15 affordable accredited homeschool program in 2023

15 affordable accredited homeschool program in 2023

accredited homeschool program, Homeschooling has always been a popular method of educating kids. All youngsters received their education from their homes before to the turn of the 20th century. Late in the 19th century, public schools were established, and attendance regulations were passed. The movement to have children get their education outside the family began.

In the 1980s, homeschool came back on the scene. Evangelical Christians were mainly the ones who took advantage of this chance. Homeschooling has become more and more common as a result of religious views and a growing dislike of public institutions. With the 2020 pandemic wave, homeschooling gained alot of parent’s attention and for those that could afford it, their children became homeschooled. Homeschooling has its perks and disadvantages but it all boils down to children personality and the parents availability to decide on homeschooling.

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This article is to help those that have decided to homeschool and are in need of accredited homeschool program in 2023.

15 affordable accredited homeschool program in 2023.

  1. K12
  2. Abeka
  3. School house teacher
  4. Time4Learning
  5. Monarch online
  6. ABCmouse
  7. Khan academy
  8. Easy Peasy
  9. Answers in Genesis
  10. BJU press
  11. Northstar Academy
  12. Lighthouse Christian Academy
  13. NFC Academy
  14. Sevenstar Academy
  15. Pearson homeschool

accredited homeschool program


K12 Online School offers all the educational resources you’ll need for your kids to complete their schooling.In most states, K12 Online Public School is free. More choices are available, such as private school choices. You can purchase K12 School courses to use for your homeschooling, it should be noted. In this situation, you have the option to pay in reduced amounts via monthly instalments or a yearly sum.You can also hire a state approved and accredited instructor through K12, but the price will go up significantly.


Since its introduction in 1954, this curriculum has become a leading option for Bible based education. Although they have created what they term the Abeka Academy, they do still offer the conventional curriculum of books and paper.

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Students are taught at the Abeka Academy using video lessons and manuals. A path based on independent study or one that is accredited is up to the parents and students. Language arts, math, history and geography, science and health, and the Bible are all taught to the full K–12 enrolment. For grades 7 through 12, single subjects are available. The price varies according to the grade and number of books purchased. Discounts are offered.

School House Teachers

The Old Schoolhouse, a trade publication for homeschoolers, has a segment called School House Teachers. It is a flexible, self-paced Christian program. All videos are accessible with this package’s 24/7 unlimited access. All teaching is done online, and there are no books to purchase. The curriculum is accessible from any mobile device, making it ideal for families that are constantly on the go. Only a Wi-Fi signal will do. School House Instructors give high school credits to students beginning or finishing high school. For additional information, go to SchoolHouseTeachers.com on their website.


Time4Learning, which was founded in 2004, has grown swiftly to be a top resource for online homeschooling curricula. It is a simple and reasonably priced choice. Priced at $19.95 for the first child and $14.95 for each additional child, grades PreK–8th are available. Each youngster will pay $30 for a high school course load that consists of four courses.

Because Time4Learning is self-paced, has automatic grading, tracks progress, and maintains reports for homeschool portfolios, parents prefer it. It is versatile and always accessible.

Monarch Online

Monarch is Alpha Omega Publishers’ internet platform. It works on either a PC or a MAC and is entirely online. includes computerized record-keeping and grading. With Monarch, parents and kids will have access to more than 50,000 multimedia components.

The cost of this package is approximately $360 per year for a student and a family package of $630 yearly.

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For children ages 2 to 8, ABCmouse is a website and app-based learning program. Young children can benefit from our pre-K, kindergarten, and early primary school programs because to its award-winning educational program. Young learners are guided through reading, arithmetic, art, music, and other subjects through the ABCmouse learning program. Songs, riddles, games, and art are all examples of educational activities.

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Khan Academy

A well-known online learning tool for students from kindergarten to college is Khan Academy. Videos and practice exercises are part of the extensive curriculum, which may be accessible via a dashboard for individualized learning. It is up to the students to set their own pace for learning. Mathematics, science, computing, history, art history, and economics are all available. Moreover, Khan Academy provides content for SAT, Praxis, and LSAT test preparation.

When a student completes a task, they are not graded. Instead, students are instructed to repeat the exercise until they acquire the necessary level of proficiency, at which point they are free to go on. There are tests at the end of each course, as well as quizzes throughout the units.

Easy Peasy

A seasoned homeschooling parent founded Easy Peasy in 2011. The entire curriculum is available for free. K–12 students can log in at any time and start working on their EP projects. Simple Peasy doesn’t provide automated record keeping or grading. Because the school is at your home, according to their website, they are not a “homeschool”.

 Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis is a creation apologetics website. It’s Master Courses will be appealing to parents of high school students looking for classes to enhance their child’s education. Each of your six classes will cost $49.00. A comprehensive online homeschooling program is not provided.

BJU Press

All required disciplines are covered in online courses from BJU press, but they have a Christian perspective. The Pre-Kindergarten and Grades 1–12 curricula are offered. Teaching is carried through using texts and video lessons delivered by qualified instructors. BJU Press is not free, but offers cheap payment alternatives and gives a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Conclusion of accredited homeschool program

Homeschooling your child all depends on your perspective, your child’s personality and if you are available for it. As public and private schools are important so is homeschooling. So, if you believe that what’s best for your child then sure go ahead with it.

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