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Words of confirmation are one of the 5 primary love languages. Within that language, however,

There are many dialects. We’ve got mentioned a few already, and there are numerous more. Complete volumes

And severa articles had been written on those dialects. All the dialects have in not unusual the use

Of words to verify one’s spouse. Psychologist william james stated that probable the inner most human

Want is the want to feel liked. Phrases of confirmation will meet that want in many individuals. If

You aren’t a individual of phrases, if it is not your primary love language but you think it is able to be

The affection language of your spouse, let me propose that you maintain a notebook titled “phrases of

Confirmation.” whilst you examine an article or e-book on love, document the words of confirmation

you discover.

When you hear a lecture on love or you overhear a friend saying something wonderful approximately every other

Person, write it down. In time, you will acquire pretty a listing of phrases to use in communicating love to

Your partner.

You may additionally want to try giving indirect words of confirmation, this is, pronouncing tremendous matters

Approximately your partner whilst she or he is not gift. Ultimately, a person will tell your partner, and you

Will get complete credit for love. Tell your wife’s mom how great your wife is. Whilst her mom tells

Her what you said, it will be amplified, and you may get even extra credit score. Also verify your spouse in

Front of others whilst he or she is present. When you are given public honor for an accomplishment, be

Positive to share the credit along with your partner. You could additionally try your hand at writing words of confirmation.

Written phrases have the advantage of being read time and again once more.

I found out an vital lesson about words of confirmation and love languages in little rock,

Arkansas. My go to with invoice and betty jo turned into on a lovely spring day. They lived in a cluster home

With white wooden fence, inexperienced grass, and spring plant life in complete bloom. It turned into idyllic. Once internal,

However, i discovered that the idealism ended. Their marriage was in shambles. Twelve years and

 youngsters after the wedding day, they questioned why they had married inside the first place. They

Seemed to disagree on the entirety. The simplest thing they honestly agreed on was that they both loved the

Kids. Because the tale unraveled, my observation became that bill turned into a workaholic who had little time

Left over for betty jo. Betty jo labored part-time, mainly to get out of the residence. Their method of

Coping was withdrawal. They tried to place distance among themselves so that their conflicts could

Now not appear as huge. However the gauge on both love tanks examine “empty.”

They told me that they have been going for marriage counseling however didn’t appear to be making

Much development. They have been attending my marriage seminar, and i was leaving town tomorrow. This

Could probably be my only stumble upon with invoice and betty jo. I determined to place all my eggs in one basket.

I spent an hour with each of them one at a time. I listened closely to each stories. I discovered that

No matter the vacancy of their relationship and their many disagreements, they preferred certain

Matters about each different. Bill stated, “she is a great mother. She additionally is a superb housekeeper

And an great prepare dinner whilst she chooses to cook dinner. But,” he continued, “there may be simply no affection

Coming from her. I paintings my butt off and there may be honestly no appreciation.” in my verbal exchange with

Betty jo, she agreed that invoice changed into an awesome provider. “but,” she complained, “he does nothing

Across the house to help me, and he never has time for me. What’s the use of getting the house, the

Leisure car, and all the different matters if you don’t ever get to enjoy them collectively?”

With that records, i determined to focus my recommendation by using making simplest one idea to each of

Them. I instructed bill and betty jo one by one that each one held the key to converting the emotional weather

Of the marriage. “that key,” i stated, “is to express verbal appreciation for the matters you like approximately the

Other character and, for the moment, suspending your complaints about the stuff you do not like.” we

Reviewed the wonderful comments that they had already made about each other and helped each of them

Write a listing of these wonderful tendencies. Bill’s listing targeted on betty jo’s activities as a mom,

Housekeeper, and cook dinner. Betty jo’s listing centered on invoice’s difficult work and financial provision of the

Circle of relatives. We made the lists as precise as viable. Betty jo’s list gave the impression of this:

He hasn’t missed a day of labor in twelve years. He’s aggressive in his work.

He has obtained numerous promotions through the years. He’s always deliberating methods to

Enhance his productivity.

He makes the residence fee every month.

He also will pay the electrical bill, the gasoline bill, the water invoice.

He offered us a leisure automobile 3 years ago.

He mows the grass or hires someone to do it every week inside the spring and summer time.

He rakes the leaves or hires someone to do it within the fall.

He provides plenty of money for food and clothing for the own family.

He consists of the garbage out about as soon as a month.

He affords money for me to buy christmas gives for the family.

He concurs that i’m able to use the cash i make at my component-time activity any manner i choice.

Invoice’s listing gave the impression of this:

She makes the beds each day.

She vacuums the house every week.

She gets the kids off to school each morning with an awesome breakfast.

