what I want them to do from this?
  • Does this satisfy the educational requirements established by the state in which I currently reside?
  • Will I still stay within my budget in light of the associated costs?

The aforementioned ideas should aid you in choosing the ideal homeschooling program for your children.

What defines a solid homeschooling curriculum?

The greatest homeschool curriculum is one that is created with consideration for the abilities and learning preferences of your child. Too many students with promise never achieve their potential in one-size-fits-all educational systems.

A large number of children are falling through the cracks in the system and being left behind as a result of unfunded mandates, overcrowding, and instructors who are required to do nearly everything else than teach.

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What ages are ideal for homeschooling?

Elementary school (ages 5-11). Your children are becoming more and more conscious of new ideas, concepts, insights, and experiences around them (and are better able to express them). Kids might also start to act more independently of you and your ideas.


There are free homeschooling curriculum accessible for those on a tight budget. If you select one of the free options and it doesn’t work out for you, switching to another free option is simple.

Moreover, many of the Facebook groups for homeschoolers are a good place to get support online. There, you’re sure to get the answers you’re looking for.

If you are not happy with a certain aspect of your chosen curriculum, don’t worry. You can supplement it with free internet resources, such as learning materials from the Khan Academy.

FAQs About Accredited Homeschool Programs

Does it matter if a homeschool is accredited?

No state in the United States demands that any homeschooling textbook, program, or diploma be accredited. There are some exceptions, such as homeschoolers who enroll in a public school again or who participate in a program run by an institution and in which the parent receives instructional materials from a certified teacher.

Is homeschool that is accredited better in comparison?

Accreditation provides assurance that there is control and conformity to standards, even though it does not guarantee excellence. Some parents find comfort in knowing that their money was spent on a program that had been examined and endorsed by an accreditation body.

How effective is homeschooling?

In comparison to their peers who attend traditional institutions of education, homeschooled pupils perform far better. According to peer-reviewed studies, 69% of homeschooled pupils succeed in college and in life beyond high school.

Where is homeschooling most common?

The United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States are the nations with the largest homeschooling movements. As an extension of the obligatory education system, some nations have carefully controlled homeschooling systems; others, like Germany, have completely forbidden it.

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