10 Best Whisper Alternative For Anonymous: Chatting In 2023

10 Best Whisper Alternative For Anonymous: Chatting In 2023

Whisper Alternative For Anonymous, You could have been looking for applications like whisper for anonymous chats and communication on your Android or iOS device, but this post has all the information you need. The top whisper alternatives offer nearly the same functionality as the Whisper app itself.

Whisper is a well-liked anonymous social networking software with a ton of features that is used by many people for chats and conversations that are completely private. As with every other software with alternatives, it does have its own rivals. Whisper Alternative For Anonymous

We’ll be outlining some of the top whisper alternatives for Android and iOS today. These apps are also the finest substitutes for whisper since you may use them to chat anonymously and because they all offer unique features.

List of The Best Whisper Alternatives for Anonymous Chatting

Here are a list best whisper anonymous chatting apps in 2023:

On your Android or iOS device, you can talk anonymously with the apps on the list below when you want to keep your conversation private. In light of that, let’s examine the top whisper alternatives for Android and iOS.

1. ASKfm – Best Whisper Alternatives

ASKfm is an anonymous question-and-answer platform that lets registered users ask questions and give answers while allowing visitors to see other people’s responses and comments. One of the top whisper alternatives is also ASKfm since it takes its users’ confidentiality seriously. Whisper Alternative For Anonymous

Askfm’s patented format is ideal for anonymously posing, receiving, and responding to delicate questions. It’s fantastic for introducing yourself to new people and answering their queries.

2. CuriousCat

A new social network called CuriousCat basically  allows users to communicate with others anonymously while posing inquiries. Anyone who posts a question has the option of asking for others’ opinions or expressing their own in the comments section.

Additionally, CuriousCat has added anonymity filters so you can obtain alternative viewpoints on your subject and a replies tab so you may communicate privately with everyone who left a comment on your inquiry.

Additionally, the software has certain entertaining elements like sound effects and virtual stickers that enhance anonymous communication. One of the best whisper alternatives available, this program accomplishes what whisper does in one way or another. Whisper Alternative For Anonymous

Whisper Alternative For Anonymous

3. Tellonym

Tellonym is yet another fantastic software like whisper. By telling your experience anonymously, you can make sure that people are heard as well as shown. At Tellonym, we think that you should have access to your own voice and privacy.

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The applications on this list provide options to safely speak up and affect the world, whether it’s through defending your rights, combating inequity, or sharing private information anonymously. If you don’t want to, you are under no obligation to utilize these.

4. Clandesto

Another tool that enables anonymous internet use is Clandesto, which also allows for the exchange of anonymous communications. It has some amazing features and is quite simple to use. This software is available for Android users to download and use as a substitute for whisper. The only drawback to this software is that you must download it from a Google Play Store Alternative now that it has been taken down from the Google Play Store. Whisper Alternative For Anonymous

Additionally, you can decide whether or not your post should disappear after one hour. This app is for you if you want to speak anonymously and do not want the conversation to be saved on your phone. Clandesto offers a wide range of features that elevate it above the status of a straightforward messaging tool. Not only is it simple to use, but it’s also secure.

5. Raya

Another anonymous chat software is Raya, which uses Facebook profiles instead of phone numbers to ensure that no information about you is shared online. It’s targeted at creatives because it has a variety of places created for various artistic communities, but even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, there are many more spaces where you can discuss books, TV series, fashion, and other topics on the app anonymously.

One of the greatest whisper alternatives for anonymous conversation, Raya is incredibly simple to download and set up, accessible on numerous app stores, and supported by iOS.

6. Connected2.me

Tired of using applications like Whisper, Chat Roulette, and Draw something to try to avoid individuals in your social circles? You may communicate with anyone in the globe anonymously using Connected2me. You can  also make new acquaintances or reconnect with old ones that you may have forgotten about. It feels safer than other anonymous messaging applications and is a terrific method to keep in touch without any concerns.

There are no links that point to your current location within the app, and no cameras are permitted. The chats are basically private, secure, and encrypted, and if you want to feel even safer, you can use their mask option to hide your profile photo, allowing users to communicate just by first names.

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7. Holla:

One of the greatest apps for anonymous messaging is Holla. On Android devices, it is free. You may go live, video chat, make video calls, and match with individuals from all over the world using this mixed-mode chat app.

This is a fantastic tool for anonymous chat where you can choose to remain completely anonymous or provide some personal details. With over 30 million users worldwide, Holla makes it simple to make new friends. Holla is currently available in over 180 countries.

In addition, Holla offers a variety of video filters, stickers, emoji, and video chat options. Holla also aids in cultural immersion. Simply join up and confirm your account using your email address or Facebook account.

Along with text chat like other anonymous apps, this program also lets you do the following:

  • Free live video chat
  • Free text chat
  • Free voice chat
  • 1-on-1 direct video call
  • Real-time translation for any word
  • Select the gender and region of your choice

8. DASH- Anonymous chat, secure:

Dash is a friend-making app that allows for anonymous messaging. In the anonymous community, this app is a top conversation option. It is made to help you meet new people around and become friends.

Users cannot screenshot their chat on this program. All chats on the app are private and completely safe. Additionally, you can talk while using the location-based feature, which will assist you in finding friends nearby.

You may find your closest friends, send any kind of picture, talk anonymously, and chat discreetly with Dash.

A VIP member badge and a $2 daily bonus are included with Dash VIP membership. The use of this software is free. Rating IS 18+

9. Meetme:

It’s all about connecting, conversing, and going live with this app. Meetme is also one of the greatest anonymous chatting applications for meeting new people and establishing connections. On both Android and the iPhone, it is free.

One of the best venues to meet new people and engage in polite conversation with strangers is here. With over 100 million users across 200 countries at present—and that figure growing daily—finding mates on Meetme is enjoyable and simple.

All you have to do to use this app is create an account particularly by registering directly through the app or using Facebook.

You will enjoy free live video chat options with Meetme. With free text chat that supports 42 languages, you may communicate and schedule dates with other people. It is a free messaging app with an 18+ rating.

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10. Omegle:

Omegle is a chat software where you can randomly meet new people and have private conversations specifically with them. You may text for free and have video chats with random people on Omegle.

One of the best apps for anonymous messaging is this one. To use this app, open the website in the browser on your phone and select “start a chat.”

You may also build your own chat room, invite people, and use free video chat with the Omegle app. The rating is 18+ and available for free.

Frequently asked questions

All you have to do to sign up for Yik Yak is provide a working U.S. phone number to prove your humanity. Your identity is hidden within the software. This makes starting conversations without using society labels fun and simple!

Do people still use whisper?

The app is currently ranked 122nd in social networking on the iPhone app store, down from its highest position. According to the firm, 30 million users still connect with the service each month via social media, the web, and the app. Owner of Whisper is Santa Monica, California.


We hope that the list of the top whisper alternatives in this article will enable you to chat privately even more. You can always rely on these apps to protect your identity since they are amazing at what they do.

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