She chefs dinner approximately 3 days a week.

She buys the groceries.

She enables the children with their homework.

She transports the kids to high school and church activities.

She teaches first grade sunday college.

She takes my clothes to the cleaners.

She does the bathing and a few ironing.

I recommended that they add to the lists matters they noticed in the weeks ahead. I also cautioned that

Twice every week, they choose one advantageous trait and specific verbal appreciation for it to the spouse. I

Gave one in addition tenet. I instructed betty jo that if invoice occurred to give her a praise, she was not

To give him a compliment at the equal time however as a substitute, she ought to genuinely receive it and say, “thank

You for saying that.” i instructed invoice the identical component. I endorsed them to do this each week for 2

Months, and in the event that they determined it useful, they might keep. If the test did now not assist the emotional

Weather of the marriage, then they might write it off as some other failed attempt.

Tomorrow, i were given at the plane and back domestic. I made a notice to call invoice and betty jo

Months later to peer what had happened. Once I called them in mid-summer, i requested to speak to each

Of them in my view. I used to be surprised to discover that invoice’s mindset had taken a massive step forward. He had

Guessed that i had given betty jo the identical recommendation i had given him, however that became

all proper. He cherished it.

She become expressing appreciation for his hard work and his provision for the own family. “she has certainly

Made me feel like a man again. We’ve got some distance to head, dr. Chapman, but i certainly agree with we are on

The street.”

When I talked to betty jo, however, i discovered that she had most effective taken a child step forward. She

Said, “it has advanced a few, dr. Chapman. Bill is giving me verbal compliments as you advised,

And that i wager he is honest. However, dr. Chapman, he’s still now not spending any time with me. He’s nonetheless so

Busy at work that we never have time collectively.”

As i listened to betty jo, the lighting fixtures came on. I knew that i had made a enormous discovery. The

Love language of one man or woman is not necessarily the love language of any other. It changed into apparent that bill’s

Primary love language become phrases of affirmation. He turned into a hard employee, and he loved his work,

However what he desired most from his spouse changed into expressions of appreciation for his work. That sample

Turned into probable set in youth, and the want for verbal affirmation become no less crucial in his grownup

Lifestyles. Betty jo, then again, was emotionally crying out for some thing else. Nice words had been

Best, however her deep emotional longing is for something else. That brings us to love language wide variety



1. Proverbs 18:21.

2. Proverbs 12:25.

If your partner’s love language is phrases of affirmation:

1. To remind your self that “phrases of confirmation” is your spouse’s number one love language, print

The subsequent on a 3×5 card and put it on a replicate or other area in which you may see it each day:

Phrases are critical!

Words are important!

Words are important!

2. For one week, hold a written file of all the phrases of confirmation you deliver your partner each

Day. At the cease of the week, take a seat down together with your partner and overview your document.

On monday, i stated:

“you probably did a great task in this meal.”

“you truely look excellent in that outfit.”

“i clearly appreciate your selecting up the laundry.”

On tuesday, i stated:


You is probably amazed how well (or how poorly) you’re speaking words of affirmation.

1. Set a purpose to give your spouse a specific compliment each day for one month. If “an apple a

Day maintains the doctor away,” maybe a praise an afternoon will keep the counselor away. (you could

Need to report those compliments additionally, so you will now not reproduction the statements.)

2. As you read the newspaper, magazines, and books, or watch tv or listen to radio, search for

Phrases of confirmation which humans use. Look at human beings in communication. Write the ones declaring

Statements in a pocket book. (if they’re cartoons, clip and paste them on your pocket book.) read

Thru these periodically and pick those you can use together with your spouse. Whilst you operate one,

Word the date on that you used it. Your notebook may also turn out to be your love book. Recall, phrases

Are important!

Three. Write a love letter, a love paragraph, or a love sentence in your spouse, and deliver it quietly or

With fanfare! (probabilities are, while he dies, you’ll locate your love letter tucked away in some

Unique location.) phrases are critical!

Four. Praise your spouse inside the presence of his parents or friends. You will get double credit:

Your partner will experience loved and the parents will feel lucky to have any such super son-in-regulation or


5. Search for your partner’s strengths and tell her how lots you recognize those strengths.

Chances are she can paintings difficult to live as much as her reputation.

6. Inform your children how fantastic their mum or dad is. Do this in the back of your partner’s returned and

In her presence.

7. Write a poem describing how you feel approximately your spouse. In case you are not a poet, pick out a card

That expresses the way you experience. Underline special phrases and upload a few of your own on the give up.

8. If you locate speaking “words of confirmation” is hard for you, practice in front of a reflect.

Use a cue card if you must, and recall, words are critical.

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