20 Highest paying Airlines in the world for pilots

Highest paying Airlines for pilots

20 Highest paying Airlines in the world for pilots. Most times, being a pilot is every child’s dream. At that point it doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or private pilot. All that matters is to be a pilot. Alot if individuals end up abandoning that dream and moving on with their lives but some are quite persistent.

Apart from the necessary certifications required, license and job experiences, alot of people also consider airlines that pay their pilots well when considering where to work. Good working condition, life insurance policy, bonuses are all part of the package people look out for. Read on as we explore 20 Highest paying Airlines in the world for pilots in this article.


Before becoming a pilot, you must have a license or aviation certificate. So, in order to fly passengers, a person who already holds;

  • a PPL must also hold a CPL, or Commercial Pilot License.
  • You must familiarize yourself with IMC circumstances for both single and multi engine aircraft.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to earn the CPL certification. Moreover, a medical 1 certification is required.
  • You should also be theoretically knowledgeable about the basics of flight.
  • complete a night rating that requires 50 hours of flying time overall and an additional 50 hours of pilot in charge.
  • You will receive your commercial airline pilot license once you have finished those procedures.
  • You need a multi crew pilot license in order to fly with co pilots.

Highest paying Airlines for pilots

20 Highest paying Airlines in the world for pilots

  1. Delta Airlines (Average salary per annum – $184,133)
  2. Lufthansa (Average salary per annum – $190,000)
  3. Alaska Airline (Average salary per annum – $199,298)
  4. United Airlines (Average salary per annum – $208,387)
  5. Hawaiian Airline (Average salary per annum – $150,001)
  6. American Airways (Average salary per annum – $121,047)
  7. Air China (Average salary per annum – $121,000)
  8. Southwest Airlines (Average salary per annum – $262,183)
  9. China Southern Airlines (Average salary per annum – $171,800)
  10. Jet Blue Airlines (Average salary per annum – $296,000)
  11. Qatar Airways (Average salary per annum – $139,000)
  12. Frontier Airlines (Average salary per annum – $116,692)
  13. Air France (Average salary per annum – $133,00)
  14. China Eastern Airlines (Average salary per annum – $150,000)
  15. Ryanair (Average salary per annum – $158,000)
  16. West Jet (Average salary per annum – $147,000)
  17. Spirit Airway (Average salary per annum – $144,494)
  18. Allegiant Air (Average salary per annum – $103,667)
  19. Air Canada (Average salary per annum – $109,900)
  20. Sun Country Airlines (Average salary per annum – $104,072)
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Delta Airlines

The airline with the highest pay in the world is Delta, which offers pilots an average annual income of $173,785. One of the biggest and longest running airlines in the world, Delta Airlines has a history that dates back to 1929. Delta Airlines has the second-largest fleet in the world. The beginning compensation for a Delta Airlines pilot is $189,000 after promotion to Captain, with a base pay of $106,000. The typical income for a captain at Delta Airlines is around $210,000, but with bonuses, pilots can earn up to $350,000 in a single year or $298,500 annually.


For captains, the average annual remuneration at Lufthansa is 180,000 euros ($190,000), making it one of the highest-paying airlines in the world. The highest-paid captains can make up to 300,000 euros (285,000 euros) a year. The largest airline in Germany is Lufthansa. When its subsidiaries are taken into account, it ranks as the second-largest airline in Europe by passenger volume. It is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, which was founded in 1997.

Alaska Airline

With an average yearly compensation of $194,600, Alaska is one of the highest-paying airlines in the world. The 77-year-old corporation is the US’s oldest airline. You may expect to make up to $238,400 on average as a seasoned captain in the organization. A lucrative profit-sharing and bonus program at Alaskan Airlines, which in some years paid up to $10,000, is also mentioned by current and former pilots. Professionals with twelve years of experience may expect to make between $225,900 and $266,000.

United Airlines

One of the big airlines in the US, it was established in 1926. According to fleet size and route network, United Airlines is currently the third-largest airline in the world.

A pilot at United Airlines typically earns $129,664 annually. According to our statistics, the most experienced pilots at United had the best earning potential in the industry, at $308,400. New pilots at United may expect to make $79,800 per year. United Airlines also has a bonus program that gives qualified employees the opportunity to get more money. The annual cost of this might range from $2,500 to $15,000.

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Hawaiian Airline

This airline pays its pilots an average salary of $128,450 annually. One of the highest-paying airlines, Hawaiian also frequently flies over stunning scenery. The highest-paid pilots at Hawaiian can expect to make $294,000 a year. Their pilots, even the least experienced ones, earn an average of $73,000 per year. Captains with at least 12 years of experience are paid between $304,000 and $364,770 annually.

Hawaiian Airlines, like several of the other airlines on this list, also has a bonus program in place for pilots that can result in even greater pay.

American Airways

One of the US airlines with the longest history is American Airways. Its headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas, and it was established on April 15th, 1926. Pilots with American Airways make between $26,555 and $454,476 annually.

Air China

One of the most lucrative airlines in the world is Air China. It is a significant player in the Chinese aviation sector and one of the “Big Three” mainland Chinese carriers. The airline’s Beijing headquarters in Shunyi District provide flights to both domestic and international destinations. The annual remuneration for Air China’s first pilots ranges from $76,000 to $121,000. Captains with years of expertise can expect to make between $180,000 and $309,600 annually.

Southwest Airlines

The largest low-cost airline in the world is Southwest Airlines. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and it offers service to 121 US cities as well as 10 more international locations. The company, which has the highest international pilot wage in the world, was founded on March 15, 1967, in San Antonio, Texas. The yearly salary range for pilots is $55,530 to $603,282, with an average salary of $262,183.

Frontier Airlines

annual salary of $116,692 Overlooking the mountains is an airplane from Frontier Airlines. Image by @flyfrontier from Facebook Pilot salaries at Frontier Airlines range from $61,307 to $343,113, with an average salary of $116,692. The company was founded on February 8th, 1994, and currently travels to 31 foreign locations in addition to over 100 domestic destinations. Its main office is in Denver, Colorado.

Spirit Airway

Major American ultra-low-cost airline Spirit Airlines serves the US, the Caribbean, and South America. Although the company’s headquarters are in Miramar, Florida, Macomb County, Michigan, is where it was founded in 1983. Spirit Airlines’ pilots make an average of $114,494 a year. Nonetheless, this airline’s pilots typically earn between $64,326 and $237,378 annually. On February 7th, 2022, Frontier Airlines paid $2.9 billion to acquire Spirit Airlines.

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